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Christmas recess

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Wednesday December 18

2013 political stories: Thatcher, Syria and online porn

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman's road safety call to PM

PMQs: Cameron suggests Ed Balls 'bye bye' hand gesture

PMQs: John McDonnell calls Cameron liar on Heathrow Airport

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK unemployment figures

PMQs review: Nick Robinson with MPs Bryant and Morgan

Tuesday December 17

Ban monkeys and apes as pets, says Mark Pritchard MP

Pensioners' Parliament call from Peter Bottomley MP

Actor David Schneider on MPs' appearance and uglyism

Political appearances debate: Schneider and Ferrari

Airport expansion: Goldsmith; Valentine and Burns

Monday December 16

Margaret Hodge on BBC pay-offs to senior managers

Political books: Keith Simpson MP's recommended reading

EU referendum: playing war games over UK future

Friday December 13

European week: Malta, Ukraine, fish and mobile phones

New German government attitude towards Cameron and UK

External Action Service: Cathy Ashton's EU ambassadors

2014 political bets: Scottish and UKIP election results

Prostitution: MEP calls to outlaw paying for sex in UK

Digital radio: switchover from FM and AM to DAB signals

Thursday December 12

Frank Field MP on child poverty and life chances

TV and newspaper journalists admit journalese phrases

Parliamentary beard contest: Corbyn, Spellar and Harris

Ipsa plans to give MPs 11% pay rise and cut expenses

MPs' salaries and Ipsa plan for Westminster pay rise

Wednesday December 11

Philip Hammond on Ministry of Defence (MoD) procurement

PMQs review: Landale and MPs on Cameron and Miliband

PMQs: Harris and Cameron on married couples' tax breaks

Cameron on selfie photo at Mandela memorial service

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Ipsa and MPs' pay rise

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on cost of living standards

PMQs: Speaker tells Tom Blenkinsop MP to take up yoga

Christmas cards: Bloom's bongo drums and 'slut' cleaner

Air Passenger Duty (APD): UK has highest flights tax

Tuesday December 10

Programme cancelled to make way for coverage of Nelson Mandela memorial service

Monday December 9

MPs' pay rise: Mark Field, John Woodcock and Tom Brake

John Woodcock MP on depression and mental illness

Sunday December 8

Ed Miliband 'absolutely ruthless' says Diane Abbott

Sir Michael Wilshaw on standards in English schools

Autumn Statement: political reaction to Osborne speech

Friday December 6

Political week: Autumn Statement and Osborne's new dog

Mandela death: Paul Boateng on president's legacy

John Stuart Mill: Toby Young on philosopher's legacy

Tom Watson MP on 'embarrassing'' betting machine vote

Thursday December 5

Special index for Autumn Statement coverage

Wednesday December 4

PMQs: Clegg and Harman on energy and economic plans

PMQs: Clegg and Harman on energy prices and Labour 'con'

PMQs: Clegg and Harman attack economic policies

PMQs: Clegg 'staunch supporter' of HS2 high speed rail

PMQs: Kennedy and Clegg on coalition EU and Europe policy

PMQs: Landale on Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman clashes

Autumn Statement: Buzzword bets on Osborne speech words

Autumn Statement predictions for George Osborne speech

Police and crime commissioner on troubled families bid

Tuesday December 3

World War One: How should UK remember 1914-18 battles

World War One: Andrew Murrison and Sir Max Hastings

Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman on UK-EU trade deal

Save our pub: Drinkers' powers to postpone conversion

Monday December 2

UK coalition advice from Germany, Ireland and Sweden

Minister Michael Fallon 'wrote letters to himself'

International aid: UK gives more money than other countries

Sunday December 1

Yvette Cooper on nightmare Ed Balls leaked email claim

Yvette Cooper on immigration, police and crime figures

Boris Johnson: What are prospects for Mayor of London?

Friday November 29

Author Thomas Paine praised by Lewes MP Norman Baker

Political week: RBS loans, Scotland, Boris and Movember

James Wharton: EU referendum bill making good progress

Thursday November 28

Parental leave policies from Conservative and Lib Dems

Movember MP Jake Berry 'looks like 1970s porn star'

Movember moustache MPs shaved: Woodcock and Williams

NHS Whistleblower Gary Walker on statutory code

Wednesday November 27

Bulgarian ambassador Konstantin Dimitrov on immigration

PMQs: Miliband on cost of living, Cameron on economy

PMQs: PM and Miliband on payday loans and winter deaths

PMQs: Cameron and Wishart on Scottish independence

PMQs: Cameron on Movember 'banditos' MPs in Commons

PMQ review: Winter deaths, green levies and energy prices

MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers on farm pigswill ban

Tuesday November 26

Road safety checks on London's cyclists and drivers

Scottish independence: Darling on Salmond referendum plan

Scottish independence: Swinney on Salmond referendum plan

Political speeches: Hannan, Farage, Kinnock, Howe, Cook, Hague

Monday November 25

HS2: Hybrid bill for London to Birmingham rail route

Ed Miliband's music on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs

Arts funding in austere times: public and private money

Sunday November 24

Co-op scandal: Labour's 'smear' response 'ludicrous'

Banking regulation: FSA to Financial Conduct Authority

FCA's Martin Wheatley on Paul Flowers and Co-Op Bank

Friday November 22

European week: Gibraltar, Strasbourg and bank accounts

European Union: How nations become EU members

EU taking action against airlines for flights delays

Estuary TV: first of new local telly stations launching

Thursday November 21

Barnett formula and council funding: Merrick Cockell

Politics of Doctor Who: Miners' strike and UK joins EEC

'We couldn't balance Liverpool's budget'

Wednesday November 20

TaxPayers' Alliance: Cut stamp duty to help property market

John Baron MP on government army and reservists plan

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Flowers, Balls and Boles

PMQS: Cameron on Paul Flowers and Co-Op Bank inquiry

PMQs: Dodds and Cameron on NI terrorist amnesty plan

PMQs: Cameron on Hull named City of Culture

PMQs review: Nick Watt and MPs on Cameron and Miliband

PMQs: Cameron apologises to Meacher over drugs 'banter'

Tuesday November 19

2015 general election: social media and digital campaign

Women in business: MEPs consider quota laws for boards

Scottish independence: Swinney on IFS financial report

Monday November 18

Paul Sykes on backing UKIP to get EU referendum in UK

TV dragon Theo Paphitis on 'earning while learning'

IFS on financial challenges for independent Scotland

Sunday November 17

NHS England planning for extra winter pressures

Mark Pritchard to sue Daily Telegraph on Albania claims

Burnham on Ed Balls 'nightmare' claim in Labour email

Typhoon Haiyan: Greening on UK help for Philippines

Tuesday November 12

Gove suggests geography lessons for historian Hunt

Peter Bone explains what an MP does in recess

Borgen writer Adam Price: Danish drama success on BBC4

Monday November 11

Armed Forces Covenant: Support and help for servicemen

Sir John Major and social mobility: Pearce and Dorries

MP election candidates: Mitchell, Davis and Nawaz

Sunday November 10

The Sun's Page 3 topless women pictures - stay or go?

Harriet Harman: Sun's page three topless women pictures

Campaign for an English Parliament: Eddie Bone

Friday November 8

Political week: Universal Credit, Speaker and spies

Pubs open longer for England World Cup football games?

