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Christmas recess

The Daily Politics returns on 9 January, and Sunday Politics on 15 January

Tuesday 20 December

Is there a crisis in UK prisons?

Looking ahead to politics in 2017

The politics of 2016 in five minutes

Brexit tracker: Health

Monday 19 December

NUS 'does not represent students any more'

Political images of 2016

An elite versus the people is 'marxist myth'

Brexit tracker: Business, energy and industrial strategy

Sunday 18 December

How serious is air pollution?

Labour MEP: UK should rethink its position on Brexit

Free trade agreement with UK 'won't take very long'

Is air pollution in the UK going up or down?

Labour MEP on rethinking Brexit

Australian High Commissioner on free trade with UK

Director of Greenpeace on air pollution

Life outside EU 'can be pretty good'

Friday 16 December

A flavour of the debate in Holyrood

Derek Mackay on tax rates in Scotland

Derek Mackay on Scottish tax and council spending

What happened when the PM went to Brussels?

How will UK work with EU after Brexit?

How the welfare state has evolved

Schools minister defends budget changes

Who will be the next European Parliament president?

City is relocated as iron ore mine expands

What's happened in EU politics this week?

Thursday 15 December

School funding winners and losers

Schools minister defends budget changes

Why are Labour MPs singing about shops?

Brexit tracker: Education

Maguire and Wickham on Jayne Fisher appointment

Jayne Fisher is due to start working in the Labour leader's office

Norman Smith on social care funding announcement

Communities secretary Sajid Javid on social care funding

Wednesday 14 December

Why Davies wants to join equality committee

Reviewing the 'longest-ever PMQs'

PMQs: '13 years and no action whatsoever' on social care

PMQs: Corbyn: Get a grip and fund it properly please

PMQs: PM urged to sack 'passive transport secretary'

Was this the longest-ever PMQs?

PM asked about EU/EEA citizens living in Britain

SNP leader asks about UK selling weapons to Saudis

PM asks Corbyn to get Aslef to call off Southern rail strikes

Corbyn and May on social care budget claims

Jeremy Corbyn asks Theresa May about Jo Cox

PM says foreign sec is an FFS - a fine foreign secretary

Andy McDonald on strike action

Penny Mordaunt on strike action

Rail strikes and other industrial action

Andy McDonald on Aleppo

Penny Mordaunt on Aleppo

Tuesday 13 December

Southern rail strike: Herbert v Whelan

Beckett on Labour: We have not cracked it yet

Brexit tracker: Environment, food and rural affairs

Should big shops stay closed on Boxing Day?

BBC political editor on Coyne v McCluskey

BBC political editor on Unite union vote

John Redwood on Liam Fox comments

Southern Rail strike update from London's Victoria rail station

What's the Southern strike about?

Margaret Beckett on Morning Star coverage of Aleppo

Monday 12 December

How to fund social care in England?

Brexit tracker: Home Office

Should UK give EU citizens the right to remain?

Meet the team who turn MPs' words into text

Is prison food affecting inmates' behaviour?

Crochet: Would you like to hold Michael Gove?

Vaizey: It's true, I am incredibly dull in Parliament

Vaizey asked about Ken Clarke comments

The political week ahead

Who cares about the colour of a UK passport?

Jess Phillips on poll ratings and by-election results

Ed Vaizey talks Morgan and trousers

Sunday 11 December

Are the Remainers now leading the resistance?

Ken Clarke: Don't think PM will go for 'hard' Brexit

Can Labour recover after by-election slip-up?

Ken Clarke: Tone of politics getting 'nastier & sillier

Chris Leslie: Labour needs to have a credible plan

Ken Livingston: Labour has a plan already

Livingstone gives Corbyn 12 months

Friday 9 December

Is Really British shop really racist?

By-election result 'humiliating' for Labour

Wanting a political book for Christmas?

Can crowdfunding help pay for politics?

Dan Snow talks crowdfunding

Toby Young on Boris Johnson and Malcolm Rifkind

Rifkind lists two problems for Boris Johnson

Reaction to Boris Johnson's comments about Saudi Arabia

Thursday 8 December

Could Momentum become its own party?

Should all elections be first past the post?

'I knew people were concerned about immigration'

Should all elections be first past the post?

MP tells Commons about voting systems

A look back at some political highlights of 2016 (so far)

Not often we have breaking news about tax

Paul Mason talks Momentum and groups on the political left

Stephen Kinnock talks Brexit

Bernard Jenkin talks Brexit

MPs are asking Theresa May about her vision for Brexit

Boris Johnson talks 'proxy wars'

Wednesday 7 December

MP raises 'chaos and utter misery' for Chase Line passengers

Carolyn Harris asks for meeting on meeting child funeral costs

Nigel Dodds asks David Lidington about Brexit

Peter Bone question to 'excellent acting prime minister's

Job centre closures question from the SNP

First PMQs question from Thornberry standing in for Corbyn

First PMQs question for David Lidington, standing in for PM

Laura K won the Press Gazette journalist of the year award

Stephen Gethins on Brexit and #indyref2

Second Scottish independence referendum?

Getting muddy, or being clear, on the Daily Politics

What's going on over Brexit and Article 50 talks?

Who is David Lidington?

MPs applaud 90-year-old Holocaust campaigner

Does government want UK to stay in EU customs union?

'Mutiny on the Bounty as shot by Carry On team'

Reviewing the first Thornberry-Lidington PMQs

Tory MP calls for for Tory minister to resign

Tuesday 6 December

Should the House of Lords be cut in size?

Rail changes 'wholly unnecessary'

What's the big issue for Sleaford voters?

Frosty relations on Russian politics

Is the House of Lords too big?

Prof John Curtice on by-elections

Pienaar on May and Brexit

Pienaar on human rights issues for PM

Explainer: Reorganising the railways

Tm Montgomerie on Wednesday's Opposition Day Debate

Monday 5 December

Casey: Time to have honest conversations

Louise Casey on her review into opportunity and integration

A guide to 2016 political 'rudery'

What do the markets make of Italian vote?

Article 50: Dorries v Gardiner

Nadine Dorries on political insults

What's in the political diary this week?

Don't talk over each other, says Jo Coburn

BBC correspondent at the Supreme Court

What is going in the Supreme Court about Article 50?

Barry Gardiner on Italian vote

Nadine Dorries on Brexit and Italian vote

Sunday 4 December

Is UKIP now a threat to Labour seats in the North?

Nick Clegg on Article 50 and single market access

Diane Abbott on Labour's stance on immigration

Clegg: Lib Dem will block Article 50 "in certain circumstances"

Nick Clegg on free trade and single market

Diane Abbott on immigration

Would Labour have a policy on immigration?

Friday 2 December

Time for a new UK capital city?

The political week in 60 seconds

'Never a better time to be alive than today'

Peter Bone reacts to David Davis on UK money for single market

Farron: Some EU nations face 'similar pressures to us'

Tim Farron on the UK-EU negotiations

Tim Farron on by Richmond Park by-election result

Farron asked about a Hard Brexit

Thursday 1 December

Does today's political drama recall the 1970s?

What do political whips do?

Why is UK immigration still rising?

MP: Some parents can't afford to bury their children

Who wants a Brexit book for Christmas?

Wednesday 30 November

Does PM accept economic plans were a failure?

Labour wants people 'to live on benefits'

Christians 'fearful' of mentioning faith

PM on future of Brits living in post-Brexit EU

Reviewing PMQs

What links Winston Churchill and beef suet?

Tuesday 29 November

UK businesses and Brexit

How is British business after Brexit vote?

Airport and Brexit choice for Richmond voters

Secret papers keep getting caught on camera

What does Trump's win mean for climate change?

How many independent MPs can you recall?

Digby Jones on the work MPs do

Labour MP on aid drops to Syria

MPs debate air drops to Syria

Monday 28 November

Film: Ticket touts 'threaten music industry'

Debate: How to beat the ticket touts

Brexit update

A new legal challenge to block Brexit?

Paul Nuttall named new UKIP leader

Which UK politicians will go to Castro's funeral?

What's in the political diary this week?

Second Corbyn Christmas record to be released

Sunday 27 November

Will NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans work?

Shadow Health Secretary quizzed on NHS savings

Brexit: Should there be a second referendum?

Ashworth: NHS in 'biggest financial squeeze in its history'

Paddy Ashdown on Brexit

Owen Paterson on Brexit

Friday 25 November

What does Women's Equality Party stand for?

Is a political party for women's interests needed?

Past and present threats to Latvia's defence

Do MEPs want Turkey to join the EU?

Where does the EU stand on Turkey joining as a member?

What's happened in European politics this week?

Conservative MP on welfare cuts: The fight goes on

UKIP MEP asked about party spending claims

Is Tony Blair's return to political stage welcomed?

Is it a black day for the economic prospects of British workers

Should "appalling fruitcakes" be jailed for war medal fraud?

Thursday 24 November

Reviewing the Autumn Statement

Jo Cox murder 'a political assassination'

Why were Labour MPs on phones during McDonnell speech?

What does US exit from TPP mean for trade?

Civil service planning for Brexit: Bernard Jenkin

Civil service planning for Brexit: Alistair Carmichael

Can Scotland get its own deal with the EU?

Who will get to trigger Article 50?

Wednesday 23 November

Autumn Statement 2016 index

Tuesday 22 November

Autumn Statement preview: Perry v Dowd

Looking ahead to the Autumn Statement

Conservative MP on talk of Ambassador Farage?

Perry and McDonald on rail strikes and safety

'Whole government' backs jailing Walter Mittys

Should fake war heroes go to jail?

Rees Evans: UKIP clique does not want reform

Richard Westcott on background to Southern Rail strikes

Why does gov't chief whip keep a tarantula on his desk?

Monday 21 November

Hannan: Begin phased, gradual repatriation of power

What now for UK-EU relations?

Where do parties stand on immigration?

Why are Tories dropping election candidate?

What CBI wants to hear from political leaders

The political week ahead

Dan Hannan on Theresa May's business plans

Cat Smith on Corbyn and May business plans

Political leaders address the CBI

The French presidential contes

Sunday 20 November

Tory MP on leaving customs union and single market

Debate: Who will be the best UKIP leader?

'Leave campaign had no clear argument on single market'

What is going on in Planet UKIP?

