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Chris Evans leaves Top Gear: Why is everyone resigning?

You might have noticed your social media timeline full of pictures like this.

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Moments after Chris Evans announced he was stepping down as a presenter on Top Gear, Twitter users took to social media to comment about the number of recent high-profile resignations in politics and sport.

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The writer Will Black started the hashtag #SuggestAJobForFarage after Nigel Farage stepped down as UKIP leader on Monday morning.

So it was probably inevitable that the Top Gear presenter's vacancy was among the job opportunities suggested on social media for Mr Farage.

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Others thought another political figure should be considered for the post, although Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is not considering any new career opportunities.

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As social media bets were placed on who should take up Evans's now vacant post, some Twitter users suggested Boris Johnson as a possible replacement.

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While others thought there was only one man for the job. @RobertRobmurphy tweeted: "Bring back Jeremy Clarkson."

Another Twitter user suggested Matt Le Blanc's co-star in Friends should join him on the show. @_EveStarks posted: "Really hope they replace Chris Evans with Matthew Perry so the Friends bromance can continue."

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow threw his hat into the ring.

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And there were some rank outsiders for the position.

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