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Vote 2011
20 March 2012 Last updated at 10:08

UK says 'no' to alternative voteNo votes being counted

A decisive vote to keep the UK's current system for electing MPs deals a further blow to Nick Clegg, after the Lib Dems suffered heavy election losses.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond gives the thumbs up as he arrives at the Prestonfield Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 6, 2011SNP prepares to form government

The Scottish National Party prepares for a second term in government, becoming the first Holyrood administration with a working majority.

Alternative vote referendum

Ballot boxesClegg: AV result is a bitter blow

Nick Clegg says the public's overwhelming rejection of a change in the UK voting system is a "bitter blow" but vows to "move on".

English Local Elections

Nick CleggClegg quit call after poll losses

Nick Clegg faces calls to step down as Lib Dem leader after the party suffered heavy losses in councils in the English council elections.

CON 157 +4 5108 +85
LAB 57 +26 2459 +857
LD 10 -9 1099 -747
OTH 55 -21 793 -209

After 279 of 279 councils declared

Scottish Parliament Election

Tavish ScottScots Lib Dem leader quits post

Tavish Scott quits as leader of the Scottish Lib Dems with immediate effect, after the party's election night disaster.

SNP 53 16 69 +23
LAB 15 22 37 -7
CON 3 12 15 -5
LD 2 3 5 -12
OTH 0 3 3 +1

After 73 of 73 constituencies declared

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Welsh Assembly Election

Carwyn JonesTalks over new assembly alliances

Talks continue within political parties about the prospects of forming a coalition government in the Welsh assembly.

LAB 28 2 30 +4
CON 6 8 14 +2
PC 5 6 11 -4
LD 1 4 5 -1
OTH 0 0 0 -1

After 40 of 40 constituencies declared

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Northern Irish Elections

Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinnessDUP, Sinn Fein discuss executive

It is understood Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness met on Monday afternoon to discuss the next steps towards the formation of an Northern Ireland Executive.


Features & Analysis

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