Suella Fernandes on 'Hard Brexit' pressure group

Open Britain Director on single market arguments

Suzanne Evans on why she'll be the best UKIP leader

Paul Nuttall on why he'll be the best leader for UKIP

UKIP leadership candidates on Trump and Putin

Friday 18 November

Will MPs unite to block boundary review?

Bike boss on Boris Johnson and Brexit

Will Trump win bring Russia and West closer?

Political week in 60 seconds

Stop cuts to ESA?

Owen Paterson remembers TTIP and feta cheese talks

Owen Paterson on leaving the Custom Union

Russia's activities in Ukraine and Syria

Landale on why PM is in Berlin

Thursday 17 November

What are Labour's business and Brexit plans?

Give Trump a chance?

What now for European politics?

Corbyn for Christmas number one?

Figures show the UK retail sector is out-performing predictions

Issues on the horizon across Europe

Bill Cash on Lords reform U-turn

Why has the government dropped its plans for Lords reform?

Wednesday 16 November

Shadow Minister without Portfolio on the UK economy

Housing minister asked about 'economic shock warnings'

Number crunching on the UK economy

Corbyn: No Brexit plan due to cabinet 'divisions'

May: Corbyn 'incapable of leading'

PM 'should get a grip on inquiry she set up'

Is a Lord Farage on the cards?

MP puts PM on spot over his parents

SNP questions on Brexit

PM's tribute to Croydon tram crash victims

Speaker intervenes in noisy PMQs

Speaker warns MP who shouts at PMQs

Speaker intervenes again at PMQs

Julian Lewis questions PM on funding BBC Monitoring

Philip Davies questions PM on prisoner release

What next for departing politicians?

Quentin Letts on politicians after politics

Tuesday 15 November

FILM: What comes next on the UK's road out of the EU?

DEBATE: Could - and would - peers block the UK leaving the EU?

Tax and spending: Long-Bailey vs Duncan Smith

Is there an EU army on the way?

FILM: Celebs who threaten to emigrate.. but don't

Monday 14 November

Tanni Grey-Thompson wants investment in gyms and pools

How will a post-Brexit UK trade internationally?

Statue to commemorate first atheist MP

A role for Nigel Farage in future UK-US talks?

Yvette Cooper talks Strictly

What's in the political diary this week?

What is PM saying about UK role in free trade after US election?

November recess

Both programmes off-air for a few days

Tuesday 8 November

US election night result timings for British viewers

Jeremy Vine on complicated maths decides US election

Anna Turley MP: Guys, we are being filmed!

Brexit debate: Carmichael v Villiers

A Poldark of the North?

Plenty of voters queueing up to vote

Monday 7 November

Jacob Rees-Mogg changes his mind on US election

What's in the political diary this week?

BBC correspondent in Delhi on UK-Indian trade

Jacob Rees Mogg on criticism of Judges in Brexit case

Liz Kendall on criticism of Judges in Brexit case

Soapbox: 'They're not sorry and they have not changed'

Does the UK welcome Indian students and workers?

Will Brexit happen? And who will back it?

Benefit cap could affect 88,000 families

Sunday 6 November

Brexit fireworks in the aftermath of Article 50 ruling

Richard Burgon: Labour will not block Brexit process

Lord Forsyth: Parliament will look 'ridiculous' if it blocks Brexit

US Election: Clinton or Trump?

'Labour respects the result of the referendum'

Lord Forsyth on the High Court ruling

Jeremy Vine and his US Election graphics

Simon Burns MP on why he's backing Clinton

Raheem Kassam on why he's backing TrumpDaily and Sunday Politics highlights of 2016

Andrew Neil with the latest on the US Election

Friday 4 November

Stephen Phillips MP standing down from Parliament

Who should decide on Brexit: PM or MPs?

Owen Smith could back another EU referendum

'Courts have said they know better than this'

What's happened in Westminster this week?

Why does Suzanne Evans want to lead UKIP?

Is that Trump and Clinton in a BBC studio?

So was that Trump, Clinton, Wark, Kuenssberg, DYYE-ANNE Abbott & another Andrew Neil?

Thursday 3 November

BBC political editor on Article 50 ruling

'Parliament is sovereign and its approval is a constitutional necessity'

Iraq people 'suffered more than they had to'

How far can we go in mocking religions?

How accurate were pre-referendum economic forecasts?

Brexit select committee chair on court decision

Will court decision lead to early UK election?

A top five of political cartoons?

Wednesday 2 November

Jo Coburn looks at the UK-Ireland border after Brexit

Andrew Bridgen on the 'dark clouds' over Keith Vaz's reputation

PMQs: May blames ex-chief whip for PMQs baby error

PMQs: Poppy ban: PM tells Fifa to 'sort own house out'

PMQs: Corbyn suggests May watches Ken Loach film

PMQs: Why is PM slipping cuts in through back door?

Tuesday 1 November

What does a falling pound really mean?

What are Community Protection Notices?

Tapping up council spending

Should unpaid internships be banned?

Energy prices will rise in the new year, says Martin Lewis

Playwright Alistair Beaton on Fox/Davis/Johnson Chevening play

Monday 31 October

Soapbox: 'Let's have quotas for low-skilled work'

How it will be easier to track your MP's votes

What's going on with welfare and benefit changes?

UKIP goal: Replace Labour as real opposition

Nominations close in UKIP leadership race

Mordaunt on Wollaston health and social funding claims

What's in the political diary this week?

Sunday 30 October

Will welfare cuts hit incomes of the least well off?

IDS calls for cuts in Universal Credit to be reversed

Shadow Business Minister welcomes Nissan decision

Should cuts in Universal Credit be reversed?

Shadow Business Minister on Nissan

Friday 28 October

Who is winning by-election seats?

Kwarteng: Sad to say we missed every target

Gardiner: 'Can't do a deal for one and not for the other'

Are these the worst political insults?

How will the EU balance its financial books?

A one-minute guide to the European political week

How half a nation nearly ended major trade deal

Thursday 27 October

What matters in Richmond: Heathrow or Brexit?

Were the Brexit economic forecasts correct?

Why don't politicians answer the question?

Are peers plotting over referendum result?

Bid for 'fullest possible access' to single market

Goldsmith 'regrets' Heathrow by-election pledge

Gove grades government 'A' but no 'A-star'

What's going on in the Calais jungle?

Wednesday 26 October

PM questioned over Chilcot Inquiry

PM asked about Tory manifesto health pledge

Angus Robertson asks PM about Russia and Syria

Corbyn questions PM on UK policy over Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Corbyn and May on Baldrick, Blackadder and Tony Robinson

Speaker gives Tory MP a health warning

Corbyn and May on 'Brexit means Brexit'

'Could I start by welcoming the child refugees who have arrived in Britain'

DP presenters have no clue (about guess the year anyway)

Will Labour stand for Zac Goldsmith's seat?

Why no Conservative candidate to challenge Zac Goldsmith

Lib Dem candidate on Conservative 'infighting' Lib Dem unity

Is the UK doing enough over the Calais migrant issue?

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs

Tuesday 25 October

Is politics a science?

Press regulation explained

How should the press be regulated?

Is outsourcing the answer for public services?

"I don't want any jokes about witches"

'We believe we deliver value for money'

Heathrow expansion: Westminster's worst-kept secret?

Who backs Heathrow and will it happen?

There will be a by-election in south west London over Heathrow

Monday 24 October

Soapbox film: 'Anything but coal must be the motto'

Debate: 'Fracking won't come on line for 10 to 15 years'

UKIP leadership candidate on 'exaggerated' claims

Some of the UKIP leadership candidates

What's Brexit got to do with devolved bodies?

Three first ministers are in Downing Street talking Brexit with the PM

"It's cold, it is dirty, life is difficult there" in Calais jungle

When did David Cameron lose EU referendum?

Sunday 23 October

Paul Nuttall announces UKIP leadership bid

What is the significance of the battle for Mosul?

Will commitment to Trident renewal be in Labour's next manifesto?

Paul Nuttall on his leadership bid

'We need to move beyond Nigel Farage'

Paul Nuttall on Farage's 'support' for Donald Trump

Rory Stewart on battle for Mosul

Danger to UK increased by Mosul success, warns Minister

What's going on in Aleppo?

What will Russia do if Aleppo falls?

Friday 21 October

Eagle: 'Complete mess, the making of Concentrix and HMRC'

Why are questions being asked about tax credit payments?

Will sat nav revamp save low bridges?

Leanne Wood: 'Being in opposition working very well for us'

Brexit, UKIP, airports and Green in 60 seconds

Jean Claude Juncker talks Theresa May

What does Brussels think of Brexit?

What happened in the two Thursday by-elections?

Thursday 20 October

A Brexit vote for MPs and new referendum?

Will food prices go up or down after Brexit?

Feeling blue over new passport colour?

Who opposes the snoopers' charter?

Reporter on the double defecting councillor

Nick Clegg on colour of UK passports

Andrew Rosindell on colour of UK passports

BBC Scotland editor on new IndyRef bill

Pollster on the US election polls suggesting Clinton win

Oliver Dowden on Brexit and immigration

Nick Clegg on Brexit

Nick Clegg on Sir Philip Green vote

Wednesday 19 October

Kuenssberg and MPs review 'longest' PMQs

Online football players and the Brexit rule

Ken Clarke asks PM about his claims of Brexit leaks

PM asked about funding for Birmingham pub bombing inquests

MP asks about 'government's appalling two-child policy and rape clause

Labour MP Lisa Nandy presses PM on child sex abuse inquiry

SNP leader on potential UK role in Yemen air strikes and deaths

Corbyn and May on council and health funding

Jeremy Corbyn on the Aberfan disaster

Can I press her for another present?" asks Peter Bone

PM's tribute on the Aberfan disaster

"Was that Latin or Italian?" asks Andrew Neil

Rachael Maskell on child refugees coming to the UK

David Davies on the refugees heading to the UK

Foreign Office Minister on the age migrants coming to UK from Calais

How old are the Calais migrant 'children'?

Tuesday 18 October

'I worry people are giving up on diplomacy'

What now for UKIP after Woolfe resignation?

INTERVIEW: Private members' bill 'farce and charade'

FILM: Private members' bills 'broken and discredited'

FILM: Voters choose new MP to succeed Jo Cox

Thousands of pharmacies to be closed by cuts?

