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Labour complaints at Tory Brexit tweets

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Labour has protested after the Conservative press office tweeted the names of MPs it said "won't respect the referendum result".

One Labour MP called on the PM to disown the tactic while pro-EU Tory Anna Soubry said she had complained to her party's chief whip.

It comes after MPs overwhelmingly backed ministers' Brexit timetable.

Twenty three Labour MPs voted against the motion, and about 100 MPs from both sides of the Commons did not vote.

The tweets accused 14 Labour MPs, none of whom appear to have voted in the debate, of being "out of touch with ordinary working people".

One of those named - Pat McFadden - called on Theresa May to condemn the behaviour.

He said: "The prime minister should disown this activity and make sure it doesn't happen again.

"It is unhealthy for our democracy to elect MPs to be attacked in this way for expressing their views."

But UKIP MP Douglas Carswell said this comment was "farcical", saying a Labour MP had attacked him during the debate "for being UKIP".

However, another Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw, described the naming of individual MPs as "disgraceful" and "straight out of the Donald Trump playbook".

Ms Soubry added: "It's completely out of order. The party need to back off."

Another pro-Remain Conservative MP, Neil Carmichael, called on ministers to "reach out" to critics.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said former Tory chancellor Ken Clarke, the only Conservative to vote against the government motion, received abusive emails on Thursday morning.

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