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At-a-glance: Spending Review key points

An at-a-glance summary of the main points of the 2015 Autumn Statement and Comprehensive Spending Review.

What the chancellor's words mean for you

The policies announced by the chancellor in his Autumn Statement and Spending Review have a big effect on your finances. Here's how.

Tax changes in the pipeline

Our tax affairs will be organised digitally in the future, Chancellor George Osborne says, but it does not mean it is getting any simpler. So what are the changes?

Features and Analysis

MoneyKuenssberg: Welfare cuts postponed, not axed

George Osborne bowed to the political pressure yesterday on tax credit cuts but in the longer term it is clear there will be longer term reductions in welfare spending.

George OsborneOsborne defends Spending Review U-turn

Chancellor George Osborne defends his Spending Review decision to spend money from better public finances on reversing tax credit cuts.