Battle to retake Iraqi city of Mosul from so-called Islamic State

Nick Boles not keen to recall Tory leadership race

Monday 17 October

UK 'has right strategy' on child refugees

The race to replace David Cameron

'Modern feminism ignores what women want'

Sunday 16 October

Could the PM allow Heathrow expansion to go ahead?

Economic effects of Brexit 'starting to take hold'

Labour must take anti-Semitism criticism seriously, says MP

David Mundell: 'Impossible' for Scotland to remain in EU

Two Conservative MPs debate Heathrow expansion

David Mundell on Scotland, UK and the EU

Was the Brexit 'project fear' forecasts on the economy correct?

Pat McFadden MP on Brexit and the economy

Adam Afriyie on opposing Heathrow

Kwasi Kwarteng on favouring Heathrow expansion

Friday 14 October

Cashman: 'I suffered because of the 11-Plus'

Do SNP delegates prefer the EU or the UK?

The political week in 60 seconds

Thursday 13 October

Will Scotland get a second independence vote?

Do SNP delegates prefer the EU or the UK?

The political week in 60 seconds

Why can't governments cut the welfare bill?

Is Theresa May committed to welfare reform?

Ranking the UK post-war prime ministers

Why can't governments cut the welfare bill?

Wednesday 12 October

Laura Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs

Shadow minister for public health on kebabs

Labour has posed 170 Brexit questions - one every day until PM's date for Article 50

Brexit-supporting MP calls for more Parliamentary scrutiny

Labour MP asks about the NHS

Jeremy Corbyn asks PM about 'name and shame' policy claim

Labour leader asks about UK and Single Market

PM tells Labour another vote will give them "the answer you don't want"

SNP leader asks about hate-crimes and government policy

PM says UK-Ireland Common Travel Area pre-dates the EU

Lib Dem leader warns of price rises in supermarkets and at petrol stations

Ben Bradshaw asks PM about a no-fly zone in Syria

Clarification after SWP debate on Tuesday's DP

Tuesday 11 October

Images of the Ken Clarke eras

Who was Ken Clarke's favourite Tory leader?

Marc Stears: 'We're in a mess, and we need real change'

What is the SWP role in Stand Up to Racism?

Brexit debate: Clarke v Rees-Mogg

Why do the English not build their own homes?

Monday 10 October

Oliver Dowden on Ed Miliband's claims about Tory manifesto

Dawn Butler on Miliband calls for Brexit vote

What's in the political diary this week?

There's no mug for winning the quiz of the day

Should there be lists of foreign employees?

Halper-Hayes and Greer review Trump v Clinton

What are the odds on UKIP leadership candidates?

Do we want 'wet deserts' or 'rewilding' of rural areas?

Sunday 9 October

Farron and Duncan Smith clash over Brexit

UKIP's week of soap opera drama

Corbyn has won 'whether people like it or not'

UKIP MEP: I can no longer support Steven Woolfe

IDS and Tim Farron on the single market

IDS: British people made a clear decision

John Mann on Corbyn's Labour

UKIP's week of drama

UKIP's Bill Etheridge on Steven Woolfe

Barry Gardiner on Shadow Cabinet

Republican Jan Halper Hayes on #TrumpTapes

Friday 7 October

Should there be a cap on political donations?

Who is in and out of the Labour band?

Stevens: Need for 'credible and functional opposition'

Leadership candidate on UKIP fighting

Some of the biggest stories in EU politics

Film: Is the EU ready for Brexit talks?

Film: A top five of official residences

Jonathan Arnott on Strasbourg meeting ahead of Steven Woolfe being taken ill

Thursday 6 October

Reviewing the new Tory policies

Heath and Campbell talk libertarianism

Rail strike 'nothing to do with closing doors'

Will a post-Brexit UK be richer or poorer?

Spin doctors in action

Is there too much spin in politics?

Wednesday 5 October

Conservative conference: Theresa May's speech in full

May recalls Brownlee brothers race

Theresa May: 'Call for change'

Hamilton: UKIP 'better without a leader'

Tory leader on Strictly? 'I'd bloody love it!'

Davidson: I would still like to be in the EU

Andrew Neil asks Tory Scottish leader about Boris Johnson

Cameron to May: Highlights of Conservative year

Adam Fleming gets reaction to PM's conference

Will Greening stay in gov't if Heathrow expansion goes ahead?

Education Secretary on timing of grammar school policy

Greening on grammar schools in England

Tuesday 4 October

'Very clear commitment in manifesto' on law fare

What are the stats on non-EU migration?

How will Tories hit their net migration targets?

Did Labour governments build enough homes?

Do Conservatives back Trump or Clinton?

Charlie Mullins on legal bid over triggering Article 50

FILM: Can Conservatives make us laugh?

Is there really any humour in party politics?

Monday 3 October

Brexit debate: Jenkin v Grieve

What's the Conservative record on wages and GDP?

Are the Tories really the workers' party?

Javid: It's time to get building

Hammond: When times change, we must change with them

FILM: Where are the Brexiteer ministers?

Film: Ease off or crack on with deficit reduction?

Sunday 2 October

Packing for conference with two Tory MPs

Malin Björk: Hungary playing dangerous and racist game

Grayling: inconceivable to vote down `Great Repeal Bill'

Chris Grayling: "There is no such thing as a member of the single market"

Ellie Price explainer on Hungary

Iain Duncan Smith on how to get free trade with the EU after Brexit

IDS: Simple free trade deal can get us out quicker

Friday 30 September

Ntumy: Walker comments 'not acceptable anywhere'

Help to Buy mortgage scheme to close early

Should UK expand national space programme?

Will Jeremy Corbyn be the next prime minister?

What's happened in politics over last few days?

Thursday 29 September

FILM: Oliver Letwin's political journey

INTERVIEW: Letwin quizzed on political career

What can a flag tell us about a nation?

How will post-Brexit UK trade with other nations?

Wednesday 28 September

In full: Jeremy Corbyn's speech to Labour conference

Highlights of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour year

What is Labour's post-Brexit immigration policy?

Does Gauke back Corbyn on immigration?

Kinnock on Labour's immigration policy

Heard these Jeremy Corbyn jokes?

Tuesday 27 September

Where does Labour stand on Trident and defence?

Abbott talks Brexit and health privatisation

Chakrabarti: I am not in anybody's pocket

Moodbox: Should Labour embrace or fight Brexit?

Singing Beatles songs 'more fun than conference'

Which Beatles lyric defines the Labour Party?

Monday 26 September

FILM: Who should choose the shadow cabinet?

Shadow chancellor pledges £10 minimum wage

FILM: Where the world has been transformed?

Bristol mayor talks Momentum and devolution

Sunday 25 September

Can Labour's slate really be wiped clean?

Heidi Alexander: Corbyn needs to get his act together

Can centrist Labour MPs use the NEC to take back control?

Lord Parry Mitchell on Jeremy Corbyn

Lord Mitchell on anti-Semitism within the Labour Party

Battle for the NEC

John Prescott on Labour (and Neil Kinnock)

Friday 23 September

How not to be wrong about politics?

Will Labour heal after leadership divisions?

What happened in Manx general election?

Celebrating working life on the big screen

What's been going on in politics this week?

What happened to the Scottish Labour leader's vote?

Labour leadership result to be announced Saturday lunchtime

Ellie Price: Mild slap down from No 10 for Boris Johnson

Thursday 22 September

Encouraging children to take up politics?

Iraq abuse claims have led to 'runaway train'

Will Scotland get a second Indyref?

What do polls says about a second #indyref

Jo Coburn on English Vote for English Laws

How is English Votes for English Laws working?

Tony Travers on council by election results

Who's doing well in council by-elections?

Green MEP on home secretary's links to off shore companies

SNP MP on Turing Law after winning ballot to introduce private member bill

Wednesday 21 September

Explainer: Jo Coburn on air strikes in Syria and Iraq

Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee on air strikes

Mullin: I was New Labour ahead of my time

Clip: Chris Mullin on "plotting and scheming" against Jeremy Corbyn

Debate: How will UK control migration after Brexit?

Debate: Final hours of Labour leadership contest

Clip: Power struggle between Corbyn and Watson

Film: Play recalls Howe's role in Thatcher downfall

Clip: Dead Sheep writer Jonathan Maitland on Thatcher-Howe relations

Tuesday 20 September

Tim Farron's full speech to Lib Dem conference

Farron praises Blair, but can't work with Corbyn

Farron told: Take some effing refugees

Do Lib Dems wants anti-Tory deal with Labour?

What have Lib Dems been up to over the last year?

Debate: Should there be shadow cabinet elections?

Why are politicians being asked about biscuits?

Highlights of the Labour leadership contest

What could Brexit mean for airline industry?

Monday 19 September

Do Lib Dems want another EU referendum?

Are some Labour MPs right to fear deselection?

Does 2015 Conservative manifesto still apply?

Debate: Does the UK want a Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit?

Farron interview: Lib Dems want referendum on UK-EU deal

Sunday 18 September

Have Cameron and May kept to manifesto pledges?

What will happen to UKIP under Diane James?

UKIP leader Diane James will carry out 'major refresh'

Lidington: 'There are no quick fixes to tackling immigration'

Labour MP Peter Kyle on potential deselection

Friday 16 September

Nigel Farage's final speech as UKIP leader

Thursday 15 September

Shabi and Hodge on Corbyn v Smith

Ex-UKIP director leaves party for Tories

FILM: UKIP figures 'not fit to run a village fete'

Ed Davey: UK has 'annoyed the Chinese, annoyed the French'

Wednesday 14 September

Do Flint and Green know the shape of new seats?

Police question to the PM and former home sec

Speaker not impressed with speed of PMQs

May teases Corbyn this could be their last clash at PMQs

PM challenged on size of House of Commons and House of Lords

SNP Westminster leader asks about freedom of movement across the EU

Both Labour and Tory leaders went to grammar schools

Corbyn and May on grammar schools and education

Corbyn claims PM has united people in education

Do we know Yorkshire and Oxfordshire by-election dates now?

