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Friday 18 December

Is the PM's EU renegotiation progressing?

How the smaller parties did in 2015

A look back at UKIP's year

A look back at Labour's year

Has 2015 been a good year for the Tories?

Who is 2015's Daily Politics Secret Santa?

Thursday 17 December

Is another recession coming and are we ready?

LGA chief on local government finances

What can we learn from election-themed books?

What do the EU referendum polls say?

Peers discuss Lords reform plans

Edward Docx's pro-EU Christmas poem

John Redwood's 'Brexit fairy tale'

Jon Culshaw's review of the year

Wednesday 16 December

Should fracking under national parks be allowed?

Latest on UK's EU renegotiation talks

Should Prince Charles receive cabinet papers?

Panel on final PMQs of 2015

Soapbox: Should motorists over 70 be retested?

Guests discuss retesting for motorists aged over 70

Tuesday 15 December

Is Star Wars left or right-wing?

Should there be a Lib-Lab pact? Vince Cable and Chris Mullin discuss

Chris Mullin: 'Jeremy Corbyn should be given a chance'

What lies ahead in EU membership debate?

What action has the RAF taken in Syria?

What are the prospects for Welsh Tories?

Why has Theresa May lasted so long as home secretary?

Peter Bone and Chris Mullin on Theresa May

Monday 14 December

Cat Smith: 'I don't see Ken Livingstone playing big role'

Peter Hunt goes behind the scenes at Thatcher auction

Is David Cameron's EU renegotiation meaningless?

Craig Mackinlay and Cat Smith on votes at 16

Daniel Hannan: When you know the PM is going to back staying in, why would you make any concessions?

Damian Green: Benefits in terms of jobs and prosperity would be put at risk if the UK leaves the EU

Daniel Hannan on climate deal: 'It's a step in the right direction'

Hannah Stuart: 'We cannot whitewash Shaker Aamer claims'

Full clip: Should voting age be lowered for EU referendum?

Daniel Hannan and Damian Green discuss EU talks

Bradford council toast 'ban' criticised

Sunday 13 December

Burgon: Criticism on Stop the War are proxy attacks on Corbyn

Christmas Corbyn dressed as Santa in archived footage

Who exactly are Stop the War?

What could 2016 have in store for politics?

'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais

Friday 11 December

Katie Hopkins backs Donald Trump: 'We have lost control of some areas'

Katie Hopkins: 'My friends won't go to London'

Zac Goldsmith on his opposition to Heathrow expansion

Where does Labour stand on new Heathrow runway?

Jeremy Corbyn wins beard of the year

John Prescott discusses climate talks

Thursday 10 December

Does it help to be clever in politics?

Willetts: 'We must get on with airport expansion'

Why do MPs go on political journeys?

David Willetts on the PM's EU renegotiations

Lord Reid: I was a communist 45 years go

How clever is David 'two brains' Willetts?

Conservative MP Stewart Jackson on electoral fraud

Wednesday 9 December

Chancellor announces floods funding

PMQs analysis with Laura Kuenssberg

'We have to wait and see what PM achieves' - Andrea Leadsom

Lucy Powell discusses state of the Labour Party

Soapbox: What is being done to tackle knife crime?

Guests discuss knife crime prevention

Tuesday 8 December

Dorries: Maybe flooding is part of 21st century life

'I don't think we are so out of step on EU reform' - Laura Sandys

Will Universal Credit make some worse off?

Should third runway at Heathrow be built?

Are moves to deselect Labour MPs fair?

Will Universal Credit make a difference?

Is Parliament too posh?

Monday 7 December

Tim Farron: 'Questions should be asked on flood defences'

What role does Momentum play in Labour Party?

Giles Fraser: 'Scrap Bishops in the House of Lords'

Before the secret ballot at elections

Unseating a political giant: what's it like?

Friday 4 December

Ten years of David Cameron as Tory leader

Oldham West by-election result analysis

German MEP on EU reform talks

Are there 70,000 anti-IS fighters in Syria?

Stephen Kinnock on 'intimidation' of Labour MPs

Daniel Hannan on EU reform talks

Thursday 3 December

Activist calls for MP reselection

MP and activists debate Labour intimidation claims

Labour's John Mann on intimidation of MPs: 'This is the mob'

Crispin Blunt on next steps in Syria

Quentin Letts on Syria strikes debate

How should the BBC refer to militants in Syria and Iraq?

Westminster as a setting for fiction

Wednesday 2 December

Rifkind and Royall discuss Syria vote

Caroline Flint and John Baron on Syria

Tuesday 1 December

Creagh and Lucas debate Syria strikes

The FBU re-affiliates to Labour

MPs discuss EU-Turkey migrants deal

MPs discuss UK's green credentials

Oldham West by-election preview

Moths infest 'dull and dusty' Lords

Monday 30 November

MPs discuss case for air strikes

Should Labour MPs be whipped on Syria?

Chris Bryant on Syria air strikes

Should government cut party funding?

Fizzy drinks tax moodbox

MPs on sugary drinks tax proposals

Should Tory chairman quit?

What will climate conference achieve?

Friday 28 November

What does the public think about airstrikes in Syria?

Should Labour MPs back Syria strikes?

Spending review analysis with OBR

YouGov on Syria and public opinion

Thursday 26 November

Andrew Lansley on net migration figures

Spending Review tax credits analysis

Why is NHS reform so hard?

Have NHS reforms been beneficial?

