Election 2015: Daily Politics coverage of smaller parties

This Daily Politics has a series of interviews with 22 smaller parties contesting seats at the 2015 general election.

All of the interviews with Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn will be added to this page.

Above and Beyond Party

The Above and Beyond party has only one policy - demanding a 'none of the above' option on all UK ballot papers

Respect Party

George Galloway: "You are probably talking to the man with the casting vote in the next Parliament, at least I hope so, and many other people will do too"

Communities United

Communities United wants to bring in PR for voting, and also to eradicate social injustice and the "nanny state"

British National Party (BNP)

BNP's Simon Darby: Even if we have put up 600 candidates and spent £1m on this election, you would have found some excuse - you at the BBC - to completely erase us from the debate"

Alliance for Green Socialism (AGS)

Alliance for Green Socialism's Mike Davies on why his party cannot link up with the Green Party

Animal Welfare Party (AWP)

The leader of the Animal Welfare Party introduces a new concept to the election debate: a "speciesist way of thinking"

Class War

Adam Clifford, one of seven election candidates for the Class War Party, said it "represents the working class"

Whig Party

Party leader Waleed Ghani said the current UK immigration levels were "sensible" and the Conservatives should be proud

Socialist Labour and Scottish Socialist

Ken Capstick from the Socialist Labour Party and Colin Fox from the Scottish Socialist Party speak to Andrew Neil to push for votes

English Democrats

The English Democrats are campaigning for an English Parliament and ultimately for an independent England.

We Are The Reality Party

Mark Berry, known as singer Bez, says he cannot see the Green Party doing well, which is why he formed a party

Yorkshire First

Yorkshire First has 14 candidates standing in the general election and wants to "create a stronger United Kingdom"

North East Party (NEP)

The 2004 offer for devolution for the north east of England was very poor and "simply not good enough" says former Labour MP Hilton Dawson who has founded a new party

Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB)

There is an alternative to way things are being run, says Howard Pilott of the Socialist Party of GB

Monster Raving Loony Party

Alan Hope on Monster Raving Loony Party election plans

Liberal Party

The Liberal Party is "far more euro-critical" than the Liberal Democrats said its leader. who is fielding four general election candidates.

Pirate Party

The Pirate Party started fighting for internet freedom but now has Britain's "first crowd-sourced manifesto", says its leader Loz Kaye

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Dave Nellist explains the TUSC election campaign as a left-wing alternative to austerity and privatisation

National Health Action Party (NHA)

Dr Louise Irvine on the National Health Action Party standing 13 election candidates who oppose privatisation of the NHS

Liberty GB

A party leader who made a video declaring "I am a racist" is asked about the claim, and explains he is an "Islamo-realist"

Christian Party and the Christian People's Alliance

The leaders of the Christian Party and the Christian People's Alliance will not stand against each other at the election, and could later merge

Peace Party

The Peace Party leader says the UK's annual £40bn defence budget could be better spent "not shooting and bombing and rocketing people out of existence"

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Britain General Secretary Rob Griffiths on why it is standing nine candidates in the general election

Independence from Europe

The Independence from Europe Party was started by former MEP Mike Nattrass, who said it was "to the left of UKIP"

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol (CISTA)

Using alcohol causes violence and induces crime, unlike cannabis, says a party standing in the general election

Mebyon Kernow (Party of Cornwall)

Mebyon Kernow stands for seats in Cornwall and is looking for an assembly for the county, but not full independence

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