Alistair McGowan praises green economist E F Schumacher

Ex-political editor John Cole tribute: Nicholas Jones

EU Referendum bill: Martin Horwood and James Wharton

Thursday November 7

NHS spending priorities: deprived areas and pensioners

London School Atlas aims to help parents decide

Intelligence and Security Committee: Spies before MPs

Hodge: Universal Credit IT, deadlines and money wasted

UK interest rates, inflation and economy: David Buik

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes' record

Wednesday November 6

BAE job losses at Portsmouth shipyard: Mike Hancock MP

BAE job losses at Portsmouth shipyard: Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson

PMQs review: Landale on Cameron v Miliband and NHS

School dinners 'by far the best option'

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on NHS and A&E services

PMQs: PM and Robertson on BAE shipyard job losses

PMQs: Speaker Bercow reminds Cameron to answer question

Tuesday November 5

Lucy Powell MP: Do you think I look like a politician?

Cold winter weather warning could help wind campaigners

Banking: current accounts and credit union loans

New York mayoral race: Rob Carolina on Bill de Blasio

Energy bills: Matthew Hancock on profit and competition

Monday November 4

Plebgate: Vaz on IPCC and police officers before MPs

Sexist politics: Harriett Baldwin and Fiona Mactaggart

EU Debate: CBI, Nigel Farage and French MP (Facebook link)

Sunday November 3

UK Muslims on challenging extremism and radicalisation

Muslim Council of Britain's Farooq Murad on veil issue

Unite's Len McCluskey warns Miliband of media 'traps'

Friday November 1

Karl Marx in London: Owen Jones on Marxism

Studio debate: Andrew Neil and Owen Jones (Facebook link)

Political week: energy, HS2, phone hacking and Red Ed

Football fans want more say in running of their clubs

Allister Heath on RBS plans for internal bad bank

Business for Britain: UK firms and the EU Single Market

Thursday October 31

EU toilet flushing water use advice: Bone and Bennett

Electoral Commission: Confusion over UK EU relations

EU referendum question change for James Wharton's bill

Labour 'still committed' to HS2 high speed rail plan

Energy UK's Angela Knight on changing energy supplier

Elderly and lonely: Reaction to Jeremy Hunt claims

Wednesday October 30

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on energy bills and policies

PMQs: Speaker tells Cameron PPS to nod and carry notes

PMQs: Cameron says Labour 'too weak' on HS2 rail plan

PMQs review of Cameron and Miliband on energy policies

EDL founder Tommy Robinson on Mo Ansar TV documentary

NHS charges: Hughes-Hallett on paying for health services

Cameron: 'Labour should reopen Falkirk inquiry'

Tuesday October 29

Mo Ansar on Tommy Robinson and EDL documentary

Jack Straw on Labour's Falkirk selection inquiry into Unite

Falkirk MP Eric Joyce: Labour must reopen Unite inquiry

MPs following parents into House of Commons

Monday October 28

London house prices and foreign investors buying homes

Russell Brand: Helen Lewis on New Statesman guest editor

'Mystic Ed' film reaction: Labour, Tory and Lib Dem MPs

Sunday October 27

EU summit: Cameron and leaders on UK taking back powers

Major windfall energy tax plan surprised Heseltine

Friday October 25

European week: Immigration, Turkey and Merkel's phone

College of Europe in Bruges: Home of Thatcher speech

European Parliament: Anti-EU political parties on rise

Economist: 'Decaying' Hull, Burnley and Middlesbrough

Northern cities' help: Daniel Knowles and Lord Prescott

Thursday October 24

Cabinet Office civil servants have email-free day

Simon Hughes: Lib Dem free school and education policy

Thatcher and Osborne economic plans for UK economy

Economic forecasts: Will Hutton and Liam Halligan

Wednesday October 23

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and power bills

PMQs: Watson calls for fixed-odds betting machine ban

PMQs: Cameron on police and Miliband Plebgate apologies

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Major and power bills

PMQs Con man jibe 'bit below the level' says Speaker

Solar energy plan in Constable Country: Brooks Newmark

Grangemouth unions 'conned' says Michael Connarty MP

Tuesday October 22

Go home vans 'failed' says David Blunkett

Plebgate: Mitchell should have kept job says Blunkett

Peter Wishart MP: Online piracy a threat to UK jobs

Blunkett on education secretary job and teachers

Health debate: Henry Smith and Clare Gerada

Monday October 21

Why did Bristol want elected mayor George Ferguson

Nuclear energy debate: Tom Greatrex and Angela Knight

Dunfermline by-election: Schools dominate campaign

Sunday October 20

Plegbate: Do police still enjoy public confidence?

Police trust debate: Carole Malone and Peter Kirkham

Eric Pickles MP cardboard cut-out travels around USA

Communities secretary Eric Pickles on council powers

Friday October 18

Political week: Boris, Clinton, US debt and 'plebgate'

Immigration: MPs and public opinion about immigrants

Worsthorne on Douglas Home's rise to PM

English and British identity: poll on St George's Day date

Thursday October 17

Government secrets: Classified and confidential terms

Scottish independence: Economic, debt and tax questions

SNP Conference: Sturgeon on independence campaign

Energy bills and prices: Greg Barker and Caroline Flint

Lord West court-martialed for losing government papers

Wednesday October 16

Deputy Speaker role: Seven Tory MPs stand in election

Drugs decriminalisation and law change call from peer

PMQs: Skinner on Atos work tests for disabled people

Andrew Mitchell owed 'plebgate' apology, says Cameron

PMQs: Cameron on England football team World Cup qualification

PMQs: Guardian harmed national security, says Cameron

PMQs: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and cost of living

Tuesday October 15

Plebgate: Nick Robinson on Andrew Mitchell IPCC report

GM food: Goldsmith on Paterson 'wicked' golden rice claim

Deputy Speaker candidates: Binley, Dorries and Streeter

Deputy Speaker candidates: Amess and Bellingham

From TV to MP: McVey, Soubry, De Piero, Bell, Gove

Monday October 14

US shutdown could affect UK economy and global markets

Deputy Speaker candidates Eleanor Laing and Simon Burns

Traveller site plans for South Downs site near Brighton

Sunday October 13

Abbott: Mayor of London campaign and This Week role

Scottish independence: Carmichael on Cameron TV debate

Twitter role in reshuffles of cabinet and Labour shadows

Friday October 11

European week: fracking, Lampedusa and Malala Yousafzai

Europol crime agency: drugs and counterfeit bank notes

Cigarettes: EU rules to curb tobacco sales to teenagers

Plaid Cymru conference: planning election campaign

Plaid Cymru conference: Leanne Wood on 2016 elections

Thursday October 10

British roads and 194,000 potholes for drivers to avoid

Royal Mail shares: Forsyth on post privatisation price

Political jargon: What George Osborne and Ed Balls mean

Westminster dog of the year winners: Noodle and Brodie

UK farms: Migrant workers picking fruit and vegetables

Wednesday October 9

'Go home or face arrest' vans debate: Green and Khan

Freedom of Information Act 'should be for private firms too'

Freedom of Information Act extended to private firms?

