Budget 2014: What can we expect?

George Osborne on a visit to a factory in Edinburgh Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mr Osborne wants to boost exports

We don't export enough, we don't invest enough, we don't build enough, we don't make enough.

So says the chancellor himself and he's promising a Budget to address what he calls Britain's long-term weaknesses.

His aides say that George Osborne believes government cannot be passive observers. So stand by for him to unveil schemes, incentives and tax breaks for businesses who, in his view, are doing the right thing.

He will set out to cut the energy costs facing businesses and try - yet again - to ensure that more houses are built.

There will be another rise in the personal allowance - the amount individuals can earn before paying income tax. And - for the first time - the chancellor will unveil the level of the oft promised welfare cap which limits total government spending on benefits.

The Treasury is even predicting the odd surprise.

However, the announcement the chancellor will probably enjoy delivering the most will be the independent economic forecasts. A year ago they were all heading in the wrong direction. Not any more as he is sure to relish telling us.

Labour will equally relish replying that whatever George Osborne announces many people are still not feeling the recovery and, at least according to the party's count, he has hiked up taxes 24 times.