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Peers invite feedback on driverless vehicles

Driverless cars have already been tested in British cities Image copyright AFP
Image caption Driverless cars have already been tested in British cities

Peers have asked for evidence on the future use and development of driverless vehicles after launching an inquiry into the sector.

The UK could become a world leader in the production and use of autonomous vehicles, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee said.

It wants to hear about how driverless cars could be used, from public transport to farming to industry.

Submissions to the committee need to be received by Wednesday 26 October.

Committee chairman Lord Selborne said rapid progress was being made in the area and the committee would look at what the Government was doing to support research.

"If the UK is to be at the forefront of this transport revolution, investment into research is vital to ensure the technology is perfected, allowing the public to embrace the use of autonomous vehicles," he said.

"There are potentially considerable economic opportunities and good benefits from this technology."

The committee wants to hear about potential uses, user benefits and disadvantages, insurance and legal implications, the market opportunity and the impact on infrastructure.

Development of driverless cars has come a long way already with models being tested in Pittsburgh in the US and taxis on the streets of Singapore.

One carmaker plans to run driverless cars around London and Gothenburg from 2017. And driverless pods like those at Heathrow Airport are also being adapted for roads.

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