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband clash on energy prices

PMQs: Cameron congratulates Higgs for Nobel prize

PMQs: Cameron on BBC-ICM council cuts and services poll

PMQs: Cameron on birthday treats from Labour

PMQs review: Landale on Cameron and Miliband questions

E-borders: John Vine on customs and police check report

Tuesday October 8

Nuclear power support from former sceptic Mark Lynas

Nuclear power debate: Mark Lynas and Jenny Jones

Andrew Lansley on Lobbying Bill and its critics

Green party peer Jenny Jones: I wish I had been elected

Fracking arguments: Jenny Jones and IGAS' Andrew Austin

Monday October 7

Reshuffle: Hazel Blears in field of cows when PM called

Royal Mail sell-off: David Buik on share prices

NHS and health issues for voters at 2015 election

Tory James Wharton on Adam Afriyie EU referendum bill

Sunday October 6

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom MEP to rejoin former party?

Help to Buy housing scheme to help people get mortgages

Help to Buy debate: Margot James MP and Allister Heath

Friday October 4

Political week: Cameron, Miliband, Farage and Boris

Ex-editor Neil Wallis on Daily Mail Ed Miliband coverage

Nicky Clarke on chancellor George Osborne's new haircut

Planning changes: reaction to A21 road scheme for Kent

University student numbers rise despite higher fees in England

Thursday October 3

Raspberry Pi: Teaching computer program and coding skills

Treasury Minister Sajid Javid on Help to Buy scheme

UKIP: Amjad Bashir on Heseltine and media racist claims

Times' cartoonist Peter Brookes on Cameron and Clegg

Wednesday October 2

Gove defends free press over Daily Mail's Miliband story

Conservative conference: David Cameron's full speech

Heseltine warns Tories on links to 'racist' UKIP

Tory conference: Cameron for HS2 north south rail line

Conservative conference: Cameron on Russia and vodka

PM on Labour and Conservative NHS policies and spending

Cameron tells Tories of 'Red Ed and Blue Peter economy'

Conservative conference: We are on our way, says Cameron

PM on lower taxes to attract global companies

Tory and Cameron year review from ConservativeHome

Tuesday October 1

Duncan Smith on book claim that Osborne thinks he is 'thick'

Duncan Smith on work programme, benefits and sanctions

HS2 high speed rail views from Conservative conference

Tory Conference: Johnson jokes about being MP and mayor

Boris Johnson's call to 'yellow Lib Dem albatross'

Neil Hamilton: UKIP election strategy and no Tory pact

Conservative conference: Campbell on alcohol pricing

Monday September 30

Better Conservative leader: Cameron or Thatcher?

Shapps: No joint Conservative UKIP election candidates

George Osborne: 'No-one will get something for nothing'

Conservative conference: Osborne on Labour and Lib Dems

Conservative conference: Osborne 'to freeze fuel duty'

Conservative conference: Osborne on HS2 jobs and prosperity

Sunday September 29

Conservative conference: UKIP links and Cameron survey

Caroline Flint: Labour plans for trusted energy market

Flint: Labour plans for energy market and lower bills

Hague on Iran's nuclear plans and Syria's chemical weapons

UKIP-Tory electoral pact not on agenda says Diane James

Friday September 27

Political week: Miliband speech, HS2, Prescott and Dale

Boris Johnson MP? Mayor linked to Croydon South seat

UK Energy Research Centre on power bills and tax rates

Climate change debate: Matt Ridley and Greg Barker

Strike threat to Chris Grayling's probation plans

Thursday September 26

Labour conference: Socialism or capitalism choice

United Nations: calls for reforms and returning powers

Audit Commission figures on council tax and charges

Sir Merrick Cockell on council funding, fees and charges

Rural broadband: Dave Reynolds on fast internet service

Wednesday September 25

Labour conference: delegates on HS2 high speed rail bid

Labour conference: Letts reviews Ed Miliband's week

Labour conference: Cooper on crime figures and PCC role

Energy UK reacts to Labour's utility bills freeze plan

Cridland on Labour's economic plans and minimum wage

Tuesday September 24

LabourList's Mark Ferguson reviews Miliband's year

Labour delegates asked: Buy or bin Damian McBride book?

Labour conference: Khan on new homes and council powers

Damian McBride on book claims from Gordon Brown era

Tory MP Alun Cairns reports Damian McBride to police

Labour conference: Ed Miliband's full speech

Labour conference: Ed Miliband speech delights supporters

Monday September 23

Labour conference: Balls or Darling for next chancellor?

Labour conference: Jim Murphy on defence policies

Labour conference: Alexander on UK's international role

HS2: Ed Balls says no blank cheque for high speed rail

Charlie Whelan on Damian McBride smears and book claims

Sunday September 22

Labour conference: Miliband, unions and Labour survey

Rachel Reeves on Labour "wraparound" care plan costs

Labour conference: Rachel Reeves on Miliband leadership

Grant Shapps on Vince Cable Tory ugly politics comments

Grant Shapps on Tory and Liberal Democrat policies

Alastair Campbell on Damian McBride briefings and claims

Friday September 20

Political week: Lib Dems, veils, lunches and ring tones

UKIP conference on party's 20th anniversary

UKIP conference: Nuttall on MEP candidate selections

MEP Mike Nattrass on leaving UKIP and Farage

Farage: UKIP can win Europe poll and cause 'earthquake'

Hilary Benn on Damian McBride claims from Gordon Brown era

Thursday September 19

Archive of Labour, Tory and Lib Dem party conferences

Lib Dem blogger pledge 'to run naked down Whitehall'

Football fans chanting 'yid': Aaronovitch and Schneider

Wednesday September 18

Quentin Letts reviews Lib Dem conference week

Nick Clegg tells Lib Dems: We're no-one's little brother

Lib Dem conference: Clegg on Labour and Conservatives

Lib Dem conference: Clegg recalls setting up coalition

Nick Clegg: 'Our place is in government again'

Scottish independence: Michael Moore on devolution vote

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon on devolution vote

Reviewing Lib Dem and Clegg year with Stephen Tall

Lib Dem conference: Views on economy, Osborne and Cable

Tuesday September 17

Lib Dem conference: Cable and Alexander poll on economy

Lib Dem conference: delegates on UK role in Syria

Syria: Ashdown says armed action option must remain

Liberal Democrats and lack of women MPs in Westminster

EU referendum in UK: Susan Kramer and Mark Pritchard

Monday September 16

Lib Dem conference: Vince Cable attacks Conservatives

Lib Dem conference: Clegg on banking and housing

Lib Dem conference: mood box vote on Labour or Conservative

Energy Secretary Ed Davey learns danger of wind power

Lib Dem conference: Davey on nuclear power U-turn

Lib Dem email leak: Jeremy Browne on interview advice

Sunday September 15

Lib Dem conference: Cable preferred as next party leader

Lib Dem conference: Paddy Ashdown on survey results

Paddy Ashdown on Lib Dem polling and party conference

Royal Mail sell-off: Chuka Umunna on Labour policy

Labour's Chuka Umunna on economy and housing market

Friday September 13

Political week: Boris loses temper, Royal Mail sell-off

UKIP founder Alan Sked launches New Deal party

How Green Party runs Brighton and Hove City Council

Green conference: Caroline Lucas on European elections

Zero-hours contract for workers explained by economist

Thursday September 12

UK security services scrutinised by MPs and public

Galloway warns BBC over Syria coverage and licence fee

Syria and chemical weapons: Galloway and Neville-Jones

Callanan and Farage on Barroso Tory UKIP predictions

Wednesday September 11

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on unemployment figures

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on Gove food bank comments

Galloway: Parliament 'vindicated on Syria'