Has the PM persuaded

'Mao would have been horrified'

Wednesday 25 November

The main Spending Review measures

BBC editors on the Spending Review

Stewart Hosie: 'He still plans to cut £42bn a year'

Green Party and Plaid Cymru on Spending Review

Lib Dems and UKIP on Spending Review

Tuesday 24 November

Experts discuss downed Russian jet

Debate on NHS funding

Johnson and O'Hara debate Trident

Johnson: Defence review not Corbyn's 'finest moment'

Left Unity backs Jeremy Corbyn

Oxford Union debates EU membership

Monday 23 November

Labour's Syria and Trident policies

Why is the government selling off property?

Is the defence review a good deal?

Will MPs back air strikes in Syria?

Sunday 22 November

Are there more 'rough weeks' ahead for Labour?

Lord Lawson: Osborne should look at raising fuel duty

Caroline Flint: We should look at military action

Friday 20 November

Political week in 60 seconds

Reid: It is a sad time for Labour

Is Labour at a tipping point?

James Landale reviews Labour's week

Should the hedgehog be the UK's national symbol?

Thursday 19 November

Mood box: men's v women's issues

Livingstone should resign - Labour MP

What is the junior doctors row about?

Alex Salmond on Syria air strikes

Abbott: McDonnell 'doesn't want to disband MI5'

Labour MP: I'll rebel on Syria vote

Should 16-year-olds vote in the EU referendum?

Wednesday 18 November

PM and Corbyn clash over police numbers

Corbyn questions PM on security funding

PM: UK 'can't dodge forever' air strikes question

PM: We will not be cowed by terrorists

SNP quizzes PM on Syria sir strikes

Labour MP refuses to back Corbyn

Laura Kuenssberg's PMQs review

Laura Kuenssberg on the state of the Labour Party

Laura Kuenssberg on the government's strategy for a Syria airstrikes vote

Tuesday 17 November

What is the UK's counter-extremism policy?

How hard will the police budget be hit?

Cooper: I disagree with Corbyn on shoot-to-kill

MP criticises Stop the War's Paris comment

How to combat home-grown extremism?

Monday 16 November

MPs 'will vote with conscience' on Syria

'Tackling Islamist extremism ideology'

MP: IS must be defeated by ground troops

IS exploiting migrant crisis - UKIP

Monday 9 November

Reaction to Sir Nicholas Houghton comments on Jeremy Corbyn

Galloway on the style of Reagan and Corbyn

Welfare spending: Too much or too little?

CBI and UKIP clash on EU and euro policy

Sunday 8 November

Reaction to Egypt plane crash and ISIL

Heidi Alexander: Junior doctor proposal 'bad for patient safety'

How could a Labour leadership challenge take place?

Friday 6 November

Corbyn 'wrong' on Iraq - Labour MP

Winston McKenzie: 'All of London is becoming a dump'

Winston McKenzie - Ex-UKIP candidate on 'racist abuse'

FILM: Free hugs for some on Million Mask March

Adam Clifford: Mask march showed 'desperation of the people'

No free hugs between Julia Hartley Brewer and Adam Clifford

Iain Watson on Egypt-UK flights

Thursday 5 November

Howarth and Marshall on UK-Egypt relations

Abbott defends Stop The War meeting

Abbott: I was subject of undercover policing

Archer: 'Wonderful' if Corbyn helping book sales

Why are sales of Das Kapital on the rise?

Where's the 'Ed Stone'?

Diane Abbott asked about committee chairs

Norman Smith on Egypt security situation

Abbott: No Corbyn colouring book for me

Introducing Diane Abbott

Wednesday 4 November

Does Jack Dromey back Trident renewal?

Virtue signalling: 'It requires little effort and no sacrifice'

Corbyn: No winter crisis in NHS this year?

PM on tax credits: You will find out in three weeks’ time

Government planning to 'imperil' Channel 4?

SNP leader quizzes PM on military covenant

Kuenssberg: A rather strange PMQs to me

Passports designed to celebrate UK's creative and cultural past

Tuesday 3 November

Liam Byrne interview: Should Labour re-write its Clause IV?

Nick Gibb interview: Return of school tests for seven-year-olds?

FILM: Stamp duty changes effect on housing market

Crispin Blunt interview: Position in Syria 'much more complicated'

Stamp duty debate: Jacob Rees-Mogg v Owen Jones

John Healey: Starter homes 'non-starter for most families'

Why do we still commemorate Guy Fawkes?

Monday 2 November

Does the trade union movement need a makeover?

Women and men debate: Phillips v Davies

Moodbox film: Is security or privacy more important?

Sunday 1 November

Keir Starmer: There is a need to update surveillance laws

Keir Starmer: Communication laws need to be modernised

David Davis: 'Judicial authorisation of surveillance warrants needed'

Philip Davis: Men's issues should be debated in Commons

Philip Davies: Why I blocked free parking bill

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (and will Labour support be needed?)

Friday 30 October

European political week in 60 seconds

What is UN doing about climate change?

David Shukman on UN climate change report

How migrant numbers are stretching EU services

Has Labour learned from election mistakes?

Meet The Neighbours: Poland

What is going on after the Portuguese election?

Phone roaming charges to be abolished: Honeyball and Nuttall

Thursday 29 October

Laura Kuenssberg: What's going on in Iceland summit?

What will PM get out of Nordic summit talks?

Chris Mason on Chilcot Report publication in June/July 2016

Oborne on Chilcot Report and radio documentary

Who is the top dog at Westminster?

