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David Cameron returns to tip waitress at Italian cafe

David and Samantha Cameron at an Italian cafe
Image caption David and Samantha Cameron are on holiday in Tuscany with their children

Prime Minister David Cameron has returned to an Italian cafe to make amends for failing to tip a waitress.

Last week, he and his wife ordered two cappuccinos at the Dolcenero cafe in Montevarchi, but did not leave a tip.

When he returned on Sunday, the PM bought two drinks for 5.10 euros and told waitress Francesca Ariani to keep the change from a 10 euro note.

Ms Ariani told reporters Mr Cameron had apologised for any fuss the incident had caused.

The Camerons and their children are on holiday in Tuscany, staying at an 18th Century villa close to Montevarchi with two other families.

'Nice surprise'

Ms Ariani, 27, told journalists she had not recognised Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha when they first visited the cafe on 31 July.

She said the prime minister had ordered two coffees and asked for them to be brought to an outside table - but she had told him she was too busy and he should collect them himself.

He later left without tipping, but returned on Sunday with daughter Nancy to clear up the misunderstanding.

Ms Ariani said she had apologised for not recognising him.

"He came back to look for me. It was such a nice surprise for me to see him," she told the Daily Telegraph.

"He knew I had made a mistake and he wanted to tell me not to worry because I did not recognise him. I never imagined he would come back. He is really lovely."

The prime minister has faced criticism for failing to cut short his holiday in the wake of the eurozone debt crisis and the riots in Tottenham.

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