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Jeremy Corbyn to suggest Labour members elect shadow cabinet

Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander stands beside Jeremy Corbyn (centre) during a referendum campaign photocall earlier this month Image copyright AFP
Image caption Most of Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet resigned after the EU referendum

Jeremy Corbyn is set to call for Labour Party members to be allowed to elect MPs to the shadow cabinet.

The Labour leader's allies also floated the idea of allowing party conference to have a say over front bench membership.

Currently the leader appoints the shadow cabinet, but some Labour MPs want to revert to a system under which they would elect its members.

The Parliamentary Labour Party is due to debate this proposal later.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said Mr Corbyn's proposals were likely to annoy critical Labour MPs, who are fearful it would further strengthen the leader's grip on the party,

Mr Corbyn's spokesman said: "Jeremy supports democratisation and reform of the party rules and structures.

"How the shadow cabinet is made up is one part of the debate, including whether part of it should be elected by MPs, by members or by conference.

"Any review also needs to take account of the need to represent regions and nations."

Any final decision will have to be approved by the ruling National Executive Committee and at party conference.

Labour is currently in the middle of a leadership contest, with Owen Smith challenging Mr Corbyn's position.

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