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David Cameron sees mouse during private No 10 dinner

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Media captionWATCH: Cameron: I saw this mouse go across the floor

No 10's problem with rodents has yet to be sorted out, David Cameron has said, despite the arrival of a cat in the prime minister's home.

Mr Cameron said he had seen a mouse in his Downing Street flat while having dinner with his brother recently.

"I actually caught it on my mobile phone," he told BBC One's The One Show.

No 10 acquired a four-year old cat called Larry last month after a rat was spotted outside the front door. Mr Cameron said Larry was "working well".

At the time, No 10 told journalists that Larry was regarded as a "good ratter" and had a strong instinct for hunting down prey.

'Along the floor'

Larry was brought in after TV cameras showed a large rat scuttling past the front entrance of No 10.

But Mr Cameron said he had also witnessed first hand the building's problem with mice.

"In the flat we live in I was having dinner with my brother the other night and saw a mouse just go along the floor," he said. "I actually caught it on my mobile phone, the picture."

"In the flat, it is mice, not rats."

Larry's arrival at No 10 last month from London's Battersea Dogs and Cats Home attracted media coverage and comment around the world.

He is the first prime ministerial cat for more than 10 years - predecessor Humphrey having left Downing Street within six months of Tony Blair's arrival in 1997.

"Larry is working well," Mr Cameron added. "He has been in the main bit of the building first before he comes up to the flat and tries out there."

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