Andrew Neil and Caroline Flint on Brexit pledges and Labour policy

Andrew Neil and Damian Green on Brexit pledges in Tory manifesto

Foreign Affairs Select Ctte chairman explains report findings

Our first DP Brexit tracker

The Mel and Sue of political broadcasting

Tuesday 13 September

Film: What do 64,000 acts of Parliament look like?

Debate: Why are there problems with the proposed boundary changes?

Debate: Is Brexit really sexy and exciting?

Carswell: 60% of 2015 UK laws came from EU

Interview: Why can't MPs just resign?

Clip: Did Morgan lose out by backing Gove?

Clip: What did Nicky Morgan achieve as education secretary

Clip: Morgan on grammar schools plans in England

Clip: What did Nicky Morgan achieve as education secretary

Clip: Nicky Morgan on David Cameron era

Interview: How are boundary changes drawn up?

Explainer: Boundary changes in England

Monday 12 September

Wolf: 'Degrees are not magic wealth machines'

Film: One year as leader for Jeremy Corbyn

Debate: What has Jeremy Corbyn achieved?

Debate: Who wants new grammar schools in England?

Interview: Could the TUC work with PM over workers' rights?

Sunday 11 September

No programme this weekend

Friday 9 September

Andrew Neil on grammar schools

Labour reaction to selective education

Is there a Tory mandate for new grammar schools?

Film: Who will be the next UKIP leader?

Debate: What's going on with UKIP leadership race?

Why have UK politicians met the Syrian leader?

The 'Named Person' scheme in Scotland

Thursday 8 September

The case for and against grammar schools

Why did Labour lose in 2015? Can it win in 2020?

Making the moves with MPs-turned-dancers

Who's in the lead? Meet Westminster top dogs

Film: 'The roof is leaking, the stonework is rotting'

Film: City 'must reinvent itself in the age of Brexit'

Westminster Dog of the Year winner

Strictly contestant on Strictly contestant

What happens to City if UK leaves the Single Market?

Balls asked: Can Corbyn win the next election?

Ed Balls on Parliamentary renovations

John Mann on Parliamentary renovations

What's going on with grammar schools?

"Show us one of your moves" says Jo Coburn to Ed Balls

Looking back at Ed Balls' career

Wednesday 7 September

House building stats - which government built more homes?

Climate change question from Caroline Lucas

Jenkin asks PM about the legalities of UK leaving the EU

SNP v PM on Brexit - question two

SNP v PM on Brexit - question one

Corbyn: There is a housing crisis in Britain

May looks at Corbyn's twitter replies

A question from Jenny on house prices

Isn’t the dream of home ownership for many people, just that, a dream?

Theresa May on Team GB in Rio

Does David Gauke support new grammar schools?

What's in Theresa May's in-tray?

'I think the talk of deselection is a bit of... an inward looking distraction'

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs

Tuesday 6 September

Debate: What is the UK plan for Brexit?

Debate: Could left-leaning parties have electoral pact?

Debate: Why do political debates often lead to Hitler?

Film: Will a job-share work for the Greens?

Keith Vaz statement as he stands down from chairing home affairs select committee

Jo Coburn on how DP family disagreements are settled

Caroline Lucas on Black Lives Matter protest at London City Airport

Leicester Conservative councillor on Keith Vaz's future

Monday 5 September

Film: 'We need to build on success of grammar schools'

Debate: Could grammar schools be coming back?

How will UK control immigration after Brexit?

Could some Labour MPs face deselection?

What's in the political diary this week?

Do the Conservatives back more grammar schools?

Where did political leaders go on holiday?

Deselection of MPs: David Osland

Deselection of MPs: Chuka Umunna

What immigration system should the UK have?

What's in the political diary this week?

Do the Conservatives back more grammar schools?

Robin Brant on Theresa May at the G20

Ellie Price on Keith Vaz claims - poppers and washing machines

Summer break

Daily Politics and Sunday Politics were off-air over the recess

Thursday 21 July

Vote Leave quizzed on £350m for NHS claim

How did Vote Leave win the EU Referendum

Labour leadership: Corbyn fan v Smith supporter

What political books should we read over recess?

How long does it take to build Parliament replica?

A look at the political forecast.

Wednesday 20 July

May teases 'unscrupulous boss' Corbyn

May: 'My party's a little bit bigger than his'

Cartoonist draws Theresa May during PMQs

Theresa May cartoon timelapse

Davies: Will PM keep her promise on cutting immigration?

Giles Dilnot's final Daily Politics

Theresa May cartoon timelapse

Eurosceptic Tory questions PM on Brexit

SNP offers a twist on PM's 'Brexit means Brexit' phrase

Corbyn and May on austerity

Corbyn welcomes Theresa May to PMQs

Theresa's May first PMQs as PM

Recalling PM's first turns at the PMQs

Cat Smith on Labour leadership

Chris Bryant on Labour leadership

Theresa May's priorities as PM

Tuesday 19 July

Clarke and Benn react to Trident vote

Benn: We can't carry on as we are

How will leaving the EU affect UK economy?

How will UK trade internationally after Brexit?

Monday 18 July

Will Boris Johnson make a good foreign secretary?

Nandy backs Smith and could not serve Corbyn

Peer: Social media 'gives wings to lies'

Political anger on twitter 'like road rage'

What's in the political diary this week?

Boris Johnson is like a 'rhododendron'

Shawcroft and Nandy on claims of violence and trolling in politics

BBC assistant political editor on Labour hustings

Nicholas Soames on Trident

Caroline Lucas on Trident

Lisa Nandy on Trident

What's going on with the UK's Trident weapons?

Talking Brexit with Soames and Nandy

Sunday 17 July

FULL INTERVIEW: A walk in the park with Jeremy Corbyn

Angela Rayner will 'listen' to membership on leadership contest

Gisela Stuart and Dominic Grieve on Brexit

A walk in the park with Jeremy Corbyn

Friday 15 July

Why does Owen Smith think he can lead Labour?

Offering advice for new secretaries of state

Why King wants youngsters to bank on cricket

Images of a historic week in UK politics

Maajid Nawaz from the Quilliam Foundation

Who are the Lead-bangers?

Frank Gardner on killings in Nice

Thursday 14 July

Will 4m petitioners get second EU referendum?

Who should vote in Labour leadership contest?

What's going on with Labour rules for new leader?

BBC assistant political editor in Downing Street

Recalling Hammond v Peppa

Andrew Neil on the Notting Hill set

Recalling Hammond v Peppa

No change in UK interest rates

Wednesday 13 July

SNP Westminster leader on David Cameron's last PMQs

Cameron's final reply at PMQs

Cameron gives a US view on PMQs

Corbyn's last PMQs question to Cameron

Corbyn's last PMQs question to Cameron

Cameron on leadership elections

Cameron on women in power

Jeremy Corbyn on David Cameron's last PMQs

'The diary for the rest of my day is remarkably light'

Justine Greening on Cameron legacy

We have a mandate for a 5-year term, says Villiers

Richard Burgon on Labour leadership

Cameron years: 'Calm down dear' to referendums

Reviewing David Cameron's final PMQs as PM

Tuesday 12 July

Leadsom interviewer: I just ask the questions

What will David Cameron's legacy be?

Do voters want an election now or in 2020?

Lucy Powell on Labour leadership ballot

Mark Lobel on the Labour leadership ballot issues

BBC assistant political editor on Theresa May's first week

What's on the political timetable for Theresa May?

Monday 11 July

Conservative members on Leadsom May leadership election

What do Labour rules say about Corbyn challenge?

Salmond wants Blair to face 'contempt motion'

Leadsom ends Conservative leadership bid

Theresa May: Brexit means Brexit

Sunday 10 July

EU referendum: How did the Remain campaign lose?

Angela Eagle: Labour Party must 'unite'

Eagle: Corbyn 'can't lead behind an office door'

Grayling: Theresa May will deliver Brexit

Friday 8 July

Looking back at newspaper launches and closures

UK MEPs set to bid au revoir to Strasbourg

The European political week in 60 seconds

What will the EU look like post-Brexit?

Newspaper editor with ex-newspaper editor

How do European MEPs treat British politicians?

Are there dirty tricks in the Conservative leadership race?

Will there be a Labour leadership challenge?

Labour Party membership on the rise

Tory grassroots on the leadership contest

Looking at the two PM contenders

Miranda Green claims to sleep in our studio

Thursday 7 July

Does Westminster have a drinking culture?

Immigration lawyer on future of EU nationals in UK

Are there dirty tricks in the Conservative leadership race?

Emily Thornberry on Chilcot Report

Galloway on legal case against Blair over Iraq War

George Galloway on Chilcot Report

Ben Bradshaw on Labour leadership

Ben Bradshaw on Chilcot Report

There's brandy in that mug, claims Andrew Neil

Wednesday 6 July

Flynn wants legal action against Blair after Chilcot Report

Ann Clwyd on Chilcot Report

PMQs: SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson on Chilcot Report

PMQs: Skinner repeats 'Dodgy Dave' claim to PM

PMQs: Cameron teases Corbyn on the “revolving door”

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on regional spending

BBC political editor on Chilcot Report

BBC assistant political editor at Chilcot Report speech

Lewis and Falconer on Tory leadership race

Survation poll on Tory leadership race

Tuesday 5 July

Who backs whom in Tory leadership contest?

Why are some teachers in England on strike?

What are the Labour leadership rules?

Key moments of the Chilcot Inquiry

Suzanne Evans wants to stand for UKIP leader

Tessa Jowell on Chilcot Report

BBC education editor on strikes in English schools

Tessa Jowell and Rhea Wolfson on Corbyn leadership

Cash and Jowell on new PMs and general elections

Norman Smith on Tory leadership contest runners

Jonty Bloom looking at Mark Carney speech

Monday 4 July

MP tweets smiley face after Farage resigns

Best Tory candidate to control immigration?

Will Jeremy Corbyn survive as Labour leader?

Nathan Gill on Nigel Farage resignation

Facebook Live: Adam Fleming and Jo Coburn take questions from viewers

Sunday 3 July

Twist and turns of Labour's agonising week

Chris Bryant: Corbyn 'isn't able to convince voters'

Labour MP: Party in "very difficult" situation

Prescott: Labour 'has to avoid a civil war'

Friday 1 July

Andrew Neil on the Tory election race name and timings

Does Boris Johnson feel betrayed by Michael Gove?