PMQs review: Cameron and Miliband questions and answers

Simon Callow on Russian Olympic boycott and gay rights

Russia gay laws debate: Callow, Hoban and Leslie

Edwina Currie on liver and the House of Lords menu

Tuesday September 10

Licensing raids reveal overcrowded homes and bed bugs

Gibraltar Day: Rock's relations with UK and Spain

Assad "will continue to slaughter' says Tory MP Brooks Newmark

Miliband TUC speech: Union reaction from Unison and GMB

Monday September 9

Diane Abbott on Miliband and Falkirk union questions

Syria vote could leave Obama 'lame duck president'

MP fears Labour 'financial meltdown' over union links

TUC's Frances O'Grady on party funding and union links

Friday September 6

European Court of Justice where judges rule on EU laws

European week: Gibraltar, defence and German elections

Australia election: Pundits on Rudd and Abbott campaigns

Syria: European reaction on possible military action

Daily political emails with Westminster news and spin

Thursday September 5

Syria: Liam Fox on Syria vote and Cameron in G20 talks

Syria: Liam Fox and Peter Hain on UK and G20 reaction

Three London councils working together and saving money

Cockell on council and local government budgets and cuts

Wednesday September 4

Rebel MP Philip Hollobone MP on voting record

PMQs: Cameron v Miliband reviewed by Robinson and MPs

PMQs: Cameron quizzed on lobbying by Margaret Beckett

PMQs: Sacked Jesse Norman quizzes PM on cancer care

Cameron quizzed on Syria diplomacy by Miliband at PMQs

PMQs Cameron teases Labour front bench over possible U-turn

David Cameron defends 'robust' school uniform policies

PMQs: Cameron on Elvis and Miliband poll ratings

Tuesday September 3

Political tour of Scotland's monuments and landmarks

Lobbying Bill: Unlock Democracy and Tom Brake MP

Clothes reveal political party support and votes?

Nuisance calls: Direct Marketing Association on TPS service

Monday September 2

Richard Drax MP tours Dorset South seat on motorbike

HS2 high speed rail costs: Gillan, Campbell and Jowell

Syria: Cameron or Miliband right on military action?

Thursday August 29

Daily Politics special for Syria debate

Key quotes: Syria debate

Wednesday July 17

Heathrow Airport chief executive on third runway bid

PMQs noise levels tested by Alun Cairns and Tessa Munt

PMQs: Robinson on Crosby, cigarette packs and lobbying

PMQs: Cat noises and scratches for Cheryl Gillan MP

PMQs: Flynn asks Cameron about questions and answers

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Crosby and lobbying

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on nursing numbers

Tuesday July 16

UK defence and Trident: Penny Mordaunt and Nick Harvey

UK leaving EU? Lawson on prize for essay competition

UK and EU relations as seen by leading politicians

Why ice cream vans chime time rules are being relaxed

Nuisance phone calls and text action wanted by MP

Monday July 15

Sexism in British media - in newspapers and on TV

Page three and sexism: Caroline Lucas and Neil Wallis

Duchy of Cornwall tax affairs questioned by Republic

Forty Forty Conservative plan explained by James Morris MP

Sunday July 14

Party funding changes after union claims in Falkirk selection

Party funding: Patrick McLoughlin and Angela Eagle

Ed Davey: Climate science is incredibly complicated

Climate change: Ed Davey on science and energy policies

Friday July 12

Cambridge cycling: one in three journeys is on a bike

Bee decline: European Commission's pesticide ban

Moon landings, space debris and national park plan

Political week: Unions funding Labour, G4S and MPs' pay

Thursday July 11

Margaret Hodge on Fraud Office G4S investigation

Electronic cigarette controls: Stephen Williams and Amish Badiani

Eric Pickles: Immigrants must learn to speak English

Daily Politics mood box: public view of MP salary rises

Downing Street and TV politics: voice of Paul Lambert

Wednesday July 10

Put the legal profession in the dock, says Ross Clark

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on hedge fund and party donations

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on party funding and unions

PMQs: Lee Rigby tributes from Nuttall and Cameron

PMQs review: Robison on Cameron, Miliband and Bercow

David Cameron makes Wimbledon gaffe in Andy Murray tribute at PMQs

PMQs review: Robison on Cameron, Miliband and Bercow

Royal Mail: CWU Billy Hayes on postal privatisation

Tuesday July 9

Reflecting on the Margaret Thatcher years

Is all political propaganda bad?

David Lammy MP: 'Housing shortage is causing poverty'

Monday July 8

House of Commons 'bullying' towards Julian Huppert MP

Welfare changes and benefit for pensioners

Andy Murray win for UK or Scotland: Keith Brown and Mark Pritchard

Sunday July 7

UKIP: survey on Tory links, climate change and death penalty

Farage on UKIP and Conservative support and policies

Chris Grayling on UKIP election threat to Conservatives

Friday July 5

Diane Abbott on Miliband, Watson and union claims

US-European spying: reaction to Snowden EU bug claims

EU referendum: David Lidington on James Wharton bill

Schengen Agreement: Passports and European travel

European week: Croatia, Portugal and Marine Le Pen

Thursday July 4

Speaker Bercow deals with MPs in House of Commons

Tory MPs to attend Wharton EU Referendum Bill debate

Connie Hedegaard on CO2 and EU emissions trading scheme

Immigration salary debate: Mark Harper and Keith Vaz

Iran and a nuclear bomb: Jack Straw and Melanie Phillips

Wednesday July 3

24-hour NHS hospital care plan 'irresponsible' - Tallis

NHS 24-hour service: Dr Dan Poulter and Raymond Tallis

Speaker: PMQs Falkirk question 'complete waste of time'

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on schools and Unite union

PMQs: Cameron reminds Robinson of Mandelson loan

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron Miliband and McCluskey

EU Referendum: Labour MP John Cryer backs Europe vote

Labour told to leave Owen Jones alone, says Dan Hodges

Tuesday July 2

Adam Afriyie MP: Business is a force for good

MPs in posh burger test: Murray, Birtwistle and Bone

Payday lending rates: Julio Martino and Stella Creasy

Unemployment benefit changes: Owen Jones and Simon Danczuk

MPs on planned pay rise: Clegg, Shapps, Davis and Cable

Council and local authority funding: Sir Merrick Cockell

Blunkett on Labour Falkirk selection and Unite claims

Monday July 1

MPs pay rise: Tory David Davis on IPSA recommendations

Trust in police: Hillsborough, Lawrence and 'plebgate'

Trust in police officers: David Davis MP and John Apter

Sunday June 30

Power cuts: Fallon on blackouts and new power plants

Labour candidate selection and union action in Falkirk

Friday June 28

Mortgage and interest rises to come: Merryn Somerset Webb

NHS Wales and health services in England compared

Political week: Spending Review, burger and Gillard

Thursday June 27

Spending Review: views of Ed Balls and George Osborne

Wednesday June 26

BBC Spending Review index

Spending Review UK economy in graphs and statistics

Spending Review: Which departments face biggest cuts?

