Huhne - Very personal politics

What started with the very personal is now having very political effects.

The acrimonious break-up of Chris Huhne's marriage led to allegations about who did what, when.

This being the marriage of a cabinet minister, it became material for newspaper headlines which, in turn, became the basis of allegations of criminal behaviour.

That has divided a family, friends and now led to his resignation.

As a result the coalition's most outspoken Lib Dem, most prominent advocate of policies to combat climate change and the man best placed to challenge Nick Clegg has gone.

Twice the prime minister has found himself angrily confronted at the cabinet table by Mr Huhne - first for sanctioning aggressive anti-Clegg propaganda in the referendum on changing Britain's voting system and then for his pre-Christmas European veto.

He has battled to stop the Treasury downgrading green policies which some businesses complain are driving up prices and making them uncompetitive.

The Tories won't miss that aggression but many did regard him as a competent and efficient minister.

Chris Huhne has always professed his innocence and will continue to do so.

If he does win his case he could pose a political threat to the coalition and his leader from the backbenches.

If he loses there could be a by-election in a Conservative/Lib Dem marginal which the Tories would expect to win.

Either way the former secretary of state's potential to cause political trouble is far from at an end.