UK population to reach 70m by 2027

Looks at the career in of Lord Bilimoria

Wednesday 28 October

The Lib Dem leads to ask PMQs question on migrants and refugees

PMQs: Farron and Cameron on UK and Lesbos refugees

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on tax credit cut 'guarantee'

PMQs: Cameron and Corbyn on Karen's tax credit question

PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn's tribute to Michael Meacher

PMQs: Cameron and Burns on bullying in House of Commons

Landale and MPs review PMQs

Matthew Syed: Health service 'should learn from mistakes'

Steve Baker from the VoteLeave campaign

Reynolds and MacNeil: Happiest and most miserable places in the UK?

Tuesday 27 October

Tax credits reaction: Owen Smith and David Davis

Tory MP: This is quite without precedence

Bogdanor: 'Very serious constitutional problems'

'Huge mandate to turn around' Scottish Labour

Monday 26 October

FILM: Speaker starts to speak out on big issues

DEBATE: Why is the Speaker in a bad mood?

Is it time for laws to be recorded on paper?

Wood on Plaid: 'Time now for fresh thinking'

Rob Flello: Let's get rid of the Calais jungle

Oakeshott: 'I told you so' is never a good look

Sunday 25 October

Could boundary changes lead to the deselection of non-Corbynite MPs?

Ken Livingstone: MPs who defy Corbyn should face reselection

Clarke and Farron on tax credit cuts

Friday 23 October

Was anyone paying attention to Yanis Varoufakis?

FILM AND INTERVIEW: What now for Yanis Varoufakis?

Lords v Commons: Newby v Rees-Mogg

Does it matter what political leaders look like

Thursday 22 October

Scottish lessons for UKIP on EU referendum?

MPs start debating EVEL plans

Peer's bill to limit the influence of Sharia law in UK

Danczuk on Watson's historic sex abuse claims

Tough questions for Nigel Farage?

Wednesday 21 October

Nuclear Power: Burke on Hinkley Point, EDF and China

Image makeover in Jeremy Corbyn's wardrobe

PMQs: Corbyn and Cameron clash on tax credits

PMQs: What is government doing for UK steel industry?

PMQs: Cameron to Corbyn: Go back to 1985 and stay there

PMQs: Speaker Bercow rejects question from Chris Philp

PMQs: SNP questions PM on suicide after benefit loss

MPs review Cameron and Corbyn at PMQs

John Hayes on tax credit cuts: What would they cut?'

Security services' new powers to hack into smartphones

Liberty on hacking powers

Hayes and Bryant on powers for security services

Tuesday 20 October

Tory MP: Tax credit cuts 'punishing people'

Chris Mason: What's going on with #taxcredits debate?

The end of the steel industry in Scotland?

Warner: Only ethical thing for me to do is leave

Why are international mayors meeting in London?

Monday 19 October

'David Cameron lied' on tax credits, claims Labour MP

Where do parties stand on tax credits?

What parties are seeing a rise in membership?

Should UK be wary of Chinese 'trap doors'?

Former GCHQ Director-General on Wilson Doctrine and listening to MPs

MP: Corbyn will hold private meeting with President Xi Jinping

Should cabinet members be allowed to speak freely on #EUref ?

Former GCHQ Director-General on Wilson Doctrine and listening to MPs

Sunday 18 October

Mitchell: Osborne will have to 'tweak' fiscal plan

Who is the true anti-austerity party: Labour or SNP?

Was Tom Watson right to make child abuse allegations?

Moodbox: Is Corbyn a turn on or turn off?

Tom Watson's role in sex abuse claims

Friday 16 October

How falling prices are hitting UK and its oil capital

A tour around the SNP conference venue

SNP deputy leader on oil prices and health record

Protest to be held over new junior doctor contract

Political week in 60 seconds

Nicola Sturgeon is asked about #indyref2 in DP moodbox

DP panellist not so keen on EU talks interview

DP guide to Cameron bid for new EU deal

Thursday 15 October

Health chair wants 'at least £4bn' for NHS this year

Labour MP and SNP MSP on fiscal charter vote

Are 'shared space' roadways safe?

Are grammar schools coming back?

Nicola Sturgeon opens SNP conference in Aberdeen

Wednesday 14 October

PMQs: Corbyn quizzes Cameron on Kelly's tax credits

PMQs: 'Work together and get London building to get prices down'

PMQs: Cameron tells Speaker: Hold on a minute

PMQs: SNP leader made ‘so many errors’ in PMQs question

'Policy clear' on tax credits, says Gauke

Gauke and Greenwood review PMQs

£5,000 cheque after naked Whitehall run

Blogger's 'naked' run along Whitehall after election bet

Tuesday 13 October

Life for Labour under Corbyn

Labour under Corbyn: Akehurst and Landin

McDonnell 'fingers badly burnt and he needs to learn'

A new flag for New Zealand?

Immigration Bill: Dromey v Bone

Nigel Evans on Tom Watson's claims about Lord Brittan

Monday 12 October

Damian Green on EU future: Idea of 'a new country' is a fantasy

Labour's Jo Cox: I back humanitarian intervention on Syria

Labour MP: Colleagues have 'nothing to fear' over Momentum group

Should climate change be a government priority?

Moodbox: Should the government make climate change a priority or not a priority?

Paterson: 'Unwise' of lawyers to raise concerns on migrant crisis

Sunday 11 October

Farage: I support both 'Out' campaigns

Left or centre? What position should Labour take?

Farage on EU referendum: I support both 'out' campaigns

Nigel Farage: I support both EU 'Out' campaigns

Mary Creagh: Labour must remain 'firmly' on the centre ground

Friday 9 October

EU referendum: Battle between the rival campaigns

Should Parliamentarians report historical abuse allegations to the police?

