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Speaker Bercow denies swearing at Commons' top official

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Media captionMichael Fabricant spelled out the word he alleged the speaker used

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has suggested that a senior Commons official is retiring in part because Speaker John Bercow swore at him.

Sir Robert Rogers, the Clerk of the Commons, is retiring in August after a 42-year career in Parliament.

The MP said Mr Bercow had used a four-letter expletive against Sir Robert "at least once, in front of others".

But Mr Bercow replied: "I will ignore that last observation which suffered from the disadvantage of being wrong."

The MP made the claim during Commons tributes to Sir Robert.

Mr Fabricant said: "We don't know why he's chosen to retire early."

But Mr Fabricant said he would not have been "encouraged" to stay by Speaker Bercow's deployment of the expletive, which he spelled out to MPs.

Mr Fabricant's comment came after a series of tributes were paid to the outgoing clerk.