No logos: All government departments to use royal crest

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The royal crest will be the basis of a new standard logo for departments

All government departments will have the same logo in future in an effort to improve online services, the Cabinet Office has confirmed.

A single website to access all government services and information is being introduced.

As part of this, departments will start using a standard government logo, but in their own 'brand' colour.

A spokesperson said there was "no cost to the taxpayer" as the changes are being developed in-house.

In November 2010, the government's digital adviser, Martha Lane Fox called for a radical improvement in the way the government provided services to the public online.

Recommendations from her report were accepted in full by Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude and a new Digital Services Group was set up to lead the changes.

'Single government identity'

One key proposal was to set up a single government website, through which all government services and information can be accessed.

This, it is argued, will make the government's online presence simpler and easier for people to use and promote a "single government identity".

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Logos like the culture department's will be a thing of the past

Currently, each government department has it own website and logo.

In the future all information will be moved over to a single domain, . A standard logo, the royal crest, will be used for all departments but each will have its own colour branding.

"We have developed a new consistent approach to our identity which comprises the Royal Crest alongside the relevant organisation name", the Cabinet Office said.

The Department for Education is already using the new logo.

To keep costs down, departments will not be required to replace their stationery straight away. Changes will be made as and when new stationery is ordered.

A handful of departments, such as the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence, already use an alternative crest, which they will be allowed to keep.

The Home Office uses the seal of the Privy Council and the MoD has its own tri-service royal crest.

A trial version of is up and running, with plans for it to be fully rolled out by the end of 2012.

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