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Joy and despair at Brexit - in five words

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In the wake of the UK's decision to leave the European Union the hashtag #BrexitIn5Words is trending on Twitter.

Posts on the social media site are constrained to 140 characters but in this case joy, outrage and humour are being shared in even more condensed and pithy expressions.

Many Twitter users who had supported the leave vote used the hashtag to celebrate their victory and convey a message of optimism and pride.

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Conversely, people who backed the remain vote expressed a mixture of sentiments including disbelief, sadness and anger.

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Britain is often derided for its culinary culture compared to its European cousins and this was conveyed in one widely shared image.

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Another theme was the apparent generational division - a breakdown of voting patterns had revealed that younger voters came out in a clear majority to remain in the EU while older voters proved more Eurosceptic at the ballot box.

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One of the most liked and widely shared images under the BrexitIn5Words hashtag carries the simple caption, The British Are Leaving.

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Many people are using the hashtag to highlight the uptick in Google searches for basic information on the EU, after the result was announced. One Twitter user wrote, "Too late to Google now", while another wrote, "Vote now Google 'EU' later."

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With the UK preparing to leave the EU there has been some speculation about a possible domino affect with other European nations also opting to go it alone.

What term would be given if Portugal, Greece or Austria were to follow suit?

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Zak Brophy, BBC's UGC and Social News team