At what point does a protest go too far?

Adam Fleming film on protests

Thursday 8 October

Parliament: Privy Council membership and traditions

Can politicians do comedy?

What political direction for the Conservatives?

Should Tories sit in the middle or move to the right?

How did police cope with 'largest ever demonstration in Greater Manchester'

Where does Labour stand on EU?

Where do Tories stand on the EU?

Wednesday 7 October

Gove and Neil on government housing record

Cameron pledges 'Great British take-off'

Cameron talks about equality of opportunity

'Generation Rent to Generation Buy'

Cameron: I was a hooker

Cameron cheered for Corbyn criticism

'A brief moment when I thought it was all a dream'

Cameron recalls election victory

Conference accommodation for £10 a night

Ups and downs for the Conservatives over the last year

“You are one of my favourite pupils” Michael Gove tells Andrew Neil

Testing the environment secretary

What century does Lord Heseltine live in?

Tuesday 6 October

Who do Tories want as their next leader?

'The UK is a bright spot compared to many other economies right now'

Fox: I would like to see us reduce the deficit more quickly

'Britain does not need net migration in the hundreds of thousands'

Why are Conservatives not cutting UK net migration?

Monday 5 October

Who are Osborne's heroes and favourites?

Tory delegates asked: In or out of the EU?

Osborne: We are the builders

Osborne talks 'living wage' and slavery

Osborne: I will work with anyone

Osborne: No 'tombstone' in Downing Street garden

Gauke on Conservative economic policies

Hancock on tax credits and Labour policies

Sunday 4 October

Sajid Javid: We're supporting Redcar workers

Building the official campaigns for and against EU membership

EU Referendum: The battle of the 'In' and 'Out' campaigns begins

Oakeshott: I dish it out, I should be able to take it

Do we know how dozens of Tory MPs will vote in #EUref

Runners and riders for next Tory leader

Friday 2 October

Taking a ride with the Artist Taxi Driver

Galloway's bid to be mayor of London

Why was Corbyn heckled over Israel?

Tories pick Goldsmith as next mayoral candidate

Raft of elections in May 2016

Former Times sketchwriter Ann Treneman's favourite political moments

Thursday 1 October

Who is your favourite Labour Party leader?

Photo-bomber spider on screen makes it to the web

Cabs v Uber: McNamara v Jenrick

Syria debate: Clarke and Balagadde

Political history repeating itself over the EU?

Would past PMs have authorised nuclear weapons?

Wednesday 30 September

Zahawi: UK spending £25m on new Jamaican jail is 'smart aid'

Should members or MPs have the biggest say?

Should there be humour in a party conference speech?

Tuesday 29 September

Corbyn: A decent home for everybody

'Two million people could lose their right to vote'

Corbyn: Trident 'not the right way forward'

Corbyn: Where is the security?

Corbyn thanks Miliband and Harman

‘Newspapers have taken a bit of interest in me’

Ashworth: People were fed up with politicians like me

'Not an advocate for QE to print money outside a recession'

Labour delegates asked: Power or principles?

Images of Jeremy Corbyn's career

Ups and downs for Labour over the last year

BBC political editor on Jeremy Corbyn speech

Getting views of Corbyn speech at #Lab15

Monday 28 September

What do Labour delegates think about Trident?

Labour MP tells presenter: 'You're missing the point'

Hilary Benn asked about Diane Abbott comments

Jeremy Corbyn helps speaker 'stuck' on conference stage

Labour conference: McDonnell message to Scottish voters

Labour conference: MacDonnell on Bank of England review

Sunday 27 September

Leslie: Best for Corbyn to have chancellor on 'same wavelength'

Prescott: Corbyn has 'a bigger mandate than Blair'

Friday 25 September

What next for UKIP heading towards EU referendum?

Farron, Osborne and Corbyn in 60 seconds

Montage: Highlights of the year for UKIP

UKIP leader Nigel Farage warns of EU 'open-door policy'

UKIP leader Nigel Farage: 'We want our country back'

UKIP leader Nigel Farage uses speech to make case for EU exit

Thursday 24 September

Theresa May 'was hard as nails'

What is EU doing about migrants at its borders?

Labour has to come across as ‘party of the future’

FILM: Have migration images changed UK attitudes?

FILM: UKIP gathers for its annual conference

UKIP's lessons from general election result

Wednesday 23 September

Tim Farron: From activist to party leader

Do Lib Dem voters prefer Cameron or Corbyn?

Lib Dem conference: Tim Farron on Charles Kennedy

Lib Dem conference: Tim Farron invokes Joni Mitchell

Lib Dem conference: Farron's first leader speech

Dan Hannan MEP on resettling migrants

Tuesday 22 September

How the Lib Dem conference has changed

Could there be another SDP in UK politics?

Should Lib Dems accept or reject a peerage?

Could new contracts see a lack of junior doctors?

Archive images of Vince Cable's political career

Vince Cable on student fees and losing his seat

NHS 'can't cope with scale of funding gap'

Monday 21 September

Lib Dems on Clegg: Hero or zero?

Artist's images of the general election campaign

'Why would you create one when Lib Dems already exist?'

Can Labour renationalise the railways?

Will blogger finally carry out naked run pledge?

Sunday 20 September

Lord Falconer: Labour 'should not apologise' for Iraq

Getting the views of Lib Dems at their conference

Jeremy Corbyn's first week as Labour leader

Friday 18 September

MPs hold their own Rugby World Cup match

Dodds: McDonnell played 'no role whatsoever' in peace process

What could trigger a second Scottish referendum?

