Economy travels across the Atlantic

The Camerons and Obamas in 2012 Image copyright Reuters
Image caption David and Samantha Cameron, pictured here enjoying a White House visit in 2012

This is the day when the argument about the British economy travels across the Atlantic.

A day on which the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama have written a joint article in The Times boasting of how they've worked closely together to restore economic growth and to improve "living standards" - language which Labour has tried so hard to own and will be frustrated to see the White House sharing with Downing Street.

Together with a dinner tonight at the White House, then talks tomorrow, these are all signs of President Obama's willingness to embrace the man he apparently calls "Bro" in the run-up to the election.

The two men will hold talks tomorrow which will cover not just the economy, terrorism and cyber security but also a long list of foreign policy challenges ranging from Russia to ISIS to Iran.

Mr Cameron has not, however, got Washington to himself. Labour's Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is also in town launching a report on so-called inclusive prosperity and meeting with the top officials at both the US Treasury and Federal Reserve.

That's a signal that some here are preparing for at least the possibility of a change of British government.

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