In Pictures: Thatcher's most iconic outfits

By Izin Akhabau
BBC News


The Victoria and Albert Museum is at the centre of a row over whether it should exhibit Lady Thatcher's dresses and handbags.

But while we wait for that to resolve itself - the former prime minister's daughter Carol is reported to be in talks with museum bosses - we decided to take a look at some of her most memorable fashion moments.

Lab coat chic

Image source, Getty Images

Lady Thatcher (then Margaret Roberts) working as a research chemist in 1950. She is reputed to have helped invent Mr Whippy ice cream, although there is some debate about that.

Wedding day

Image source, Getty Images

This is a royal blue velvet dress, a colour she favoured throughout her time as prime minister, and a halo style hat trimmed with ostrich feathers on her wedding day in 1951.

Enter the handbag

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Thatcher attends a Cabinet meeting in 1972 with a ministerial red box in one hand and one of her soon-to-be famous handbags in the other.

On the brink of power

Image source, Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Thatcher wears a pale blue waistcoat, and one of those pussybow shirts, for which she would become renowned in 1979 before she became prime minister.

Morning in America

Image source, MIKE SARGENT/AFP/Getty Images

Outside the Oval Office in the summer of 1987 with US President Ronald Reagan, Thatcher shows off a stylish two piece.

Cold warrior

Image source, Jockel Fink

Looking defiant in a cream headscarf and jacket during her visit to British forces in Fallingbostel, Germany in 1986.

The Iron Lady

Image source, JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images

During her trip to Moscow in 1987, Thatcher greeted crowds in an elegant, fur-trimmed winter coat. She was first dubbed the Iron Lady by Soviet Army newspaper Red Star.

Blue uniform

Image source, JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images

Ten years after entering Downing Street, Thatcher thanks the applauding crowd at the Blackpool 1989 Conservative conference dressed in brilliant blue.

Power dressing

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At the start of her third term, the "helmet" of swept back hair is (very) firmly in place, along with the pearls, a hangover from her pre-Downing Street days.

Royal appointment

Image source, Getty Images

Donning her customary blue as she opens an infirmary with Chelsea pensioners and Prince Charles in 2009.