Why a town is revelling in political misery

Left or right? Libertarian or authoritarian?

Thursday 17 September

Corbynomics author backs 'modest amounts of inflation'

Do English Democrats back shooting of rioting migrants?

Dodds to keep 'very close eye' on new Labour leadership

Nuclear weapons debate: Jenkin v Hudson

Mood box: Do voters want to retain Trident?

How easy is it to impersonate Jeremy Corbyn?

One or two Andrew Neils in the studio?

Wednesday 16 September

Sex worker Charlotte Rose on brothels and prostitution

PM: They should be ashamed of themselves

Corbyn: I thought I would do it in a different way

‘I had more than 1,000 questions on tax credits’

Political editor on first Corbyn-Cameron PMQs

Past leaders making their PMQs debut

Tuesday 15 September

Welfare and tax credits: Smith v Gauke

Blue collar voters: Labour MP Jamie Reed

Blue collar voters: Tory MP Robert Halfon

New Labour leader has a love of manholes

Blue collar voters: Labour MP Jamie Reed

What do MPs make of their behaviour at PMQs?

Will Corbyn help change PMQs?

Monday 14 September

Livingstone: We are not going to repeat that mistake

Trades Union Bill proposals: Serwotka v Hancock

Reaction to the first Corbyn shadow cabinet

Backbench views of new Labour shadow cabinet

Friday 11 September

Lamb and Davies on the Assisted Dying Bill

Looking back on the Labour leadership campaign

EU reaction to Juncker calls to help 160,000 migrants

London Mayor 2016: Sadiq Khan to be Labour candidate

EU politics: Putin, Juncker, Farage, seals and sheep

Thursday 10 September

Israeli PM in London for talks with Cameron

More shops to charge for carrier bag use

Lucas and Young on UK help for Syrian refugees

FILM: Who will take in Syrian refugees?

Voting closes in Labour leadership race

Wednesday 9 September

Last PMQs for Harman as Labour leader

Harriet Harman's last DP interview as Labour leader

Cameron tribute at Harman's final PMQs as Labour leader

Why some won't celebrate royal milestone

PMQs: Abrahams and Cameron on sickness benefit claims

PMQs: Cameron on Northern and Great Western rail works

PMQs: Cameron and Cox on Syria and public opinion

PMQs: Robertson on Intelligence and Security Committee

PMQs: Dodds and Cameron on Northern Irish security

Reviewing first PMQs after the recess

Tuesday 8 September

Why did Labour change its leadership election rules?

Davis: They were trying to rig the referendum

Danczuk: Corbyn supporters 'need to be less suspicious'

Miliband spin doctor: Ed Stone was not our finest hour

Zahawi and Robertson on UK use of drones in Syria

Monday 7 September

Will a new leader unite the Labour Party?

EU Referendum debate: Mitchell, Hunt and Carswell

How migrants and refugees dominated the summer news

Is it right for the UK to accept more Syrians?

Tuesday 21 July

Labour MP: Voting against welfare bill was 'a very difficult decision'

Hancock: Progress being made on manifesto commitments

'Sensible' Twitter guide for MPs?

A look inside the Serjeant at Arms' office in the Commons

Monday 20 July

Politicians and their 'weighty issues'

Timms on welfare bill: Labour will fight 'tooth and nail'

Labour has a 'narrow view of what is realistic'

Martin Vickers: Delays to rail electrification 'disappointing'

Maajid Nawaz: 'Change in attitude' needed towards Islamist extremism

Sunday 19 July

Labour leadership debate

Corbyn for shadow cabinet - any takers?

Jeremy Corbyn: Vote for me because...

Andy Burnham: Vote for me because...

Liz Kendall: Vote for me because...

Yvette Cooper: Vote for me because...

Wednesday 15 July

TUC Chief: Strikes 'always the last resort'

Mahmood on Labour and Crabb on EVELL

Should the government do more to ban 'pro-anorexia' websites?

PMQs: PM quizzed on scrapping maintenance grants

PMQs: Harman presses Cameron on Greece

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on National Living Wage

PMQs: Cameron on migrant controls

PMQs: Cameron on strike action

James Landale and MPs review PMQs

Tuesday 14 July

Iain Stewart MP: SNP are 'playing politics'

Angus Robertson: Tories trying to make SNP MPs 'second class'

Powell on child tax credits: There are 'complex cases'

'One Nation' is why Conservatives are still around

Anyone but Jeremy Corbyn?

Whose fault is the gender pay gap?

Monday 13 July

Stephen Kinnock: Greek referendum was a mistake

Frank Field: Labour leadership contenders 'offering the same'

SNP MP Pete Wilshart: EVEL plans 'a shambles'

Mood box vote: Are our strike laws tough enough?

Sunday 12 July

Harman: 'No blanket opposition" to Government welfare proposals

Nick Clegg not 'eyeing up some cushy Brussels job'

Friday 10 July

Britain's 'lagging' infrastructure is holding up the building of more homes

Mark Field MP on the 'importance' of building more homes

Can the UK remain pre-eminent in financial services?

Louise Cooper: Banks an 'easy political target'

Is fox hunting laws a party-political issue?

Thursday 9 July

Lord Lawson: Budget was 'radical'

Shabana Mahmood: Osborne is 'putting the cart before the horse'

RMT's Steve Hadley: 'Tube strike about industrial dispute, not politics'

Tuesday 7 July

Budget 2015: We need a 'lower taxes & higher pay' system

Danny Alexander: I had a 'good run' as MP & 'may' stand again

Monday 6 July

Banned Sexy MP website 'was a bit of a joke', says founder

'No' vote is 'no victory' for Greece

Nusrat Ghani MP: It's right that we cap welfare

Sunday 5 July

Budget: What should the Chancellor do?