May the best woman win” says Tim Loughton

Union leader Manuel Cortes on Labour leadership

Thursday 30 June

Who is standing in the Tory election race?

Crispin Blunt on 'froth' of Tory election campaign

Dominic Raab on Tory leadership race

Alan Duncan on Tory leadership race

Steve Baker on Tory leadership race

Union leader on claims of a Corbyn coup

Wednesday 29 June

Former deputy leader on current Labour leader

David Davis declares for Boris Johnson

Sir Alan Duncan asks PM about European leaders at parties

Jenkin asks PM to condemn UKIP leader

Salmond asks PM about Chilcot Report

Carswell quizzes Cameron on EU referendum

Robertson and Cameron on Scotland and EU

"For heaven's sake man - go!" - David Cameron to Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn asks Cameron about suspending chancellor's fiscal rule

Corbyn asks Cameron about living standards after referendum

Thornberry asked: Why have you not resigned?

Has there been a coup in the Labour Party?

"It's been a bit of chaotic couple of days" says Emily Thornberry

What happens now on the Labour leadership?

When should UK trigger Article 50?

“A lot could happen in the next 90 minutes” says Andrew Neil

Tuesday 28 June

German MEP: 'There is no cherry picking possible’ for UK

MP tells BBC: You have moved into Project Hysteria

Slaughter and Mason: 'Political climate has changed immeasurably'

Monday 27 June

New line-up for Jeremy Corbyn's front bench

Views of Boris Johnson

BBC business editor on Monday's markets

Bookie predicts two-horse Tory leadership race

Fox and Reynolds: What does a post-referendum UK look like?

Sam Tarry of Momentum: Corbyn would win leadership contest

Sunday 26 June

Behind the scenes at BBC's referendum HQ

How the UK changed in 72 hours since Brexit

McDonnell: 'Jeremy is not going anywhere'

Blair on chances of second Brexit vote

Martin McGuinness with Jo Coburn on Sunday Politics

Thornberry: Labour must learn #indyref lessons

Emily Thornberry is not resigning

Will Liam Fox stand for Tory leadership?

Liam Fox on post-Brexit planning

What is Article 50 about?

Andrew Neil: Britain has crossed the most significant political watershed in my lifetime

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June

No Daily Politics but Andrew and Jo are part of the wider BBC referendum TV coverage

BBC referendum index

Wednesday 22 June

Why won't there be a referendum exit poll?

EU referendum: BBC debate highlights

The referendum campaign... in three minutes

When we will know the referendum result?

American referendum expert Gerry Gunster offers advice for both sides

Referendum day weather forecast

Will Turkey be joining the EU?

Following Boris Johnson and the Vote Leave campaign

With David Cameron on the Stronger In campaign bus

Andrea Leadsom recalls BBC Great Debate

Kezia Dugale on BBC Great Debate

Tuesday 21 June

The purr-fect referendum debate... with cats

Soames: Not a civil war, it's a fundamental disagreement

Should George Osborne be moved?

Blue-on-blue comments in referendum debate

Behind the Scenes of the Great Debate

Brexiteers on the immigration debate

Tributes to Jo Cox in Parliament

Economists for Brexit's Patrick Minford

David Dimbleby previews the BBC Great Debate

Monday 20 June

How does the BBC select their audiences?

Alison McGovern and Andrew Mitchell remember Jo Cox

Kate Hoey and Nick Herbert on immigration

Could Britain look like Norway if it votes to leave the EU?

The history of Britain's relationship with the EU

Corbyn: Parliament has lost 'one of its best'

PM: 'There are people alive because of Jo Cox'

Nick Herbert MP on the prospect of Turkey joining the EU

Kate Hoey says there's a "possibility" Turkey will join EU

Kate Hoey on immigration

Nick Herbert on being outside the single market

Alison McGovern remembers Jo Cox

Andrew Mitchell on Jo Cox

How does the BBC select their audiences like Question Time?

The history of Britain's relationship with the EU

Kate Hoey on UKIP poster

Speaker John Bercow leads tributes to Jo Cox MP

Jeremy Corbyn pays tribute to Jo Cox MP

David Cameron pays tribute to Jo Cox MP

Rachel Reeves remembers her friend and fellow MP Jo Cox

Stephen Kinnock on Jo Cox MP

Stephen Kinnock says "Jo would have responded with outrage" to UKIP poster

Mary Creagh pays tribute to Jox Cox MP

Corbyn: 'We have lost one of our best'

Rachel Reeves: Jo Cox 'struck down much too soon'

David Cameron: 'Jo Cox epitomised best of humanity'

Sunday 19 June

EU referendum: Raab v Lucas

Will the tone of the EU campaign change?

How are the polls looking?

Is the Remain campaign back on track?

John Mann on the tone of the referendum campaign

Dominic Raab's case to Leave the EU

Caroline Lucas' case to Remain in the EU

"Negative campaigning works" says Tom Newton Dunn

Friday 17 June

Mary Creagh: Jo Cox 'was a force of nature'

Conservative MP: Job can never be 100% safe

Should security of MPs be increased?

So you want to be a Secretary of State?

Social media and EU referendum campaign

Mary Creagh on Jo Cox

Steve Richards on myth of 'out of touch' MPs

Toby Young on aftermath of Jo Cox murder

Gavin Barwell on MPs security

YouGov's Marcus Roberts on social media and campaigning

How to be a Secretary of State

Social media and EU referendum campaign

Thursday 16 June

Andrea Leadsom on referendum prediction

Lord Fowler: The first man to hold the office of Lord Speaker

Lords Speaker role goes to a man for first time

Finkelstein on what happens to the Tories after referendum

Daily Politics bringing people together

Labour Leave's John Mills on Gordon Brown claims

Kinnock on McDonnell and Brown referendum claims

Polling export on referendum stats and predictions

What do the referendum polls say?

Lord Finkelstein on Lord Howard comments

FILM: What does 'stroppy' Cornwall make of the EU

FILM: Have you made your mind up on EU referendum?

Wednesday 15 June

Tooting by-election coverage

Giles Dilnot at Farage Flotilla Thames fishing protest

John Mann on referendum campaign

Ed Vaizey on referendum campaign

PMQs: Not just any pay cut, this is a big fat Marks and Spencer pay cut

PMQs: Blue on blue question on EU referendum

PMQs: In a spin over the EU referendum

PMQs: Migration question for the PM from Tory MP

PMQs: Angus Robertson on EU referendum

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on EU referendum

PMQs: Phone-hacking question from Corbyn to Cameron

PMQs: Labour leader on Orlando killings

PMQs: PM on Orlando killings

PMQs: Labour leader on Orlando killings

Labour MP challenged on £100m a week extra for NHS claim

PMQs: Andrew Neil and Ed Vaizey on the EU referendum

PMQs: Jacob Rees-Mogg on emergency budget talk

Leave campaign has published a Queen's Speech-style 'roadmap'

Tuesday 14 June

'Digby, you're a typical middle-aged bloke who loves interrupting women'

TTIP and EU referendum: Jones v Reeves

Economic claims over EU membership

Why some people get two votes this month

Tooting candidates: Power to the people!

Do EU officials have 'exorbitant expense claims'?

TSSA backs 'social Europe that everyone deserves'

RMT union: EU is beyond reform

Union v union in EU referendum

What are the EU referendum odds

Monday 13 June

Lucas: 'EU membership boost jobs in every part of UK

Green: Leaves The EU is beyond reform

Where do Greens stand on the referendum?

Bernard Jenkin on Sir Philip Green called before MPs

What's in the political diary this week?

Around 100,000 Turks could head to the UK annually

Tom Rogan on reaction to Florida shooting

Bernard Jenkin on Gordon Brown and EU referendum

Margaret Hodge asked about Labour referendum campaign

Bernard Jenkin on referendum campaign

Margaret Hodge on referendum campaign

Sunday 12 June

Are some European plans on hold until after the referendum?

EU referendum: Grayling v Creagh

John Mann: EU is 'fundamentally broken'

Friday 10 June

Online abuse: 'I was not offended, I was terrified'

The week's biggest European political stories

EU migrant deals with Africa and Middle East?

Malta: Where Game of Thrones meets the Boat Race

So what would EU be like in post-Brexit talks?

What's going on with claims about Turkey and EU?

Chuka Umunna on the Remain campaign

Kate Hoey on Labour MPs supporting Leave Campaign

How are Queen's honours given out?

Thursday 9 June

How would ex-leaders vote in EU referendum?

'History Boys' offer UK and Europe lessons

EU 'scaremongering' from Blair and Major?

Corbyn supporter hits back at Blair criticism

Farron: 'We share Europe's history, Europe's future'

Keetch: EU 'power is held behind closed doors'

Any football clues for the EU referendum?

Tory donor calls for a vote to leave the EU

When did referendum U-turn MP change her mind?

Dr Sarah Wollaston reminded of past tweets

Wollaston: There won’t be some Brexit bonanza

Wednesday 8 June

We thought PMQs was over....

Peter Bone is given a pub suggestion in Witney

The words World War III have never passed my lips

Corbyn: How are they ministers at the same time

Cameron and Corbyn on employment legislation

Corbyn and Cameron on Sports Direct contracts

PM asked about voter registration problems

Alan Johnson backing John Hayes for PM?

Tim Farron on voter registration problems

Alan Johnson - How did Cameron and Farage do?

John Hayes - How did Cameron and Farage do?

Andrew Neil: "Join me, as I interrogate the chancellor"

What are the BBC's referendum guidelines?

Tuesday 7 June

Reporter 'enobled' to pull with the Lords

Illuminating tribute to suffragettes

FILM: EU brings 'jobs, investment and growth'

FILM: 'If we vote leave, we will take back control'

Umunna and Stuart talk TTIP

What power does UK have over EU budget?

Will there be an European Army. and could the UK use a veto to stop it?

Tory MEP asked about deporting criminals

Easier to deport criminals if the UK left the EU?

Monday 6 June

Reaction to Major and Rees-Mogg comments

FILM: EU 'failing' on borders, currency and debt crisis

FILM: EU helps build 'safer, stronger society'

DEBATE: What role does EU play in workers' rights?

Will declaring school history help social mobility?

