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Welcome to the Daily and Sunday Politics manifesto tracker. As the name suggests, it tracks the progress the government is making - or not - in achieving the promises made by the Conservatives in their 2015 general election manifesto and major policy announcements.

The traffic light scorecard above shows the current status of all of the policies. The tracker will be updated over the course of this parliament.

The tracker has been broken down into policy areas, which can be explored by clicking on each of the links below.

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This section deals with health, which is a devolved area of policy: read more here.


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Give the NHS any funding it requests to make up £30bn shortfall

- Jeremy Hunt, speaking on BBC Radio Four, 7 April 2015

  • The chancellor recommitted to this in the July 2015 Budget and Spending Review.
  • The Spending Review set out increases in the NHS settlement of 3.7% in 2016-17; 1.3% in 2017-18 and 0.3% in 2018-19. £22bn of the shortfall is predicted to come from efficiency savings and NHS England has published documentation showing how they intend to achieve those savings

Commit to increasing NHS spending in England in real terms by a minimum of £8 billion over the next five years

- Manifesto, page 38

  • The chancellor recommitted to this in the July 2015 Budget and subsequent Spending Review

Increase NHS spending every year

- Manifesto, page 8

  • The chancellor recommitted to this in the July 2015 Budget and Spending Review
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Provide a truly 7 day NHS. Already millions more people can see a GP 7 days a week, from 8am-8pm, but by 2020 we want this for everyone

- Manifesto, page 38

  • 2,500 practices, covering 18 million patients, have signed up for seven-day working
  • Six-monthly data collection is due to begin shortly at GP practice level showing the proportion of patients with access to routine weekend/evening GP appointments

Guarantee same-day GP appointments for all over 75s who need them

- Manifesto, page 38

  • The government's mandate to NHS England for 2016-17 sets same-day GP appointments for all over 75s who need them as a target for 20% of the country in 2016-17

Give you full access to your own electronic health records, while retaining your right to opt-out of your records being shared electronically

- Manifesto, page 38

  • You have always been able to see your own medical records and can already access some information from your own GP record online
  • A patient online hospital booking service is planned for December 2016 with a further plan for patients to be able to view their medical information and records via from May 2017
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Introduce plain-packaged cigarettes

- Manifesto, page 38

  • Legislation passed by the previous government in March 2015. Plain packaging was introduced in May 2016 and it will be illegal to sell non-plain packs from May 2017

Be the first country to implement a national, evidence-based diabetes prevention programme

- Manifesto, page 39

  • The National Diabetes Prevention Programme was launched in March 2015. The first wave of the national rollout was announced in March 2016 with 100,000 people due to be supported by the programme each year by 2020

We are increasing funding for mental health care

- Manifesto, page 39

  • £600m was allocated for mental health in the 2015 Spending Review and David Cameron announced £1bn of investment to enhance mental health services across the country in January 2016
  • However, research by NHS Providers and the Healthcare Financial Management Association published in May 2016 found that only half of mental health trusts they spoke to had received a real-terms increase to their budgets in 2015-16

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