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Conservatives attack Umunna over betting boss donation

Chuka Umunna

Labour's Chuka Umunna has been criticised for taking a donation from a gambling boss after criticising the spread of betting shops.

The shadow business secretary reported a £20,000 donation from Neil Goulden, chairman of the Association of British Bookmakers, made in June.

The Tories accused him of hypocrisy, as he had raised concerns about betting shops in his Streatham constituency.

Labour said the donation was made in a personal capacity by a party supporter.

Mr Umunna declared the donation from Mr Goulden, also former boss - now chairman emeritus - of bookmakers Gala Coral, last month.

In April, he told his local paper, the South London Press: "I know there is huge concern that some streets in our area are steadily filling up with betting shops and payday loan companies that take advantage of our community, rather than help us. I know how frustrating that feels."

Conservative vice chairman Bob Neill said: "Can anyone really credibly ever believe anything Chuka Umunna says?

"He says one thing in public and does another behind closed doors. His hypocrisy seems to be limitless."

A spokesman for Mr Umunna said: "This donation was made by an individual Labour Party supporter in a personal capacity, and was accepted in accordance with the rules and properly declared."