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Corbyn cancels leadership speech in light of Paris attacks

Jeremy Corbyn Image copyright PA
Image caption Jeremy Corbyn had been expected to set out "where his leadership has come from"

Jeremy Corbyn has cancelled a speech in which he was set to defend his leadership of Labour, in light of the Paris attacks.

The regional party conference in Hertfordshire, at which Mr Corbyn had been scheduled to talk, will still go ahead.

He had planned to talk about foreign policy, the economy and politics.

Mr Corbyn had been due to say that he would take no lectures in patriotism from the Conservatives.

The cancelled speech comes after criticism of his leadership from a number of Labour MPs.

Last month 21 MPs defied the Labour leadership by abstaining on a vote on the government's fiscal rules, which commits the government to balance the books over the next three years and to secure a surplus by 2019-2020.

There was also criticism of Mr Corbyn after the Labour leader said he would not fire Britain's nuclear weapons if he became prime minister.

Prime Minister David Cameron said Mr Corbyn's anti-nuclear comments showed that Labour could not be trusted with Britain's national security.

'Viable alternative'

The Labour leader was set to say: "For the past 14 years, Britain has been at the centre of a succession of disastrous wars that have brought devastation to large parts of the wider Middle East.

"They have increased, not diminished, the threats to our own national security in the process".

He would have added: "What's pro-British about a government that slashes support for serving soldiers and military veterans?

"How is it patriotic to take money from the poorest, from working families, and hand control of your country to a super-rich elite?"

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Image caption Mr Corbyn was criticised after he said he would not fire UK nuclear weapons if he became PM

During his speech, he was also due to set out "where his leadership has come from" and where he wants "this movement Labour has launched to go, what we want to achieve and what our vision for Britain is all about".

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