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English Democrats: End 'raw deal' now

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Media captionEngland gets a 'raw end of the deal' from the Barnett Formula, the leader the English Democrats Party has claimed.

It is more clear than ever that England is getting a raw deal from the current UK funding formula, English Democrat leader Robin Tilbrook has said.

Speaking ahead of the party's annual conference, Mr Tilbrook said the debate over the UK's future ahead of a referendum on Scottish independence meant a "voice for England" was needed.

He said "things were looking up" for the party with membership increasing.

The party also wants the UK out of the EU and an end to "mass immigration".

It was formed in 2002 and got 0.2% of the vote at the last general election.

Ahead of the start of its two-day conference in St Albans, Mr Tilbrook said the case for an English Parliament and English government, with the same powers as Scotland's Holyrood, was more timely than ever.

"As things stand at the moment, we are the only part of the UK that is directly ruled by the British government," he told the BBC.

"When it comes to cuts and so on, it really matters because this is where the cuts are falling."

He said England was "not properly represented in the political process" and he called for a Secretary of State of England and First Minister.

The party's only elected official is Peter Davies, the mayor of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire.

He faces re-election in 2013 but earlier this year defeated attempts by the local Labour Party to abolish the position of mayor in a referendum.

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