A 'new look' Westminster

What will the boundary change review mean for us?

Salmond: An aerial campaign in Syria would need ground support

Friday 3 July

Political week in 60 seconds

Students fees in England to rise again?

Martin Lewis: 'Staggered and angry' over David Willetts

Can, and will, UK take part in Syrian air strikes?

Is the 72-word referendum question all Greek to you?

Thursday 2 July

English Votes for English Laws (EVEL)

Could UK take part in air strikes against so-called Islamic State?

Looking back over last year for the SNP

Looking back on #GE2015 & #indyref with John Nicolson

Wednesday 1 July

Budget: Willson on petrol prices and fuel duty rise

PMQs: Cameron and Skinner on miners' pensions

PMQs: Cameron and Chishti on Islamic State and Daesh terms

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on help after Tunisia attacks

PMQs Harman and Cameron on Heathrow Airport expansion

PMQs: Cameron and Robertson on Scottish powers and votes

PMQs: Nick Robinson and MPs review Cameron v Harman

PMQs: Harman on Women's World Cup semi-final

PMQs: Cameron on Women's World Cup semi-final

Tory MPs on Cameron 2009 Heathrow pledge

Mary Creagh on air strikes in Libya

Tuesday 30 June

The battle between music and noise

Leslie and Lucas on Greek and Eurozone finances

FILM: A 60-second guide to fracking

Fracking debate: Lilley and Lucas

Does Lucas want to be Green leader again?

Monday 29 June

Blunt and Ashraf on UK reaction to Tunisia attacks

Cooper and Rigby: What now for Greece?

Pride march's sex toy symbols confused for ISIS support

Sunday 28 June

Tunisia attack: IS see Ramadan as 'a month of war'

Nigel Farage: Migrant crisis is 'flooding Europe with jihadists'

Hilary Benn: 'Honest debate' needed on surveillance powers

Week Ahead: What lies ahead for Greece?

Friday 26 June

Syed Kamall: PM will push for treaty change before 2017

UKIP's David Coburn: 'I'm gay, you can't get more gay then me'

Should UKIP be banned from gay pride?

SNP MP: All parties 'should work together' to end cyber abuse

Thursday 25 June

Is 'welching' really an offensive word?

Mediterranean migrants debate: Davies v Moraes

Will it be harder to make a FoI request?

Why does Sadiq Khan think he would be a good mayor of London?

How immigration has been a key issue for decades

Lord Green on the work of Migration Watch

Wednesday 24 June

Yes or no: Eustice asked about #EUref

What can go in the recycling bin?

No gender pay gay for MPs appearing on DP

Film: Should women be paid as much as men?

Debate: Should women be paid as much as men?

PMQS: Robinson, Flint and Eustice on Cameron v Harman

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on action over Calais migrants

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on tax credits and pay levels

PMQs: Cameron and Robertson on Scotland Bill powers

PMQs: Cameron and Bradshaw on bike deaths and lorry ban

Tuesday 23 June

Europe debate: Elliott and Blunkett

Copyright protection for some images of European landmarks?

Gibb: ‘Coasting schools’ definition out next week

Greek finances: Halligan and Blunkett

Blunkett: Labour 'ought to have been much louder '

Monday 22 June

Prefer to travel via a black cab or a phone app?

Welfare debate: Sunak, West, and Brake

Immigration and NHS staffing debate

Offering £1,000 to attend a job interview

Macintosh: We have to offer something different

Sunday 21 June

Diane Abbott: Corbyn will 'shock' people

Liam Fox: PM could get 'different cabinet' if collective responsibility is enforced

UKIP's Steven Woolfe: Farage 'not' divisive character & will lead 'No' campaign

What's going on with Conservatives and the EU campaign?

Friday 19 June

Bloom: You've got to understand how UKIP works

Brant: UKIP have frozen out Suzanne Evans as they see her 'as a bit of a threat'

Political week in 60 seconds

Can we ever trust the polls again?

Reaction to Jeremy Hunt new deal for GPs announcements

Thursday 18 June

Greek debate and eurozone future: Odendahl, Heath and Evans

Film: Farage resignation and future of UKIP

Suzanne Evans on UKIP future and EU referendum

Papal encyclical on climate change: Cafod and Delingpole

FILM: Papal encyclical on the environment and past messages from Rome

Evans and and Evans on Parliamentary repairs

Wednesday 17 June

Ex-Minister wants estates turned into 'city villages'

PMQs: Osborne takes first question on London housing

PMQs: Robertson and Osborne on Chilcot Report delay

PMQs: Osborne and Lucas on fossil fuels and pensions

PMQs: Hilary Benn questions George Osborne on extremism

PMQs: Speaker suggests yoga to MP after hot curry

Reviewing Osborne and Benn at PMQs with Landale and MPs

Bulgarian Foreign Minister on David Cameron and new UK-EU deal

Tuesday 16 June

EU referendum debate: Jenkin and Benn

Dugdale: Time for a new generation of people

Where's the betting money going on the Labour leadership races?

Hodges and Jones: Who will be next Labour leader and deputy?

