At-a-glance: Elections 2012


Here is a round up of the key points around the country so far:

  • Projected vote share: Labour 38%, Conservatives 31%, Lib Dems 16%, others 15%
  • Labour have gained 823 councillors seats, the Conservatives have lost 405 and the Lib Dems 336
  • The Conservatives are nine points down on 2008, Labour are up 16 points and the Lib Dems down eight points
  • Turnout is projected at 32% - the lowest in English local elections since 2000

English councils:

  • The Conservatives lose control of 10 councils overall - with Great Yarmouth, Dudley, Plymouth and Essex marginal Harlow falling to Labour
  • Labour have gained 22 councils and held 39 they already controlled
  • The number of Lib Dem councillors has fallen below 3,000 for the first time in the party's history and they have lost control of stronghold Cambridge
  • The Greens have added five councillors to their ranks
  • Respect have unseated the Labour leader of Bradford City Council and taken five seats
  • The UK Independence Party gains 13% of the vote where they stood but have failed to convert that into more seats - gaining five councillors, but losing five
  • Six councillors from Nick Griffin's British National Party have lost their seats

Welsh councils:

  • In Wales Labour have had their best results since 1996, retaking control of former strongholds that they lost in 2008
  • Labour took control of 10 out of the 21 councils, including Cardiff, Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport and Swansea
  • The Welsh Conservatives lost their majority in Monmouthshire and lost control of the Vale of Glamorgan, losing 61 seats overall
  • Plaid Cymru had hoped to gain overall control in Gwynedd, one of its heartland areas, but fell one seat short and lost 41 seats overall
  • The Lib Dems lost 66 seats overall

Mayoral referendums:

  • Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Bradford, Coventry, Wakefield, Leeds and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne have voted against having a directly elected mayor
  • Bristol has voted in favour of one, with a turnout of 24.1%
  • Doncaster voted to keep its mayor, with 62% of voters in favour

Scottish councils:

  • The SNP claimed most seats across the 32 authorities, 424, up 57, and won their first majority councils - in Dundee and Angus
  • The most high-profile upset came when Edinburgh leader, Lib Dem Jenny Dawe, lost her seat as the party lost 80 - or more than half - of their councillors
  • Labour won an overall majority in Glasgow, denying the SNP one of its top targets and gained 58 councillors overall
  • The Conservatives lost 16 seats, but the Greens boosted their tally by 6 to 14
  • Most councils are "hung", due to the PR voting system, including Edinburgh, with no one party in overall control


  • Boris Johnson has beaten Ken Livingstone to win a second term as mayor by just 3% after second preference votes are counted
  • Labour saw a big increase in support in the London Assembly elections and gained two first-past-the-post seats
  • Lib Dem candidate Brian Paddick came fourth behind the Green Party's Jenny Jones, with less than half the votes he received in 2008

• All the latest election results are available at