'As you were' - voters' message to politicians?

Election workers count votes at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland Image copyright EPA

When we vote, we have our say, and politicians have to listen. The results aren't yet complete. But plenty of the messages from us to them are crystal clear.

Jeremy Corbyn's party has swerved universal disaster - losses so far in England are fewer than some had feared. But with meltdown in Scotland, and losses where there should traditionally be gains, Labour would be foolish to take much comfort from the results.

There is little to suggest that voters believe the Labour Party on its current performance is on its way to a general election victory. Mr Corbyn's internal enemies are not likely to wield the knife, but there are already calls for more decisive leadership, more appeals to go to the centre ground.

But nor is there much evidence of enthusiasm for the Conservative government in England. The Tories so far have picked up a handful of seats, traditionally an achievement for a party in power at these kinds of polls.

But for success, and unexpected success, the Conservatives can look to Scotland where it appears they are set to take second place - a fundamental change in Scotland. But there, voters again expressed their faith and belief in the Scottish National Party as their government, with Nicola Sturgeon leading her party into a third term in charge in Holyrood.

And in some pockets of the country, the public have shown in visible, if small, numbers that they might be willing to listen to the Liberal Democrats again.

In the last 24 hours, voters' decisions have ended some political careers, and started others. Many hundreds of individual seats have changed hands. There are many counts not yet complete; this is a picture in flux, rather than set.

But Labour is seeming to cling on rather than make progress. The travails of government don't seem to be troubling the Tory vote too much. Perhaps, voters' big early message to our politicians, is, "as you were".

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