Robin Brant on UKIP staff changes and 'another unresignation'

Ken Clarke claims public do not understanding purdah

James Landale explaining EU referendum bill

Prof David Nutt on Psychoactive Substances Bill

Monday 15 June

The theatre of Westminster select committees

Salmond on EU referendum and future Scottish referendum

MPs and historians talk Magna Carta and human rights

Corbyn: 'Two minutes to spare' to get on Labour nomination

What does it take to be select committee chairman?

Sunday 14 June

Who is the right person to become the next Labour leader?

Leslie: Labour didn't have a 'strong enough economic message'

EU referendum: Should we stay or should we go?

Week Ahead: Labour leadership, George Osborne and British spies

Friday 12 June

European political week in 60 seconds

200 years since the Battle of Waterloo

Meet The Neighbours: Ireland

Rogers: I don't talk about relations with any member of Parliament

Hosie on OBR report and Scottish economics

EU postpones vote on TTIP

Why do some oppose the TTIP trade deal?

Thursday 11 June

A Question Of Trust: government report on surveillance powers

New MP: Normal people applaud, they don't make that weird grunting noise

Cameron negotiations about 'unity of the Conservative Party'

Rogers: I don't talk about relations with any member of Parliament

CLIP: John Prescott tells David Miliband to 'shut up'

FULL INTERVIEW: Prescott on Labour leadership race and Miliband comments

Wednesday 10 June

Tory MP Nigel Evans wants anonymity for rape suspects

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on EU referendum voting age

PMQs: Cameron on Jenkyns winning Ed Balls' former seat

PMQs: Cameron and Huddleston on Cotswold line trains

PMQs: Cameron and Shah on Bradford and Northern Powerhouse

PMQS: Robinson, Smith and Hancock on Cameron v Harman

Andrew offers MP some tips after 'gobbledygook' claim

MP challenged over Swedish surplus claims

Tuesday 9 June

Eagle: I am the unity candidate, I am not in a faction

Referendum debate: Davies and Grady

Explaining the Human Rights Act and a possible British Bill of Rights

Falconer and Davies on human rights and a bill of rights

Falconer and Fletcher on the Assisted Dying Bill

Monday 8 June

Tatchell on London Pride ban for UKIP

Mood box vote: In or out of the EU?

Referendum debate: Reckless and Campbell Bannerman

Scotland Bill debate: Hosie and Stewart

Farron apology over Tatchell comments

What do the Germans think of the Brits?

Sunday 7 June

Stella Creasy: I can work with anyone

Do MPs deserve a pay rise?

Tim Farron: You don't rule out any coalition

How bad are things for the Lib Dems?

Baker: At some stage there will need to be an EU 'out' campaign

Friday 5 June

Kawczynski on 'increasing frustration with the government'

Why I started the Milifandom campaign

Economy debate: Field and Mahmood

Decision due on airport expansion in south east England?

Cutting £250,000 scheme into gull research 'frankly daft'

Reviewing the political week in 60 seconds

Thursday 4 June

Bradshaw: Only candidate not from the north or London

'Of course' MPs should take £7,000 pay rise says former cabinet member

Revelations about the Labour election campaign

Union 'in grave danger' says Forsyth

Tory MP v Stop the Cull on badgers and dairy farmers

Wednesday 3 June

John Read: You're paying the obscene cost of litter

Can we trust opinion polls again?

Lords v Commons in a real tug of war

PMQs: Cameron and Robertson on Mediterranean refugees

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on child benefit and tax credits

PMQs: Cameron and Harman on home ownership figures

PMQs: Cameron and Abbott on more powers for London

PMQs: Cameron and Smith on AAA rating and Labour leadership

PMQs: Landale and MPs review Cameron v Harman

Tuesday 2 June

Campbell on Kennedy: Relations between himself and myself were a bit cool to begin with

Who else could analyse the Scottish referendum dressed as a Christmas elf?

Will a Tory-dominated Commons struggle with the Lords?

Why do councils own golf courses, restaurants, pubs and hotels?

SNP won't share referendum platform with Conservatives

Monday 1 June

Pre-School Learning Alliance: '£250m shortfall' over child care plan

'We're extending the current offer by 15 hours, specifically for working parents'

British Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act?

Time for electoral reform? Talking PR, AV and FPTP

177 new faces in Parliament

German MP says 'the earlier the better' for UK EU referendum

EU referendum debate: Sandys and Hopkins

Sunday 31 May

Ken Clarke on EU: PM is not asking to repatriate any powers

PM 'not ambitious enough' in EU talks

Tom Watson: I have got a reputation for being a tough campaigner

George Galloway on London mayoral campaign

What is the secret to running a good referendum campaign?

Friday 29 May

Will SNP MPs continue to clap in the Commons?

A new view inside the House of Commons

Hatton bidding to rejoin the Labour Party

'We did not do enough, there are things we could have done differently

'Those of who who have followed the Fifa saga for a while have seen this day coming'

A one-minute video guide to the political week

Thursday 28 May

Betting on new Labour top team

New MPs finding their feet at Westminster

Carswell: I was incredibly frightened

Steve Hilton steps in front of the cameras

Sunday 17 May

Mary Creagh: Labour 'needs a fresh voice'

Roger Helmer MEP: Media has built some 'really minor issues' in UKIP

Norman Lamb: 'I think the Lib Dems are needed more than ever'

Carswell: Farage should take a leader, not from being leader

Friday 15 May

Bradshaw: Umunna quitting race 'tragic'

EU week: migration, TTIP, Russia, eurozone and Greece

European Union views on UK bid for EU renegotiation

Irish Republic referendum over legalising gay marriages

UK referendum on EU membership: Lambert, Arnott and Fox

Hosie on Cameron-Sturgeon talks

Thursday 14 May

4m UKIP voters 'expect something better and different from this'

Who will be the new Labour leader?