Spending Review: Osborne announces council tax freeze to continue

Spending Review: Defence and intelligence budgets

Osborne opens Spending Review: From rescue to recovery

Spending Review: Winter fuel payment ends in warm countries

Spending review: Headlines from George Osborne's speech

Welfare cap, winter fuel payments and English lessons

Spending Review: Ed Balls says 'living standards falling'

Spending Review: BBC editors give their verdict

Tuesday June 25

HS2 rail plan economic claims examined by think tank

HS2 rail debate: MPs Cheryl Gillan and Stuart Andrew

Spending Review: Residents take over council services

Chancellor's Spending Review and cuts to budgets

Louise Cooper on mortgages, bond markets and base rates

Monday June 24

MP inquiry call over Stephen Lawrence police claims

Power of Information: faster access to health records?

Sunday June 23

Housing benefit changes and how one man downsized

NUT's Christine Blower on pay and sacking teachers

Friday June 21

Jacob Hacker on predistribution and Cameron PMQ jibe

UFO and life on other planets: Lembit Opik and David Clarke

Sunder Katwala on immigration from the West Indies

Political week: G8, GM and George 'Jeffrey' Osborne

Thursday June 20

Dr Sarah Wollaston on open primary candidate selection

Private Members' Bills: Caroline Spelman and Bill Cash

Paterson: GM food is 'no strange new spooky innovation'

Westminster political whips: Mitchell, Taylor and Dobbs

Wednesday June 19

Publish all drug trial results, says Dr Ben Goldcacre

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on banking and bonuses

PMQs: Speaker Bercow intervenes to stop Cameron answer

PMQs: Lucas and Cameron on Sun and page three pictures

PMQs: Skinner asks Cameron about mortgage payments

David Cameron praises G8 pledge for Syria

Ian Livingston to leave BT to become trade minister

PMQs review with Nick Robinson on banking questions

Tuesday June 18

Churchill, Thatcher and their psychopathic tendencies?

Vince Cable advised about smaller firms and apprentices

Brandon Lewis on councils and local government spending

Health and social care: Chris Ham and Norman Lamb

Monday June 17

Blears on unpaid internships to help young find work

G8 meeting - legacy of past gathering of world leaders

MP wants nine Whitehall departments merged or closed

Sunday June 16

G8 meeting in Fermanagh: Charlie Wolf and Owen Jones

EDL leader Tommy Robinson on convictions and Muslims

Friday June 14

European week: Turkey, Greece, and French films

English museums could close or bring back entry fees

Arts funding: Ex-ballerina Deborah Bull on financing

Rapporteur role for MEPs in European Parliament

Next EU Commission president depends on 2014 elections

Thursday June 13

Ministerial driver on day Thatcher left Downing Street

Southern Europe out of euro says Alternative For Germany

Turkey protest: role of MEPs and Turkish bid to join EU

House of Lords reform: Lord Strathclyde and Ben Stoneham

Wednesday June 12

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on unemployment figures

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Syria and arming rebels

PMQs review: Nick Robinson, Douglas Alexander and Lord Howard

NHS payments: Steve Barclay on Sir David Nicholson

Tug of war between MPs and peers in charity match

UKIP councillor Suzanne Evans on why UK must leave EU

EU referendum: Lord Howard and Douglas Alexander

Tuesday June 11

Succession rules for aristocratic sons and daughters

Succession rules: Mary Macleod and Charles Mosley

Austerity and health: David Stuckler and Mark Littlewood

Ann Widdecombe on 1992 general election result

Monday June 10

Security and email claims: Lord West and Dominic Raab

Disability payments: Eustice. McGovern and Burt

Conspiracy theories with Kelvin MacKenzie

Sunday June 9

Bilderberg: Protesters and conspiracy theory in Watford

Bilderberg: Ed Balls on business meeting in Watford

Ed Balls on Labour economic policy and welfare changes

'Shock jock' disrupts BBC's Sunday Politics show

Friday June 7

Political week: Lobbying, Labour on benefits and gay marriage

Motorway speed limit may not rise from 70mph to 80mph

Syria: Julian Lewis on arming rebels and Parliament vote

Casualty waiting times: Ruth Thorlby on PMQs claims

Thursday June 6

Jacqui Smith on life with paparazzi outside her home

Westminster photographers and political life on camera

Michael Ignatieff on UKIP, Labour and Mark Carney

Bilderberg: Political and banking leaders in Watford

Wednesday June 5

Recall powers: Zac Goldsmith against government plans

PMQs: Cameron taunts Labour over EU referendum position

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on NHS and A&E services

PMQs: 'No decision to arm Syrian rebels'

PMQs: Labour on 'policy-altering substances' says David Cameron

PMQs review on NHS figures and casualty waiting times

Daily Politics soapbox: Pensions an issue for old and young

Tuesday June 4

Ed Davey on energy bill and government carbon target

Energy bill: Tim Yeo calls for UK carbon target

EU: Kate Hoey on Labour for a Referendum group launch

Occupy protester Alison Playford on direct action

Scenes of direct action protests in the news

Ministry of Justice proposes legal aid changes

Monday June 3

Can happiness affect children's health and education?

Police commissioners - six months after elections

Sunday June 2

MPs' expenses and the role of Ipsa which handles claims

Nadine Dorries on Ipsa, expenses and nurses' home for MPs

Jim Murphy on lobby claims from Labour peers to journalists

Sir Alistair Graham on MP and Lords lobbying claims

Francis Maude to cut civil service and marketing costs

Maude: Lobbying, MP recall powers and snoopers charter

Tuesday May 21

Political defections: MPs and councillors changing parties

Mentoring and New Enterprise Allowance: Levi Roots and Mark Hoban

2010 general election: Tory, Labour and Lib Dem talks

Legal aid: Solicitors on government court proposals

Same Sex Marriage Bill debate: Miller, Woodward, Loughton, Herbert, Howarth

Monday May 20

Gas and electricity: Simpler tariffs but higher bills?

Martin Lewis on Amazon, Google and Starbucks UK taxes

EU benefits and costs: UKIP and Business for New Europe

Gay marriage: David Burrowes, Nick Herbert and Andrew Harrop

Sunday May 19

Danny Alexander on EU referendum, euro and olive oil

Tories and UKIP pact: Peter Bone and Nadine Dorries

Friday May 17

Civil partnerships for straight couples - Tim Loughton MP

Luxembourg: European Union's third admin city

European week: budget, fishing, oil market and strikes

Free school: Hove v Gove battle in Sussex town

European plan for economic recovery and austerity debate

Thursday May 16

James Wharton on draft bill for EU referendum in UK

Lord Lawson on UK leaving EU, and Tory referendum vote

2015 general election: Labour and Miliband polling

Diane Abbott on masculinity and role of men in society

MEPs' reaction to UK EU referendum call (Facebook link)

Wednesday May 15

PMQs review: Clegg, Harman and European referendum call

PMQs: Clegg asked about Lisbon Treaty EU referendum call

PMQs: Harman questions Cameron absence from Westminster

PMQs: Clegg and Harman on unemployment figures

Boris Johnson on Queen's Speech bid for EU referendum

Boris Johnson on London funding and tax changes

Prof Heinz Wolff: Care4Care scheme helping older people

Tuesday May 14

Gay marriage referendum call from David Burrowes MP

MPs and ministers booed and heckled at conferences

MPs rebelling and voting against government more

Monday May 13

NHS England: GP funding and privatisation claims

NHS changes and privatisation claims: Gerada and Skidmore

Clegg party leadership: Kennedy on Gove 'mischief'

EU referendum: Tories and UKIP to run joint candidates?

