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Labour MP John Mann fears car trouble was sabotage

A Labour MP fears he may have been the victim of an attempt on his life after the wheel nuts on his car were removed.

John Mann drove 200 miles from London to his Nottinghamshire constituency before discovering one of his car's wheels had almost fallen off.

The Bassetlaw MP said it was probably the work of a thief but he was not ruling out a more sinister motive. He felt lucky to have survived, he added.

He said the Metropolitan Police were investigating the incident.

Mr Mann told the BBC: "It may well have been the work of a thief who was interrupted. But I find it strange that the hub caps were put back on, meaning I couldn't tell that anything was wrong.

"I thought as I was driving up the A1 that I was having a bit of engine trouble. But it was only at the end of the journey that I saw one of the wheels had almost fallen off.

"This could have killed me and possibly other people if the wheels had fallen off on the A1."

In May, Nottinghamshire Police launched an investigation after Mr Mann's wife, Jo White, a Labour councillor, was sent a dead bird in the post.

Mr Mann is an outspoken member of the Treasury Select Committee who has grabbed headlines in recent months with his robust questioning of senior bankers and government ministers.

In a statement on his website, the MP said only certain registered garages had access to sophisticated equipment needed to remove locking wheel nuts but he feared the keys for such security systems may be reproducible.

He said he was "calling on motoring organisations to audit security devices in order to reassure the general public and is publicising his traumatic experience in order to alert other motorists".

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