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Daily and Sunday Politics manifesto tracker: Energy and the environment

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Welcome to the Daily and Sunday Politics manifesto tracker. As the name suggests, it tracks the progress the government is making - or not - in achieving the promises made by the Conservatives in their 2015 general election manifesto and major policy announcements.

The traffic light scorecard above shows the current status of all of the policies. The tracker will be updated over the course of this parliament.

The tracker has been broken down into policy areas, which can be explored by clicking on each of the links below.

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This section deals with energy and the environment, the latter of which is a devolved policy area: read more.


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Our aim is for almost every car and van to be a zero emission vehicle by 2050 - and we will invest £500 million over the next five years to achieve it

- Manifesto page 15

  • In the 2015 Spending Review the government said it would increase funding to £600m between 2015 and 2020 to support the development, manufacture and uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles
  • In December 2015 the government announced an extension to the plug-in grant to at least March 2018
  • In January 2016 Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London were announced as winners of the 'Go Ultra Low City Scheme'

Create a Sovereign Wealth Fund for the north of England, so that the shale gas resources of the north are used to invest in the future of the north

- Manifesto, page 57

  • Chancellor George Osborne repeated the promise at the 2015 Spending Review and claimed it could be worth up to £1bn
  • In August 2016 Theresa May announced proposed changes to the Shale Wealth Fund to include the option to give more of the proceeds to local residents. Communities could receive up to 10% of tax revenues derived from shale exploration in their area to spend on priorities such as local infrastructure and skills training. The new fund could, the government claims, deliver up to £10m per eligible community

Establish a new Blue Belt to safeguard precious marine habitats

- Manifesto, page 54

  • In a speech on 14 October 2015, Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss promised to create a "Blue Belt" of Marine Conservation Zones around the UK's coasts
  • In January 2016 the government announced that 23 new areas had been designated as Marine Conservation Zones, bringing the total to 50
  • A third phase of proposed Marine Conservation Zones will be put out to wider public consultation in 2017, and designated in 2018
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Halt the spread of subsidised onshore wind farms

- Manifesto, page 56

  • The end for subsidies to on-shore wind farms was announced in June 2015, a year earlier than the expected cut-off date of 2017

Spend £3bn from the Common Agricultural Policy to enhance England's countryside over the next five years

- Manifesto, page 54

  • Following the referendum vote to leave the EU, the Treasury has confirmed that all beneficiaries currently in agri-environment schemes will continue to receive their payments. £2.1bn has been spent or committed so far
  • Further announcements will be made at the 2016 Autumn Statement
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Ensure that our public forests and woodland are kept in trust for the nation

- Manifesto, page 54

  • Forests currently remain "in trust". "We're not making that mistake again," George Osborne said in his 2015 Autumn Statement

Build 1,400 new flood defence schemes, to protect 300,000 homes

- Manifesto, page 54

  • The government re-committed to spending £2.3bn on flood defences in the 2015 Autumn Statement. In the 2016 Budget, the government announced an additional £700m funding through to 2021
  • The government says the six year programme to 2021 is on track to reduce risks to 300,000 households, with over 61,000 homes better protected between the start of April 2015 to the end of June 2016. Construction of 91 schemes began and 93 schemes were completed in 2015-16. Construction of 137 schemes is expected to begin and 117 schemes are expected to be completed in 2016-17
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Press for full 'endangered species' status for polar bears and a ban on the international trade in polar bear skins

- Manifesto, page 55

  • The government pressed for this change in 2013 but agreement could not be reached
  • The commitment has been included in Defra's Single Departmental Plan for 2015-2200, and the government says it will continue to encourage the polar bear range states to work together to conserve the species

Ensure that every home and business in the country has a Smart Meter by 2020

- Manifesto, page 57

  • Ofgem says the policy is on track for delivery in 2020 and to date 3.6m Smart Meters have been installed across the country

Ban wild animals in circuses

- Manifesto, page 55

  • The government says it remains committed to introducing this as soon as parliamentary time allows
  • Conservative MP Kevin Foster has tabled a Wild Animals in Circuses Presentation Bill - this mechanism allows MP to give notice that they intend to bring forward legislation, but they rarely become law

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