Starmer: Privacy is always a key consideration

EU farming subsidies are 'daylight robbery'

Sunday 5 June

John Prescott: 'Where is Labour in EU campaign?'

Where is the EU campaign heading?

EU referendum: Hannan v Reynolds

Conservative MP announces his referendum decision

Davis: Narrow Remain vote 'hard for PM to handle'

Friday 27 May

Chilcot Report debate: Oborne, Rentoul and Murray

Can we trust economists' predictions in EU referendum?

Could a Brexit really end one-in-ten London marriages?

How MPs need bingo balls to get a bill

Thursday 26 May

Nicola Sturgeon guest stars in sci-fi drama

Salford mayor: Benefit sanctions causing crisis

How would leaving the EU affect UK trade?

Ex-ministers debate the latest migration figures

Salford mayor: Benefit sanctions causing crisis

Conservative MP Nick Herbert on the case to Remain in the EU

Tory MP Nusrat Ghani on the case for leaving the EU

Wednesday 25 May

Veterans for Britain: EU 'draws money from Nato'

Mike Read's advice for pro-Brexit pop concert

PMQs: Eagle asks about 'banishing of Tory Brexiteers'

PMQs: MPs should take lead from 'statesman-like' Clarke

PMQs: SNP raises case of family facing deportation

PMQs: Osborne says BBC should not be 'great public newspaper'

Talking EU referendum scare stories: Gisela Stuart

Talking EU referendum scare stories: Matt Hancock

Is Jo Co not so digital after all?

Tuesday 24 May

Does Labour have an Englishness problem?

EU referendum debate: Coaker and Villiers

Jodie Marsh protests against puppy farming

MPs to hold inquiry into UK robotics industry

What would Brexit mean for Northern Ireland?

On the UKIP 'Vote to Leave' bus

Monday 23 May

Johnson on property market: Extending underground for 'iceberg homes'

Johnson and Lammy on iceberg homes

Liam Fox on Tory election expenses claims

Pete Wishart on Tory election expenses claims

Political diary for the coming week

Harriet Baldwin and Liam Fox on UK policy over Turkey

Baldwin on UK economy after a Brexit

Economist Gerard Lyons on UK economy after a Brexit

Lammy and Fox on Turkey joining EU?

Who's claiming what in the EU referendum debate

Sunday 22 May

CBI boss: 'UK may eventually prosper under Brexit'

EU referendum: Do pollsters have a clue what's going on?

Where are the women in the EU referendum campaigns?

Lord Owen criticises NHS Chief Executive

Friday 20 May

EU referendum debate: Field v Thomas

Will energy and climate change job carry on?

What's happened to the TTIP trade deal?

MP has yet to tell his mother how he will vote

Thursday 19 May

Burnham: Westminster 'has failed the north of England'

Where do trade unions stand on the EU referendum?

Why was there rubber glove talk in Parliament?

Does the UK want to open its door to refugees?

Wednesday 18 May

State Opening of Parliament (BBC1 1030-1215)

Tuesday 17 May

What might be in the Queen's Speech?

How safe are prisons in England and Wales?

EU referendum debate: Howard v Farron

FILM: Lord Sutch 'far from stupid or mad'

DEBATE: Why make play about Monster Raving Loony Party?

Monday 16 May

Newquay favourite for UK space centre site

EU referendum debate: Lamont v Clarke

Mosley: Injunctions have valuable role to play

Highlights for the Green Party in Bennett era

Natalie Bennett: I am not going away

Charles Clarke on Ken Livingstone

What's in the political diary this week?

Counter terrorism bill in Queen's Speech

Sunday 15 May

IDS: 'Carney breached his obligations on impartiality'

Should the power of the House of Lords be curtailed?

Strathclyde: 'House of Lords should not have power to veto'

Iain Duncan Smith: 'Mark Carney has breached his obligations

Friday 13 May

By-elections over election spending claims

Moodbox: Do the Brits feel European (or not)?

One-minute video guide to European political week

Migrant deal brings Turkey a step closer to EU?

Is Portugal on the road to financial recovery?

Thursday 12 May

Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas on vote for Welsh FM

What does the White Paper mean for the BBC?

Andrew Bridgen on the BBC White Paper

Damian Green will ask a question about Andrew Neil's salary

UKIP's immigration spokesman on National Insurance numbers and migration stats

Economist Jonathan Portes on UK immigration stats

"There will be consequences for its future" says Vote Leave

Could EU referendum affect UK's Eurovision hope?

Meet the new Labour mayor of Bristol

Wednesday 11 May

Kuenssberg and MPs review Cameron and Corbyn

Why is UK 'pouring' money' into corrupt nations?

Speaker says Farron 'has a right to be heard'

Tweeters should be 'ashamed of sexist bullying'

Will Gordon Brown have any sway on EU debate?

Brexit The Move director Martin Durkin

Angus Robertson has corruption questions for PM

Corbyn asks Cameron about child refugees

Corbyn says PM was not listening to his tax haven question

Cameron and Corbyn on wage rates

Wishing Sir David Attenborough happy 90th birthday

I better check the microphone's on before speaking

Reaction to Queen and PM's comments caught on camera

Tuesday 10 May

Hamilton to contest role for Welsh UKIP leader

Can science judge how someone will vote on the EU?

EU referendum debate: Blunkett v Raab

75 years since Parliament was bombed

Monday 9 May

Street-Porter: London 'brought to its knees by cycling'

Cycling debate: Gilligan v Street-Porter

Tarry: 'These people should be called in to see whip'

Town votes to ban buying of second homes

Sunday 8 May

Behind the scenes at the BBC election studio

Ruth Davidson claims she'll be a 'robust' opposition leader

Caroline Flint: Labour result 'not enough'

Labour's Clive Lewis: 'Bickering is not helping'

Friday 6 May

BBC Election 2016 index (no DP on on Friday)

Thursday 5 May

When will we know results after the polls close?

What should the UK do about child refugees?

Why there'll be no Welsh flags at Eurovision

What is the future of Syria?

Wednesday 4 May

Ex-chairman Shapps quizzed on Tory election spending

Will the UK political map be changing colour(s)?

Laura Kuenssberg on 'extraordinarily brutal' PMQs

MP gives the PM a test on English grammar

PM on Lineker pledge to go on TV in pants

SNP Westminster leader asks PM about helping child refugees

Speaker's warning to government whip and 'his sidekick'

Corbyn: Anti-Semitism has no place in our society

SNP deputy leader asked about education and election policies

Speaker's warning to government whip and 'his sidekick'

PM reminds Labour leader about past comments about Hamas and Hezbollah

Grant Shapps asked about local government finance

Is the DP the Leicester or Hatfield of politics?

Tuesday 3 May

Suspended councillor on 'witch hunt'

Focus on Welsh election

Nigel Farage on his security arrangements

Monday 2 May

Bank holiday: no programmes

Sunday 1 May

How Labour's anti-semitism row unfolded

Bradshaw: Livingstone is 'spy' for the Conservative Party

Farron: 'Britain desperately needs a Lib Dem revival'

Brandon Lewis: Academy plan 'a good step forward'

Labour anti-semitism row: How it all unfolded

Friday 29 April

Did Obama cross the line with EU advice to UK?

What's in a name? Farage like garage?

Any idea who your police commissioner is?

A one-minute guide to the political week

Nigel Farage talks EU referendum polling

Nigel Farage talks border controls

Iain Watson on Watson, Corbyn and anti-Semitic claims

Thursday 28 April

MP Mann brands Livingstone 'Nazi apologist'

In full: Ken Livingstone with Andrew Neil, John Mann and Nick Clegg

Clegg and Hitchens on UK drug enforcement

Time to decriminalise or legalise some drugs?

S Yorkshire force needs 'morale and purpose'

Inequality in Education report with Nick Clegg and Anthony Seldon

Wednesday 27 April

Corbyn on Hillsborough 'lies, smears, cover-ups'

Labour 'quite extraordinary' over Shah, says PM

Cooper: PM 'puts country to shame' on child refugees

Reviewing PMQs with Laura Kuenssberg and MPs

Angus Robertson on UK help for child refugees

“I am on my fifth Labour leader, and if he carries on like this, I’ll soon be on my sixth”

Party leaders on academy schools (and repeats on TV)

"We are going to have academies for all and it's going to be in the Queen's Speech

Fox: 'They were all wrong on the euro'

Lisa Nandy on Naz Shah comments about Israel

Nandy and Fox tipped as future leaders of their parties?

How many PMQs has Andrew watched since 2003?

Tuesday 26 April

Scottish elections: Where parties stand on tax powers

Labour 'not representing voters' on EU

Historian Dan Cruickshank on repairs to Westminster landmark

Salmond asked about SNP record in government

Godfrey Olson: 'I have always lived by a council diary

Labour 'not representing voters' on EU

A few stats about local government in England

BBC Scotland Editor on Holyrood elections

Alex Salmond on junior doctors' strike

Ken Clarke on junior doctors' strike

BBC's Smitha Mundasad on junior doctors' strike

Monday 25 April

Bryant and Zahawi on Theresa May speech

Call to ban letting agency fees for those renting homes

Debating film on call to curb rental fees

EU referendum: MPs Zahawi and Bryant on Shakespeare

Northern Ireland parties campaign for Assembly elections

NUS president's Malia Bouattia faces anti-Semitic claims

Sunday 24 April

What can Labour expect from the local elections?

Dominic Raab: Obama has 'backtracked' on trade deal claim

Labour 'optimistic' about local elections

Diane James: UKIP 'looking to gain ground' in local elections

How have UKIP fared in past local elections?

Friday 22 April

A one-minute guide to the political week

MP: Air power by itself is hardly ever decisive

Junior doctor attacks government strike 'spin'

'Why should they be made to become academies?'

Ayesha Hazarika on London mayoral election

Harry Phibbs on London mayoral election

Thursday 21 April

Who tells the Queen what her MPs are up to?

Minister: 'I need to do more to sell' academies policy

Bennett: Voters want 'new Green broom'

Watson: Robots 'about to change our world'

Tom Watson asked about his previous claims of paedophile network

Windsor MP on the Queen's status as resident or voter

What does polling say about the Queen?

