Sunday Politics: Regional political news in 60 seconds

The Sunday Politics has a round-up of the political news from the English regions every weekend.

Each of the films are below and should automatically update each week to offer the latest video.

And the Daily Politics brings offers a national version with the top Westminster headlines every Friday.

There is more news on the Sunday Politics' Facebook page and twitter site.

The Sunday Politics is broadcast at 1100 most Sundays on BBC One - sometimes moving to accommodate sporting events - and can be seen for seven days on the BBC iPlayer.

Sunday Politics in the East


60 Seconds in the East Midlands


60 Seconds in London


60 Seconds in North East and Cumbria


60 Seconds in the North West


60 Seconds in the South


60 Seconds in the South East


60 Seconds in the South West


60 Seconds in the West


60 Seconds in the West Midlands


60 Seconds in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


Daily Politics and Sunday Politics online

BBC website for Daily and Sunday Politics

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Facebook site for Daily and Sunday Politics

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Twitter site for Sunday Politics

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