EU referendum and Queen's Speech: Bone, Farage and Reynolds

Sunday May 12

Help to Buy: first-time buyers on the property ladder

Philp Hammond on EU referendum, defence budget and cuts

Friday May 10

EU referendum: Tory MPs table Queen's Speech amendment

UK business links with China amid human rights concerns

Political week: Queen Speech, Dorries and childminders

Thursday May 9

Labour Party and union-backed MPs and MEP candidates?

Local Government Association on council funding and cuts

UKIP's Paul Nuttall on Nadine Dorries defecting talks

Queen's Speech: Nuttall on Tory panic and EU referendum

Wednesday May 8

No programme due to the State Opening of Parliament

Tuesday May 7

Queen's Speech plans for government legislation

Royal Mail privatisation: Alan Johnson and Vince Cable

Food protection and origin for pies, cheeses and wines

Stilton cheese cannot be made in Cambridgeshire village of same name

Protecting UK in internet age after Communications Data Bill veto

Data Bill: Lord Carlile on Clegg and Lib Dem actions

Sunday May 5

Sadiq Khan: Labour was 'hollowed out' during years in power

Friday May 3

No DP today, with extended local election coverage on BBC2

Vote 2013 on BBC2: 60-min programmes from 1200, 1400 and 1700

BBC Vote 2013 index

Thursday May 2

Local elections: Huw Edwards and Andrew Neil on timings

Kelvin MacKenzie claims London supports rest of UK

North south claims: Kelvin MacKenzie and Mike Smith

Wednesday May 1

Political predictions: Nate Silver's foxes and hedgehogs

Economy and austerity: Sajid Javid and Stephen Timms

Political predictions: Nate Silver's foxes and hedgehogs

US pollster Nate Silver on UK and US election results

Tuesday April 30

MP calls for pricing and food information for shoppers

Community resolutions not for violent crimes says Khan

Ashdown: Allow Afghan interpreters to settle in UK

Eton school old boys: politicians in public service

Monday April 29

Local elections: candidates for Somerset Castle Cary seat

Local elections: Tory and UKIP on clown candidate claims

Sunday April 28

Local elections: Green and UKIP bid for Sussex votes

Local elections: UKIP's Paul Nuttall and Green Caroline Lucas

Clegg on Duncan Smith call for rich to return welfare

Sunday interview in full: Nick Clegg

Friday April 26

Political week: Economy, cycling, data bill, May and Reckless

Rich politicians: Times lists wealthy MPs and peers

Local elections: Nottinghamshire candidates on doorstep

Thursday April 25

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman calls for road changes

Transport Minister Norman Baker: Cycle helmet and safety

GDP: Ed Balls on UK economy and US stimulus lessons

GDP: Danny Alexander on coalition economic policies

Prorogue in Parliament: Peers and MPs leave till Queen's Speech

Wednesday April 24

Farage: Romanian crime epidemic in London and UK cities

Nigel Farage MEP visited lap dance club in Strasbourg

PMQs: Robinson reviews Cameron v Miliband health questions

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on NHS waits and spending

Tanni Grey-Thompson: 'Was the Prime Minister consulted?'

Poet Motion: house building, Green Belt and countryside

House building and Green Belt protection: Motion, Harper and Smith

Tuesday April 23

FA Cup Final must have 3pm kick-off says John Leech MP

Baroness Warsi on Islamophobia and Muslim attacks

English Democrats: Robin Tilbrook on ex-BNP members

Charles Moore on authorised Margaret Thatcher biography

What currency could an independent Scotland use?

Monday April 22

Rail franchises: nationalisation vs privatisation calls

Rail privatisation: Christian Wolmar and Tony Lodge

London Marathon MPs: Nicky Morgan and Jim Murphy

MPs on workload and hours after Margaret Hodge comments

Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria: Stewart Jackson MP

Sunday April 21

Hilary Benn on Labour and coalition economic plans

Friday April 19

Local elections 2013: Natalie Bennett on Green launch

Local elections 2013: Bob Neill on Conservative launch

EU treaties: inside European archives in Brussels

EU plans to cut carbon emissions stalls after MEPs vote

European week: budget, airports, banks and Croatia

Tory privatisations: Redwood on convincing Thatcher

Thursday April 18

Food bank use rising with benefit changes says charity

Political leaders: Churchill, Thatcher and Blair

Margaret Beckett on time as Labour's acting leader

Miliband and Blair: Dan Hodges, Andrew Harrop and Iain Dale

Wednesday April 17

No programme (Lady Thatcher's funeral)

Tuesday April 16

Which revolt will social media cover next?

Planning restriction changes for England debated

MP 'delighted' at circus wild animal ban

Monday April 15

Public reaction to benefit changes and welfare cuts

Galloway anger at Thatcher funeral and cancelling PMQs

Thatcher funeral: Bernard Jenkin on protests and legacy

Local elections for council seats in England and Wales

Sunday April 14

Grant Shapps on polls, welfare, Cameron and Thatcher

Wednesday April 10

David Cameron's tribute to Margaret Thatcher in Commons

Labour's Ed Miliband: 'Margaret Thatcher broke the mould'

Baroness Thatcher tributes from peers in House of Lords

Margaret Thatcher highlights from the Commons

Mark Thatcher speaks of his sadness at his mother's death

Tuesday March 26

1963 Beeching Axe hit railway lines and rural stations

Beeching and rail franchising: Simon Burns and Christian Wolmar

Stafford Hospital debate: Julie Bailey and Jeremy Lefroy (Facebook link)

Cyprus debate: Lord Lamont and Prof Iain Begg (Facebook link)

Monday March 25

Free schools: Langley Hall report after two years

Boris Johnson: Michael Cockerell on mayor documentary

Debate: Devolution and the future of the UK (Facebook link)

Immigration debate (Facebook link)

Sunday March 24

OBR chairman Robert Chote explains economic forecasts

Fracking for shale gas: US energy model to help UK?

Friday March 22

Political week: Leveson, Budget and new Archbishop

Keith Vaz on Nick Clegg immigration 'security bonds'

Benefit changes for disabled people and social housing tenants

Margaret Thatcher papers over Falklands published

Margaret Thatcher papers: Conor Burns interview (Facebook link)

Thursday March 21

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon on vote date

Budget 2013: Osborne in right or wrong direction?

Budget 2013: Deputy Speaker on MPs at chancellor speech

Budget 2013: Pollsters react to Osborne and Balls

Wednesday March 20

BBC Budget index

Tuesday March 19

Budget 2013: Cuts or borrowing message to Osborne

House of Commons TV and film replica set up for sale

PM leadership challenge threat from Tory backbenchers?

NHS whistleblowers Gary Walker and David Bowles before MPs

Monday March 18

Budget 2013: Advice for chancellor ahead of speech

Budget 2013: Allister Heath on Osborne economic plans

Thatcher legacy: Archive for former Tory prime minister

Margaret Thatcher: what Mitterrand asked Shephard

Sunday March 17

Adam Afriyie on Conservative Party leadership reports

Friday March 15

'Vichy' tag for Conservatives from UKIP's Godfrey Bloom

EU single market: French liquor and trade barriers

European week: budget, airline rules and animal testing

EU expansion: why more countries want to join the union

Thursday March 14

MPs Tessa Munt and Therese Coffey locked in Commons

Leveson: A free press is vile, says Peter Lilley MP

Civil servants and ministers at war in Westminster?

