Bankers - Now it's class war

Did Ed Miliband really mean to call for a "class war" on bankers?

The Labour leader began by putting the prime minister on the back foot in the House of Commons today - on why he wouldn't legislate to publish all bankers' salaries over £1m and put an employee representative on remuneration committees.

He then attacked David Cameron and his "Cabinet of millionaires" for being unable to lead what Mr Miliband called "the class war" on bankers.

Ed has had a very good week but he may come to regret that reference to a class war.

FYI: Full quote was as follows - Ed Miliband: "I think we've now heard it all. Because he says that the class war against the bankers is going to be led by him and his cabinet of millionaires. I don't think it's going to wash."

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