Defeated Lib Dem MP on Tory BattleBus claims in Wells seat

What the Tories say about Battle Bus claims

Michael Crick on Tory Battle Bus 2015 claims and timings

Wednesday 20 April

Cameron makes extremism claims about Khan

Cameron and Corbyn clash on academy schools plan

Heidi Allen: 'There are children there completely vulnerable'

Will this really be called Boaty McBoatface?

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs exchanges

Labour's shadow health minister on junior doctors' strike

PM and Labour leader on Queen's birthday

Kate Hoey on UK referendum over the EU

Ed Vaizey on UK referendum over the EU

Big hitters on EU referendum claims and counter-claims

Tuesday 19 April

Why do MPs run marathon for charity?

Is the EU debate descending into conjuring and scaremongering?

Paul Mason: We were right to fight it

MP Redwood warns on giving steel workers 'false hope'

Julie Cooper on bid to block MPs filibustering

Philip Davies on bid to block MPs filibustering

Monday 18 April

What should UK do about those who fight 'IS'?

Will celebrities sway EU referendum voters?

Powell: There is a pupil places crisis

Do bookies get too much blame for gamblers?

What's in the political diary this week?

IFS' Paul Johnson on George Osborne UK exit claims

Sunday 17 April

Hunt: 'UK safer, stronger and better off in EU'

What are the risks if Britain remains in the EU?

Should Obama intervene in the EU debate?

Friday 15 April

Nigel Farage hugs #hugabrit campaign EU supporter

Conservative Woman and Women's Equality Party on "totty"

Voters views on tax fraud and benefit fraud

Talking EU polls and turnout: Hodges and Farage

Farage: That simply is not fair play

Friday marks the beginning of the official #EUref campaign

Where do horses travel in 'business class'?

European political week in 60 seconds

What Brits in Malta think of EU referendum

Thursday 14 April

Lamont, Lawson, Clarke and Darling on chancellor job

Palmerston cat's role catching mice at Foreign Office

Lord Baker on Nicky Morgan's academy school plans

Shakespeare's Richard ll to be performed in Parliament

Fact checking an SNP claim on Whitehall staff

Setback for government on Housing Bill

Chris Bryant on Jeremy Corbyn speech

Graham Stringer on Jeremy Corbyn

Wednesday 13 April

Cameron and Corbyn trade blows on taxes

PM accuses Tory MP of 'classic scare story' on EU

Carswell: Will PM resign if he loses UK referendum?

Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs clashes

Farron: At least 10,000 refugee children missing

' I have nothing further to add' says John Whittingdale

Tuesday 12 April

'Corbyn' as singing, dancing performer on stage

Recovering MP wants electronic voting

For and against government EU referendum leaflet

Did (ex) minister know the details about cuts, when she was in office?

Owen Smith on welfare spending and cuts

"It left more questions than answers" says Stephen Kinnock

McVey on losing seat, and bid to be an MP again in 2020

Monday 11 April

Skinner ordered from chamber over 'Dodgy Dave' jibe on PM taxes

Film: Peer wants action on sharia courts in UK

Debate: What should the UK do about sharia courts?

Tory MP: Media 'peddling' line PM is a 'crook'

Union: UK steel industry 'not a basket case'

'Genuinely good bit of news in otherwise pretty bleak period for the UK steel industry'

Sunday 10 April

Why are UKIP so bitterly divided?

BBC economics editor on PM's tax returns

Why are UKIP so bitterly divided?

Penny Mordaunt: 'We will be far safer outside of the EU'

Neil Hamilton: Feuds in UKIP 'makes party stronger'

Thursday 24 March

How Corbyn was wrong-footed by a spreadsheet

Debate on 26-27 April strike by English junior doctors

Diane James and Chris Wood on Suzanne Evans

Diane James on Suzanne Evans' suspension

Viewers' EU questions: sovereignty

Viewers' EU questions: finance and payments

Viewers' EU questions: pensions

James Landale on EU and security issues after the Brussels attacks

Europe Correspondent Chris Morris in Brussels

Wednesday 23 March

Corbyn: Budget has £4.4bn black hole in it

PM on Labour list: 'I thought I had problems'

More support needed for male domestic violence victims?

Debate on domestic violence towards men and boys

Rachel Reeves asked about John Woodcock tweet

Douglas Carswell asked about PM about EU referendum

PM asked about anti-Semitism by Mike Freer MP

PMQs: Corbyn on Brussels attacks

PMQs: Cameron on Brussels attacks

Where does Budget fallout leave the UK economy?

UKIP MEP Mike Hookem on Brussels attacks

Belgian authorities “hugely criticised for their failures of intelligence”

Tuesday 22 March

Why did Michael Gove hide in loo from David Laws?

Scotland, Wales and NI seats up for election

Daniel Davies on Welsh elections

Andrew Kerr on Scottish elections

Reaction to Brussels explosion from foreign affairs analyst Tim Marshall

The technology challenges for intelligence services

Home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz on Brussels explosions

Foreign affairs committee chairman on Brussels explosions

BBC correspondent Gavin Lee near the airport in Brussels.

Monday 21 March

Peer on child refugees: We owe them safety

What seats are up for grabs in May?

'Biggest set of mid-term elections' on 5 May

Don't spit, gather in groups, or ride skateboards

Sunday 20 March

Post-Budget Tory fallout: How it all unfolded

Owen Smith: IDS 'laid bare the unfairness of government policy'

Heidi Allen: IDS 'had no option' but to resign

Paul Johnson: 'We will get close to Budget balance'

Friday 18 March

Andrew Neil interviewed by children on CBBC programme

What the press and public make of the Budget

Will the papers affect referendum votes?

Candidate links hygiene issues to immigration

Woolfe: No room for anyone who makes any racist, xenophobic comments

Tory MP Mercer on PIP: 'This is their lifeline'

Political week in 60 seconds

Thursday 17 March

What do youngsters think of the sugar tax?

Should chancellors add humour to their Budgets?

Wednesday 16 March

BBC Budget 2016 coverage

Tuesday 15 March

UKIP vs CBI on the EU referendum

Burnham welcomes activist's suspension

Caroline Lucas on Greens' EU backing

Can UKIP overcome its divisions?

Monday 14 March

Question over Khan links to 'cyber jihadist'

Scottish Lib Dems offer 'big bold package'

Why Lawson and Kinnock changed EEC-EU views

How political gravity has changed EU debate

Sunday 13 March

Sturgeon: 'Scotland's economy is fundamentally strong'

Does Labour have a problem dealing with allegations of anti-semitism?

John Mann: 'No space' for antisemitism in Labour

Seema Malhotra: 'We need to invest for the future'

Friday 11 March

Is TTIP trade deal good or bad for the UK?

Ben Chacko and Miranda Green talk TTIP

A new car service for MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg?

'People gradually starting to listen again' to Lib Dems

European politics in 60 seconds

Could MEPs change Cameron's UK-EU deal?

Could Nicosia be united after 40 years?

Thursday 10 March

When did Blair decide to go to war in Iraq?

Corbyn 'does not seem like traditional politician'

EVEL rules a 'turkey' over Sunday trading

EU has 'sprawling, inefficient' bureaucracy

Downing questioned on 9/11 and Middle East views

Wednesday 9 March

Why are the Scots not buying Corbyn tickets?

Why SNP is voting against Sunday trading change

PM's one-word answer on possible resignation

Corbyn's 100th question (with help from Callum)

MPs review Cameron and Corbyn exchanges

Mood box: What do shoppers think of more Sunday trading?

Dangers of IN and OUT over Brexit vote

Dr Andrew Collier on junior doctors' strike in England

Tuesday 8 March

Referendum rivals debate 'women's vote' in EU debate

Who are the most active MPs on Twitter?

UKIP's Neil Hamilton on his Welsh Assembly candidacy

How do pollsters do their job - and how has it changed?

Monday 7 March

TV protection given to MPs (but not royals)

Does former PM Wilson deserve a statue?

Sunday 6 March

What made the Chancellor change his mind on pensions?

Herbert: Leaving EU is 'a prospect of huge uncertainty'

Carswell: Single market access possible 'without being in EU'

Nick Herbert on the Calais migrant camps

Nick Herbert on how UK could trade with EU nations after a Brexit

Carswell on UK and EU funding

Carswell on his role in UKIP

Friday 4 March

Liam Fox and Stephen Gethins on EU 'Project Fear' claims

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on Labour role for Varoufakis

Plaid puts forward 'ambitious' election pledges

Migrants from Syria and North Africa heading to Europe and UK

Thursday 3 March

Why 800,000 signed petition for meningitis jab

Stiglitz warns of 'short-termism' in economic thinking

Talking anti-establishment rebels with Jones and Finkelstein

Johnson and Burgon look ahead to the Budget

Talking UK & EU funding - Will Straw and Suzanne Evans

Wednesday 2 March

Rifkind on FBI Apple legal battle over iPhone software

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on Labour role for Varoufakis

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on tax-free child care claims

Lord Lamont claims European organisations break the rules

Robertson and Cameron on social benefits for workers and pollution issues

Cameron, Davis, and Speaker (but no Jenkin) at PMQs

"I do hope my suit and tie match his mother's high expectations" Daily and Sunday Politics highlights of 2016

Corbyn and Cameron on primary school class sizes

Ian Murray: "We don't know what OUT looks like"

Hancock: Politicians promised referenda and they never got delivered

Tuesday 1 March

David Anderson on independent reviewer of terrorism legislation role

Prevent programme review call from terrorism legislation reviewer

Archive of past elections to be mayor of London

Livingstone and Norris - Is London a Labour city?

UKIP and Labour on Calais migrants

Debating the Investigatory Powers Bill - Davis and Livingstone

Monday 29 February

A library for 650 people only

Where does Scotland stand over EU referendum?

Meal deals that made political history

Are political deals really cut over meals?

What is in the political diary this week?

Emma Reynolds on Yanis Varoufakis appointment

What happens if UK leave EU: Owen Paterson

What happens if UK leave EU: Emma Reynolds

Sunday 28 February

Tory bullying claims: 'I didn't bully Elliot Johnson'

Lord Howard: Brexit will 'restore our democracy'

Alan Johnson: Remain 'not snappy enough'

Labour Party divisions over Trident

Friday 26 February

Political week in 60 seconds

Where do Greens stand on EU referendum?

Nuttall on UKIP London and Welsh Assembly bid

What's it like being an education secretary?

