Spending Review: An at-a-glance summary of the key points


Chancellor George Osborne has announced government spending plans for 2015-16 and cuts to individual departmental budgets. Here is a summary of the main points.

media captionGeorge Osborne said the government had "taken our economy back from the brink of bankruptcy"


  • Government spending to total £745bn
  • Further savings of £11.5bn needed
  • 1% cap on public sector pay rises
  • Automatic progression pay to be ended in civil service, schools, hospitals, prisons and the police but not the armed forces
media captionOsborne outlines a welfare cap and withdrawal of winter fuel payments to ex-pats in hot countries
media captionGeorge Osborne: "We will fund councils to freeze council tax for the next two years"
  • 10% cut in resource budget
  • £3bn capital spending on new houses
  • £200m extra for troubled families initiative
  • Council tax bills in England frozen for 2014-15 and 2015-16
media captionGeorge Osborne: Britain has "the finest armed forces in the world - and we intend to keep it that way"
  • Resource budget frozen at £24bn
  • 1% real-terms increase in military equipment budget
  • Civilian posts to be cut, but no reduction in armed forces personnel
  • Procurement and private finance initiative (PFI) contracts renegotiated
  • Permanent funding for military covenant that supports UK troops and their families
  • Budget cut of "less than 6%" for police
  • Counter-terrorism budget protected
  • Home Office resource budget cut by 6%
  • Justice resource budget cut by 10%
  • Prison costs to be reduced by £180m and court costs by £200m
  • 3.4% increase in combined budget for intelligence agencies
  • 9% cut in resource budget
  • Running costs of Transport for London and Network Rail to be cut
  • Increase in capital spending to £9.5bn
  • Resource budget cut by 6%
  • Student maintenance grants frozen
  • More money for apprenticeships and UK exports
  • Capital spending up by 9%
  • Science budget to be frozen at £4.6bn both more money for capital projects
  • £2bn growth fund for local enterprise partnerships
  • NHS budget in England to rise by 0.01% to £110bn
  • Rise in capital spending to £4.7bn
  • Joint £3bn commissioning plan between NHS and councils for social care
  • 10% budget cut in departmental spending
  • More money for flood defences
  • 8% cut in resource budget
  • Guarantees for new nuclear plants
  • Tax incentives for shale gas drilling
  • 8% cut in Foreign Office resource budget, but more money for new embassies
  • International development budget protected, rising by £809m to £11.1bn.
  • Total £50bn investment in new projects
  • Details to be announced by Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander on Thursday
  • 2% cut in grants to devolved administrations but extra capital investment powers
  • 10% cut to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Offices
  • £31m of new funding for the Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • 10% cut in resource budgets but extra support for National Citizenship Service

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