Civil servants and ministers: Herbert and O'Donnell

Lord O'Donnell on working with Steve Hilton at No 10

EU budget rejected: Richard Ashworth and Jan Mulder MEPs

Wednesday March 13

Leveson: Hugh Grant on Cameron and press Royal Charter

PMQs: Wollaston and Cameron on alcohol prices in shops

PMQs: Miliband brewery joke on alcohol pricing policy

PMQs: PM urged to look at knife crime

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron and Miliband joke

Professor Heinz Wolff on Britain's record on inventions

National Apprenticeship Week: Boss on finding young workers

National Apprenticeship Week: National database call

Tuesday March 12

Inflation basket: Peter Stringfellow tested on shopping costs

Trident submarine-launched missiles: For and against

Votes for 16 and 17-year-olds: public give their views

Falklands referendum: UK Foreign Office minister on result

Falklands referendum: George Galloway and Lord Hennessy

School drug and alcohol education: Winehouse and Crouch

Monday March 11

Housing benefit: Bedroom tax or spare room subsidy?

Housing benefit changes: Campbell Robb and Jake Berry

Budget 2013: Build houses, says CBI's John Cridland

Budget 2013: Willetts on spending and Thatcher taxes

Sunday March 10

Local TV: Andy Crane on new North West England stations

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott defends Vicky Pryce article

Army on N Ireland streets 'inconceivable' says Villiers

Friday March 8

Political week: NHS, Vince Cable and Theresa May

Conservatives polls and 2015 general election planning

Socialist Workers' Party conference over sex claims

Rosindell on Falklands Islands referendum and Argentina

Thursday March 7

MPs in fashion: Johnson, Thatcher, Hague, Blair, Davis

MPs' Margaret Thatcher slippers and Lib Dem waistcoats

10p tax rate call from Conservative MP Robert Halfon

Bank Of England hints at negative interest rates

Cooper on immigration: Labour got some things wrong

Wednesday March 6

PMQs: Cameron urged to sack NHS boss David Nicholson

PMQs: Miliband suggests May as next Conservative leader

PMQs: Cameron on banking bonuses and 'bedroom tax'

'Under-occupancy charge is not a tax' says PM

Lib Dem MP Bob Russell's yellow waistcoat admired in Commons

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on 'bedroom tax' and 'croupier' phrases

Preston Bus Station landmark to be spared demolition?

Tuesday March 5

Iraq 10 years on: Lessons from history for politicians

This House: Work of 1970s government whips on stage

Whips: Ann Taylor, Brooks Newmark and Baroness Neuberger

Living on £1 a day: Jack McConnell on going hungry

Monday March 4

Rebel MPs? Douglas Carswell, Margaret Hodge and Robert Halfon

Police Federation on industrial action vote figures

Damian Green on police strike and industrial action vote

Thatcher statue: Conservative oppose Grantham plan

Arts funding: Philip Booth on government culture money

Arts funding: Jude Kelly on ticket prices and arts subsidies

Sunday March 3

Vince Cable: Nick Clegg and Liberal Democrat leadership

Vince Cable: Spending, Trident, Rennard and women MPs

Gove plans to change school history teaching in England

Friday March 1

UKIP's Nigel Farage on Eastleigh and European elections

BBC waste: MP on bill to reveal spending and receipts

How by-elections campaigns have made headlines

Political week: AAA credit rating, Boris and 'jellies'

Thursday February 28

Can new motorway services drive an economic recovery?

Phill Jupitus on playing Conservative in Coalition play

Mark Harper: UK immigration figures and policy changes

Sir Don McKinnon: Commonwealth 'good investment' for UK

Wednesday February 27

Karel de Gucht: UK's EU membership 'not a free lunch'

EU integration Sophie in 't Veld, Roger Helmer, Glenis Willmott, David Davis

PMQs: Blears asks Cameron about 'soaring energy bills'

PMQs: Cameron quizzed on NHS privatisation pledge

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on AAA rating and economy

PMQs: Speaker Bercow on Cameron help to silence Bryant

Reviewing PMQs economy exchanges on the Daily Politics

Tuesday February 26

QE: what is quantitative easing and how it should work

Bob Servant actor Brian Cox: English and Scottish independence

Conservative polling: Rick Nye and Peter Bone MP

US election David Frum on lessons from UK Conservatives

Birmingham City Council cutting budget for youth services

Monday February 25

Eastleigh by-election: candidates name soap characters

Young William Hague and Charles Kennedy enter politics

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on Westminster fish 'march'

Mark Littlewood on Lord Rennard sex allegations

Sunday February 24

Eastleigh by-election candidates from smaller parties

Sunday February 17

Eastleigh by election: Grant Shapps on Maria Hutchings

Mansion tax and 10p tax: Labour trusted with economy?

Eastleigh by election: John O'Farrell Thatcher comments

Sadiq Khan on economy and jail sentences for burglars

International aid: UK overseas spending and UN targets

Friday February 15

PoHorse meat found in Lancashire school food reaction

Marxism writer Alan Woods on anti-capitalist protests

Political week: Pope, pancakes, 10p tax and horsemeat

Spitting and urinating fines set by Waltham Forest Council

Thursday February 14

Europhile Tory MPs launch European Mainstream group

Ed Balls says Brown made 'big mistake' scrapping 10p tax rate

Ed Balls on Labour 10p tax rate plan and mansion tax

Harold Wilson night of archive on BBC Parliament

Romania and Bulgaria: Heseltine on immigration figures

Wednesday February 13

More women needed on TV and in media, says Alice Arnold

Women quotas: Alice Arnold, Emily Thornberry and Jo Swinson

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on living standards

PMQs: Cameron teased on horsemeat and '100% bull'

PMQs: Cameron on horsemeat prosecutions and meat checks

PMQs: Tories on Eastleigh Lib Dem by-election campaign

PMQs review with Nick Robinson and MPs

Tuesday February 12

Hacked Off on Royal Charter for press regulation

Leveson and royal charter: Lord Fowler and John Hemming

Women's Hour power judge Oona King explains rankings

House of Cards's FU from Ian Richardson to Kevin Spacey

NHS and health reforms in England felt by patients

Shrove Tuesday: MPs flip to win Rehab pancake race

Monday February 11

Eastleigh by-election: fight for seat after Huhne resigns

Eastleigh by-election: Blears, Lloyd, Andrew and Farage

UK and France: relations between London and Paris

Legal issues for Scottish independence (facebook link)

Sunday February 10

Owen Paterson: Meat ban 'would not be helpful'

Ed Davey on Clegg, Huhne, Eastleigh and boundaries

Citizens Advice Bureau: Rent arrears fears over welfare changes

Friday February 8

Nigel Farage on EU budget and Eastleigh by-election

BNP and far-right parties could lose European funding

European week: football match-fixing, traffic and fish

European Council presidency rotating every six months

Councils to 'grab wealth for their areas'

Thursday February 7

EU referendum: Wales view of future in Europe

Wales: Devolution record on education and health

Sergei Stanishev on Bulgarian immigrants heading to UK

Mark Reckless on benefits for Bulgarians and Romanians

Mark Carney should resign immediately says Max Keiser

Wednesday February 6

Housing market: Starter homes price restrictions call

Affordable homes and mortgages: Michael Fallon and Sadiq Khan

PMQs noise and decibels level in the House of Commons

PMQs: Cameron teased over welfare-to-work assessment

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on bedroom and mansion 'taxes'

NHS Confederation on Stafford Hospital report

Tuesday February 5

Jon Cruddas MP on Labour record and policies

Richard lll burial: York, Leicester, London or Worksop?

