Jeremy Corbyn to overturn political rules again

Jeremy Corbyn Image copyright Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn overturned the traditional political rules to win once.

Today - despite repeated warnings of electoral Armageddon if he stays - it is almost inevitable that he will do so again.

Month after month, Labour has been behind in the polls. Month after month, division and dissent inside the party have spilled into the public domain.

And month after month, disagreements and resentment among MPs have grown.

And yet away from Westminster, Jeremy Corbyn has, month after month, continued to attract and excite support around the country, welcoming some previously disgruntled Labour voters and creating a home for thousands new to politics.

MPs' miscalculations

Mr Corbyn's expected victory will come down to the passion of swathes of supporters he has won through his refusal to play politics as usual - ignoring calls to smoothe his edges to fit into the standard mould.

It is also down to the sentiment among many members that, having won a convincing mandate last year, Mr Corbyn deserves a second chance.

Last summer, the majority of Labour MPs miscalculated their party's mood and were astonished that Mr Corbyn won the top job.

His different style prompted a huge influx of new members who wanted to listen to him, not them.

Today they must grapple with a second miscalculation - that the leadership contest they hoped would weaken their leader will likely strengthen him instead.