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Ken Livingstone: Timeline of an apology

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Ken Livingstone's journey from refusing to apologise to Labour shadow minister Kevan Jones over comments about his mental health to an "unreserved" apology took just over three hours - pretty long by modern standards.

Here's how the ex-London mayor held out:

10:51: The Daily Mirror publishes an article in which Ken Livingstone says Kevan Jones - who had questioned Mr Livingstone's ability to lead a review of Labour's defence policy - was "obviously very depressed" and "might need some psychiatric help". Mr Jones is known to have suffered from depression in the past.

11:20: Mr Livingstone refuses to say sorry, telling LBC Mr Jones should "get over it".

11:24: George Galloway stands by Mr Livingstone, saying people are trying to "defang" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, as a social media backlash gets under way.

11:29: Mr Livingstone tells the Evening Standard he was unaware of Mr Jones' mental health history, but refuses to retract his remark.

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11:36: Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman issues a statement saying Mr Livingstone "should apologise straight away," as the Labour leader is "incredibly concerned that people with mental health problems shouldn't be stigmatised".

12:10: Mr Livingstone stands firm in a BBC interview. "If someone's rude to you, you are rude back," he says. Mr Jones should apologise first, he adds.

11:36 to 12:30: Condemnation and calls for Mr Livingstone to be sacked or resign from his role in the defence review. Former Labour frontbencher Chuka Umunna says the veteran left-winger appears to be spreading prejudice. Mr Livingstone still refuses to apologise.

12:30: A group of Labour MPs, including former ministers, tell Jeremy Corbyn to ring Ken Livingstone and demand he apologises

12:31: Mr Livingstone "sort of" apologises to ITV.

12:34 to 13:25: More condemnation and calls for Mr Livingstone to apologise, including from Labour MP Emma Reynolds, who says his comments are "totally unacceptable".

13:26: Mr Livingstone tells BBC Radio 4's The World at One he's sorry if Mr Jones is upset. Labour MP Pat McFadden says this apology was not genuine.

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13:51: Labour deputy leader Tom Watson says Mr Livingstone must apologise and withdraw his comments.

About 14:00: Jeremy Corbyn rings Mr Livingstone

14:02: On Twitter, Mr Livingstone apologises "unreservedly". He says his comments "should not have been made at all, let alone in this context".

15:08: Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn welcomes a "full and fulsome" apology from Mr Livingstone, adding that he had caused a "great deal of offence" and he "has now done the right thing".

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