Nigel Farage and the future of the NHS

Nigel Farage Image copyright PA

Nigel Farage tried and failed to persuade his party to back his view that the NHS should be replaced with an insurance based system like they have in many parts of the world.

Two years ago he said that he'd be more comfortable if the money he spent on health was invested through the market place rather than central government.

He's now making it clear that he intends to re-open that debate once the election is out out of the way.

Speaking to me for BBC Radio 4's series "Can Democracy Work?" he says this is "a debate that we're all going to have to return to" and predicts that an ageing population will require much more money to go into healthcare.

UKIP insist that they remain committed to the NHS.

Their critics are likely to add the rider - "for now".

In the interview Mr Farage also tells me that if Britain votes to stay in the EU in a referendum he'd quit or in his own words it would be "curtains for Nigel".

You can hear the full interview in Can Democracy Work? at 09:00 on BBC Radio 4 or afterwards online.

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