South Shields by-election result

Emma Lewell-Buck (Lab) 12,493 (50.51%)

Richard Elvin (UKIP) 5,988 (24.21%)

Karen Allen (Con) 2,857 (11.55%)

Ahmed Khan (Ind) 1,331 (5.38%)

Phil Brown (Ind Soc) 750 (3.03%)

Dorothy MacBeth Brookes (BNP) 711 (2.87%)

Hugh Annand (Lib Dem) 352 (1.42%)

Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 197 (0.80%)

Thomas Darwood (Ind) 57 (0.23%)

Lab majority 6,505 (26.30%); Turnout 24,736 (39.28%)

2010: Lab majority 11,109 (30.42%); Turnout 36,518 (57.70%)

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