Gay marriage: Tory MPs Peter Bone and Nick Herbert

Scottish independence: MSP Derek Mackay on referendum

Falkland Islands politicians in London for Hague talks

Monday February 4

Tories on gay marriage: Geoffrey Vero and Gavin Barwell

Chris Huhne reaction: Tessa Munt and Alun Cairns

Chris Huhne: Joshua Rozenberg on MP perverting justice

Bond markets, traders and UK's AAA credit rating

Speaker John Bercow on noisy MPs in House of Commons

Sunday February 3

Borgen actor Sidse Babett Knudsen on Scandinavian drama

Worries for future of local press in Wales after job cuts

William Hague dismisses chancellor job swap reports

Hague: 'MPs can make own decision' on gay marriage

William Hague on defence cuts, Mali and EU referendum

Friday February 1

George Galloway MP on Mali, Syria and Arab politics

Political week: HS2, Mali, Scotland and stalking horse

John Redwood: bigger tax rule book but lower revenue

Avaaz online political campaigns targeting MPs

Posh MPs: Stephen Hepburn, Angie Bray, Eric Ollerenshaw

Thursday January 31

EU referendum: British business view of new Europe deal

Bob Servant Independent writer Neil Forsyth on Galloway

GCSEs and exam changes: Graham Stuart reaction

Wednesday January 30

Muslim vigilantes: Peter Tatchell on homophobic abuse

Muslim vigilantes: Sayeeda Warsi and Peter Tatchell

Scottish independence: SNP MSP on referendum question

Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants and UK benefits

PMQs: Galloway and Cameron on Arab dictators and Mali

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on GDP and economic figures

PMQs: Speaker Bercow warns barrister Michael Ellis MP

PMQs: 'Stalking horse in the Tory food chain?'

PMQs: Bedroom tax and housing benefit clash

Tuesday January 29

Political book award judges on writing a winner

Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband and William Hague interviews

Boundary changes and polls for Conservatives

Football changes 'not fast enough' says David Davies

Monday January 28

Women in Parliament: quota call for more female MPs

Tim Montgomerie on Adam Afriyie Tory leadership stories

Greg Barker on Green Deal bid to cut energy bills

House of Lords election: Lord Sudeley on his bid

Sunday January 27

EU referendum: David Lidington on Conservative policy

EU referendum: Business view of UK and Europe powers

Friday January 25

GDP: Max Keiser on UK economy, bonds and gold market

Danny Alexander on GDP figures and economic plans

GDP figures: Labour's Chris Leslie on UK economy

Political week: EU referendum, Harry, Clegg and Obama

Thursday January 24

Gay marriage support growing says Tory MP Nick Herbert

Police reforms: ACPO and Superintendents' Association

Police reforms: Nick Herbert on pay and conditions

MPs' pay increase: Jack Straw and John Mann on salaries

Flooding risk: no snowman help says Environment Agency

Wednesday January 23

TV news: Wayne Hemingway on science and design stories

Wayne Hemingway debates TV good news stories with MPs

PMQs: Skinner and Cameron on Davos trip, tax and banks

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on EU referendum and Europe

PMQS: Cameron on Scotland and EU referendum timings

PMQs: Straw challenges Cameron on defence cuts

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron and Miliband

Tuesday January 22

Ethnic minority MPs: Rushanara Ali and Alok Sharma

David Cameron's petition on VAT and sandwiches

Tim Farron on Lib Dem polling and coalition future

EU referendum: Tim Farron on Lib Dem Europe policy

Liberal Democrats: coalition, polls and 2015 election

Monday January 21

Gay MPs: Author Donna Smith and Labour MP Angela Eagle

Plebgate: Bernard Jenkin on Andrew Mitchell inquiry

Sunday January 20

Douglas Alexander on the UK in Europe and EU referendum

Teachers' pay in England linked to performance at work

Friday January 18

UK and EU: European politicians on Britain in Europe

European lobbying at the EU in Brussels

Councils invest in tobacco while helping smokers quit

European political week: presidency, salary and Mali

Thursday January 17

Obesity: Weighing MPs Conor Burns and Michael Gapes

UKIP threat to Tories: Mark Field and Douglas Carswell

Europe: UKIP poll rating and threat to Conservative MPs

PSI: Public Sector Information data to help UK economy?

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie selling UK in Germany

Wednesday January 16

Medical Innovation Bill: Lord Saatchi on cancer treatment

Medical Innovation Bill: Dan Poulter on Saatchi bill

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on EU referendum and Europe

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron clash on UK in Europe

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK-Europe referendum

Conservative Fresh Start: Andrea Leadsom on EU powers

Tuesday January 15

Police pay: Nick Herbert on lower PC starting salary

Yes Minister training manual for MPs says Nick Herbert

Hours of Lords: Peers reject Commons' boundary reform

House of Commons reform: Lord Forsyth and Lord Rennard

What Brown, Blair, Major and Thatcher did after office

Pensioners on politics of welfare benefits and savings

British industry: Nick Comfort on manufacturing changes

Monday January 14

Immigration into UK and EU from Romania and Bulgaria

Falklands future: Alan West and Jeremy Corbyn

Falklands Islands referendum choice of UK and Argentina

Signatures of David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg

Sunday January 13

Eric Pickles: EU 'influx' may add to housing problems

Eric Pickles on wheelie bin fines legislation in 2013

The Sunday Interview in full: Eric Pickles

Friday January 11

Mannequin trial: Renee Slater on Helena Torry exchange

Debt and deficit financial terms explained by IFS

Political week: coalition review and benefit changes

UK joining up with Europe - 40 years in the EEC (EU)

Thursday January 10

London Underground: Blair, Cameron and Johnson on Tube

London Underground: Bob Crow tested on Tube knowledge

Retail Price Index: RPI, CPI and inflation explained

Executive pay: MPs and salaries of business leaders

Aberdeen beggars and plans to outlaw street begging

Wednesday January 9

Daily Politics highlights with Andrew Neil and guests

HS2: Actor Geoffrey Palmer against high speed rail plan

HS2 line route via Heathrow, suggests action group

PMQs: Nick Robinson on Cameron v Miliband on welfare

PM: 'We need a shared future in Northern Ireland'

PMQs: Fox hunting ban question to David Cameron

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on coalition audit pledges

PM: Higher welfare payments 'not fair'

Tuesday January 8

Women in business: Matthew Hancock and Shami Chakrabarti

Communications Bill: web snooping and civil liberties

Communications Bill: James Brokenshire and Shami Chakrabarti

Citizens Advice Bureau on benefit and welfare changes

Monday January 7

Health minister Anna Soubry on healthy eating TV adverts

Louise Cooper on UK AAA-rating and triple-dip recession

UKIP leader Nigel Farage on HS2, Romania and Bulgaria

Coalition highlights for David Cameron and Nick Clegg

London locations for David Cameron euro announcement?

Clips and highlights from 2012

Daily Politics and Sunday Politics highlights of 2012

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