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Tony Blair 'in quite a tragic position' - Charles Clarke

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Image caption Tony Blair's speech in London last week "had a lot of resonance", Charles Clarke said

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is "in quite a tragic position" because he cannot find a role in national politics, an ex-Home Secretary says.

Labour's Charles Clarke said Mr Blair "could contribute a great deal in the public sphere", but he could not see a route back into Westminster for him.

It was also "ridiculous" to position Mr Blair as a future President of Europe, he told the BBC's Daily Politics.

But he claimed the ex-PM's speeches still had "a lot of resonance".

Mr Clarke, home secretary in 2003-2004 and a former arch-Blairite, told BBC's Daily Politics: "I think Tony's in quite a tragic position. He finished as prime minister relatively young."

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Media captionCharles Clarke says Tony Blair is "in quite a tragic position" as he looks for a future role in politics

Mr Clarke, who said he was still an admirer of Mr Blair, said his 61-year-old former leader still had plenty to offer in public life.

But Mr Clarke - who was sacked as home secretary by Mr Blair - added that, as far as he could see: "He doesn't have a route back to make that contribution."

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