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EU Great Debate: Haggis, memes, drinking games and Kraftwerk

Boris Johnson and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan shake hands as Gisela Stuart and TUC general secretary Frances O" Grady greet each other, after the Great Debate Image copyright PA

The BBC monitored some of the themes capturing the public's imagination on social media during the biggest live debate of the UK's EU referendum campaign at London's Wembley Arena.

The BBC's Great Debate prompted up to 150,000 viewers to use the #bbcdebate hashtag during the final chance for voters to hear the two sides' arguments on primetime TV before going to the polls on Thursday.

Two of the other most popular hashtags on the night were #projectfear, with 10,000 tweets throughout the debate, and #takebackcontrol with almost 5,000 tweets.

The "take back control" slogan - which was used widely by the Leave campaign but was also adopted by some Remain supporters - prompted some imaginative memes and gifs.

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One tweeter wanted more facts, but other random themes and moments - including the Leave campaign's Boris Johnson's reference to Haggis exports being hampered by EU membership - were picked up by the social media audience.

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Others turned to drinking games, reacting to some of the slogans on both sides of the debate.

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In an increasingly lively debate, people on social media reacted to the participation of the audience of 6,000 at Wembley Arena.

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Viewers also reacted with a mixed response to the jostling between current and former London mayors Sadiq Khan - from the Remain campaign - and Mr Johnson - from the Leave campaign.

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And tweeters were quick to comment on debate moderator David Dimbleby.

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For one tweeter, Marcus Payne, the whole thing resembled a German synth-pop gig at the famed music venue.

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Compiled by Stephen Fottrell and Rozina Sini.