Zoe Williams and John Spellar clash on Labour and Momentum

Art used by 1980s nuclear protesters with Peter Kennard

Thursday 25 February

Adam Afriyie on immigration stats

Ross Hawkins on boundary changes and electoral registration

Cameron 'jealous' of my clothes says Corbyn

A new electoral system on the menu

Meal deals that made political history

Who thinks Corbyn will be the next PM?

Why are there fewer people on the electoral register?

Wednesday 24 February

Alun Evans: Govt unprepared then - and now - to deal with major crisis

Boles: PM's euref deal is 'absolutely legally binding'

Gisela Stuart: It's the classic British story with Europe

What would leaders' mothers say about the NHS?

Tax cuts for higher earners in Scotland?

PMQs clashes on death figures and junior doctors

Who are the busiest of the new-intake MPs?

Laura Kuenssberg and MPs review PMQs

Tuesday 23 February

Where does Scottish Labour stand on Trident?

Why did PM 'hug' MP who wants to leave EU?

UK immigration cooking up curry crisis?

Curry houses staffing hit by immigration rules?

Can the parties unite after the EU referendum?

Howard Dean - and his election night scream

Can Scottish Labour leader recall predecessors?

Monday 22 February

EU referendum questions annoy George Galloway in TV interview

EU referendum campaign's key names, dates and timings

EU security debate: Pritchard v Batten

EU debate: Zahawi and Umunna

Sunday 21 February

The 72 hours that led to the EU referendum

Grayling on EU: 'We can't cope with the levels of migration'

Hillary Benn 'won't share platform with PM' on EU campaign

Eustice and Farron on PM's EU deal

Sunday 14 February

Daily Politics Manifesto Tracker: Explainer

Runners and riders for the next Tory leader

Hancock: 'We are committed to deliver all manifesto promises'

Gender Pay Gap: Why is it still a problem?

Friday 12 February

Political week in 60 seconds

What is it like to be defence secretary?

Thursday 11 February

Why all the fuss over Mao's Little Red Book?

What's happening in Syria?

Benn: Corbyn backs UK staying in EU

Wednesday 10 February

Soapbox: In praise of mass-produced meat

Prime Minister's Questions analysis

PM: Scotland funding deal must be fair

PMQs jokes at email from 'Rosie'

Cameron and Corbyn in housing clash

What's happening with the junior doctors' strike?

Tuesday 9 February

Ruth Davidson on UK-EU reform deal

MPs triumph at parliamentary pancake race

Who will be the next Tory leader?

Did Tories overspend in three recent by-elections?

Davidson: SNP must not scupper fiscal framework talks

Is Ruth Davidson turning Scots Tories' fortunes around?

Ruth Davidson tries her hand at pancake flipping

Can Stephen Pound & Lord Redesdale flip a pancake?

Ruth Davidson rules herself out of Tory leadership bid

Monday 8 February

PM 'resorting to scaremongering' over EU

Shapps: Resigning was 'right thing to do'

Soapbox: 'Homes for Heroes' campaign

Perkins 'open-minded' on Labour defence review

Friday 5 February

Has it been made harder to register to vote?

Tory rebellion over Sunday trading laws?

Reform deal could be 'win-win' for EU and UK - MEP

Is the dream of a borderless Europe over?

Meet The Neighbours: Belgium

European political week in 60 seconds

Thursday 4 February

Beckett defends Labour election loss report

Why is coin tossing used in elections?

What happened to Labour's Euroscepticism?

Beckett: Praying for another Corbyn miracle

David Miliband welcomes Syria refugee aid pledge

Wednesday 3 February

Farage: EU 'leave' campaigns should unite

SNP concern over June EU vote date

Therese Coffey: 'A lot of progress' made on EU deal

PM urged to 'think again' on ESA cuts

Corbyn raises cancer test wait times

Cameron and Corbyn clash over NHS

Soapbox: Public toilets 'need real investment'

Cameron v Corbyn at PMQs

Cameron and Corbyn NHS exchanges

Tuesday 2 February

Soapbox: Why Gibraltar should stay British

MSPs clash over Scots income tax raise call

Draft EU deal 'falls so far short' - Tory MP

Monday 1 February

Tory MP 'frustrated' with EU renegotiation

Rosa Prince: Corbyn 'has a fascinating back story'

Are political biographies popular?

Jenkin: No blame game over Kids Company collapse

Sunday 31 January

Steve Baker: 50 to 70 Tory MPs will campaign to leave EU

John McDonnell: 'Reputational damage to Google is immense'

Is the EU good for business?

Can the Brexit campaign succeed?

Friday 29 January

PM 'probably regretting EU renegotiation' - Tory MEP

Is an 'emergency brake' on benefits a good idea?

Political week in 60 seconds

What is it like to be foreign secretary?

Thursday 28 January

What's been happening politically in Poland?

Owen Smith and Chris Philp clash over welfare

Minister: UK 'playing its role' on child refugees

Does the House of Lords need a rapid rebuttal unit?

Popular conspiracy theories

Wednesday 27 January

Robertson calls for pension measures

Laura Kuenssberg's PMQs analysis

PM refers to 'bunch of migrants'

Should the voting age be raised?

PM announces new Holocaust memorial

Corbyn and PM clash on Google's tax

Tuesday 26 January

'War games' simulate EU negotiations

Kendall- Why I lost Labour leadership poll

How do migrants become EU citizens?

Norman Lamont on leaving the EU

Looking back on Liz Kendall's leadership campaign

Monday 25 January

Straw v Oxley - Could Britain prosper outside the EU-?

Reeves criticises Labour leadership's 'dereliction of duty'

BBC Two - Daily Politics, 25-01-2016, Should the UK take more refugees-?

Bernard Jenkin on charity fundraising

Reeves and Loughton on EU debate

Sunday 24 January

Labour election report branded 'whitewash'

Michael Dugher: Corbyn 'must be given a chance'

Does EU membership affect Calais migrant arrangement?

Murray: Scottish govt should be talking about policies, not personalities

Friday 22 January

European political week in 60 seconds

The political history of gentlemen's clubs

PM's EU renegotiation 'an expectation management game'

Why have Poland-EU relations soured?

Meet the neighbours: Romania

Conservative and UKIP MEPs clash over EU reform talks

Thursday 21 January

Is another recession on the horizon?

The end of the traffic warden

Ed Stone was 'a bargain' at £8,000

'Five ministers will campaign to leave EU' - Montgomerie

What is it like to be health secretary?

Wednesday 20 January

PMQs- Leaders clash on student grants

Robertson asks PM about UK Yemen links

Soapbox: 'Hand over Falklands and Gibraltar'

Laura Kuenssberg's PMQs reaction

Should Labour MPs get a free vote on the EU?

The top five political excuses

MP attacks Labour with Beatles songs

MP attacks 'hand-wringing' over steel jobs

PM attacks Labour over Falklands

Corbyn attacks nursing bursary cut

Tuesday 19 January

Has Cologne changed views on migrants?

Hancock- UK 'protected' from crash

Can F1 technology help the NHS?

Bradshaw rues faulty opinion polls

Why the polls got the election wrong

The non religious church service

Monday 18 January

Tory defends new pro-EU campaign group

Kinnock attacks ministers over steel

Debating Cameron's extremism comments

Discussing Corbyn's policy positions

Should Trump be banned from the UK-?

A history of petitions in the UK

Sunday 17 January

Should Britain keep its nuclear deterrent?

Farage: EU referendum is 'people vs politicians'

Ken Clarke: PM will campaign for UK to stay in EU

Emily Thornberry: I oppose Trident but 'open minded'

Alex Salmond: 'I would ban The Donald'

Thursday 14 January

Minister Brandon Lewis on housing policy

Maria Miller and Kellie Maloney on 'de-gendering' passports

Why did the election polls get it so wrong?

Assessing Wales' political temperature

Should gender be declared on passports?

Wednesday 13 January

Hayes and Ashworth on collective responsibility

Soapbox: Is gentrification a bad thing?

Cameron and Corbyn clash over housing

PM questioned over post-study work visas

PM: Corbyn 'doesn't believe in Britain'

PMQs: Analysis with Laura Kuenssberg and guests

MPs' takeover of Stylist magazine

Tuesday 12 January

Should England have a national anthem?

Guests discuss case for English national anthem

Should feminism be in the A-level Politics syllabus?

British Muslims 'not being radicalised in mosques'

Junior doctors' strike: Tory MP v BMA

Monday 11 January

Politicians' tributes to music legend David Bowie

Guests on Labour unity and Trident policy

Falconer: Union opt-in levy 'designed to cost Labour'

Moodbox: For or against the junior doctors' strike?

Trade Union Bill "an attack on the political process"

Tory MP: Equal footing for mental and physical health

Sunday 10 January

Labour Party split: Can they still work together?

David Davis: 'Personalities don't matter' in Brexit campaign

Powell: McDonnell's 'hard-right' comments weren't helpful

Dorrell: Cross-party review needed for health and care services

What has prompted the unprecedented strike action by junior doctors?

Friday 8 January

What is it like to be home secretary?

Norman Lamb on junior doctors' dispute

The political week in 60 seconds

MP: Government to blame for banking culture inquiry axe

David Buik on banking culture inquiry axe

Thursday 7 January

Why the lasting appeal of 'Yes, Prime Minister'?

Guests discuss the future of Trident

What's happening with Trident?

Ken Livingstone on Labour reshuffle fallout

Livingstone: Nato membership doesn't matter

Farage and Bone on new cross-party EU 'out' campaign

Wednesday 6 January

What next for Labour's Trident policy?

Cameron and Corbyn clash over flooding

MP resigns from Labour front bench

PM quotes Shakespeare plays at Corbyn

Corbyn challenges PM over floods response

Cameron asked about junior doctors' strike

Soapbox: Should MPs be ruder to the public?

Cameron jibe over Corbyn reshuffle

Tuesday 5 January

Is PM right to give ministers freedom on EU vote?

Chris Leslie: Hard-left want to tighten their control over Labour

Guests discuss Labour shadow cabinet reshuffle

A bumper crop of political bets in 2016?

Should Donald Trump be barred from UK?

Political predictions for 2016

Labour MP defends Corbyn reshuffle

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