A record-breaking and personal PMQs

Laura Kuenssberg
Political editor
@bbclaurakon Twitter

Image source, AFP

Prime Minister's Questions today was brutal, noisy and obvious.

Obvious in that the Tories are going to spend as many days as they can of this campaign trying to compare Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn. They want it to be personal.

It's been early days, but there's not much evidence so far to suggest the Tories will go much further in this campaign than to say "don't trust him, trust her".

Labour's not going to publish its manifesto for another couple of weeks. It believes its policies could be popular, which would help to combat some of the perceptions of Jeremy Corbyn. But the party has to act fast if it wants this election to be much more than a referendum on Jeremy Corbyn versus Theresa May.

But spare a thought today for MPs from all parties. The record-breaking PMQs was notable not just because of its extraordinary duration (it lasted 58 minutes, almost twice the scheduled 30 minutes and the longest seen in modern times) but because for many MPs it will be their last. It felt, in a way, like a giant leaving do.

Of course some MPs have chosen to quit. But most of them are waiting to find out whether they will be lucky enough to be invited back, or will be booted out, by you.

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