Miliband's NHS focus at question time

For the third question time in a row Ed Miliband has exposed the prime minister's vulnerability on the NHS. For the third time in a row David Cameron has been watched by glum Liberal Democrats.

What wounded the PM this week were his own words quoted back at him:

"Change - if it is to endure, if it is to really work - should have the support of people who work in our NHS. We have to take our nurses and doctors with us... we want to work with them, not against them."

This week, the Labour leader quipped - in a reference to Monday's very selective health summit - the PM hadn't even been prepared to be in the same room as the representatives of not just doctors and nurses but midwives, physios and many others who work in the NHS.

The next threat to the NHS Bill will come not in this afternoon's Opposition Day vote and not from within the Conservative Party but from grass-roots Lib Dems.

There is now a move to secure an emergency motion at the party's spring conference to kill the bill and an activists' petition as well.

Most telling of all, though, is the fact that Nick Clegg has told allies that he is losing more activists from the party on this issue than he did on tuition fees.

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