Osborne's student paper hazy days

The editorial of the latest edition of Isis, the Oxford University magazine, reveals interesting details about Chancellor George Osborne's editorship of the magazine, back in 1992.

The cover of one of Mr Osborne's editions was adorned by two large cannabis leaves.

"Between these in huge block capitals lay the word 'HEMP', and underneath was the tagline, 'Read it and Reap'," the latest edition says.

Then came the disappointment.

"For all the ballsiness of the front cover and the grand claims of the editorial," says the latest Isis, "scratch the surface and what you find is glib and insincere".

Osborne's 1992 editorial boasted that because of the increasing importance of green issues, "for the first time in the history of the magazine, Isis has been printed on hemp paper."

But this turned out to be just two pages in the middle.