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PMQs: Corbyn says communities 'left behind'

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the government of failing to invest in the North of England and ignoring communities that "feel left behind".

During PMQs, the Labour leader called for investment to end "agency Britain" pointing to workers on zero hours contracts and low wages.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the government was investing in "industries of the future".

He accused Mr Corbyn of "talking down the north".

"We are never going to success as a country if we try to hold on to jobs in industries that have become uncompetitive," he said.

"We have got to invest in industries of the future, that's what this country is doing."

Mr Corbyn said too much investment was focused on London and claimed former Tory leadership contender Stephen Crabb had "seen the light" in proposing a £100bn infrastructure fund.

He said 0.5% of infrastructure investment was going to the North East while London receives "44 times more than that".

But the PM said the unemployment rate in the North West was lower than in London.

He also mocked Labour's leadership tussle, saying Mr Corbyn had been behind "the biggest job creation scheme I have ever seen" with his "revolving door" policy for the shadow cabinet.

Mr Corbyn was forced into reshuffles when most of his front bench resigned in an attempt to force a change of leader.