Is Cameron modernising the Conservative Party?

Should union strike laws be toughened up?

Time for a Lib Dem rebrand?

Wednesday 13 May

New MPs in Commons: McLaughlin, Arkless, Huq, Cleverly

Naked bloggers on the run: Dan Hodges and Stephen Tall

Bremner talks Cameron, Ashdown, Hague and polar bears

Should UKIP accept 'Short Money' from Westminster?

Could Zac Goldsmith MP stand down over Heathrow Airport expansion?

Kennedy, Lester and Dobbs on Lords' role in new government

Tuesday 12 May

Election 2015: Bedford voters' views on Labour policies

IDS, Churchill, Mandelson, Salmond and Farage return

How many billions extra does the NHS need?

Fears for BBC future under new culture secretary?

Milburn and Creasy: Where next for Labour?

Monday 11 May

Why is David Lammy not standing for Labour leadership?

Carswell on UKIP calls for political reform

Former Lib Dem MP on 'complete disaster'

Sunday 10 May

Election night: Behind the scenes

Election 2015: Liz Kendall: We didn't set out a positive enough alternative

Election 2015: How much say will the unions have over the Labour leadership?

Election 2015: 'Radical, popular capitalism' is what UKIP should offer, says Carswell

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 May

BBC Election index

Wednesday 6 May

Election 2015: Daily Politics campaign highlights

Election 2015: Reporter heckled in live TV report

Election 2015: Final day of campaigning

Election 2015: Key count and overall result timings

Election 2015: Sailors in Medway Yacht Club in Kent

Election 2015: On campaign trail with George Osborne

Election 2015 smaller parties: Above and Beyond

Election 2015: Politicians on trust in politics debate

Tuesday 5 May

Election 2015: Napoleonic Association team on voting

Election 2015: New look for results swingometer

Election 2015: Cameron, Miliband and Clegg campaigns

Election 2015 smaller parties: Respect George Galloway

Oldest conservative think-tank suggests voting UKIP

Evans and Hitchens: Time for electoral reform?

Monday 4 May

Election 2015: Battleground constituencies and seats

Election 2015: Debates and speeches in campaign final days

Election 2015: English local council seats contested

Election 2015 smaller parties: Communities United

Just a Minute (two 30-second pledges)

Sunday 3 May

Hague: Child benefit under Tories "would stay as it is now"

Swinney: It's clear "some senior Labour figures" want to deal with SNP

Leslie: Don't think there will be a minority Labour government

Election 2015: Meet the 24 hours

Friday 1 May

Election 2015: Jo Coburn on Question Time interviews

Election 2015 smaller parties: British National Party (BNP)

Election 2015: Workers at Lincolnshire flour mill

Election 2015: Suspended candidates on ballot papers

Election 2015: Party leaders faces on cakes and gnomes

Thursday 30 April

Election 2015: Views of Scottish forestry workers

Election 2015 smaller parties: Alliance for Green Socialism

Election 2015: Adam Fleming Thursday campaign report

What happened to the Green Surge?

Coalition tensions over tax and welfare claims

Can you see the resemblance with a certain blond bombshell?

Wednesday 29 April

Election 2015: Adam Fleming's Wednesday campaign report

Election 2015: Is it similar to the 1992 general election?

Election 2015 smaller parties: Animal Welfare Party

Election 2015: views from wheelchair basketball players in Carlisle

Election 2015: Daily Politics debate on health

Election 2015: Jeremy Hunt on £8bn NHS funding

Election 2015 health debate: UKIP on park smoking ban

Can music and TV choices on social media explain your voting intentions?

Labour on Tory ‘panicky gimmicky response’

Hague: We are in a very different situation now from five years ago

Tuesday 28 April

Hanson on Labour immigration plans

Election 2015: Ellie Price's Tuesday campaign report

Election 2015: Harriet Harman and the Labour pink bus

Election 2015 smaller parties: Class War Party

Election 2015: Voters views from Shropshire gliders

Election 2015: Daily Politics debate on defence and security

Election 2015: Vernon Coaker on Labour Trident policy

Monday 27 April

Election 2015: Jo Coburn's Monday campaign report

Election 2015: Voters in Thurrock on EU referendum

Election 2015 smaller parties: The Whig Party

Election 2015: Daily Politics debate on home affairs

Gauke challenged over pro-Tory names in newspaper letter

American view of the British general election

UKIP and Tories hurting each other and risking referendum?

Reynolds and Gauke on rent increase controls

Election 2015: May on Conservative migration target

Sunday 26 April

Tessa Jowell: Three year leases 'not compulsory'

Sajid Javid: 'No apologies' for economy focus

Laws: 'Not interested' in SNP & UKIP government

Election 2015: How is poll data conducted? - -

Friday 24 April

Election 2015: Adam Fleming's Friday campaign report

Election 2015: Voters views from Oxford knitters

Election 2015 smaller parties: Socialist Labour and Scottish Socialist

Hague: Libya has gone seriously backwards

Coaker on Miliband's foreign policy comments

Hague: English flag 'lying in the dirt'

Thursday 23 April

Economy debate - Round 2: Gauke v Leslie

IFS' Gemma Tetlow on party manifesto claims

Election 2015: Jo Coburn's Thursday campaign report

Election 2015: Voters views in Northamptonshire

Election 2015 smaller parties: English Democrats

Election 2015: Daily Politics debate on education

Election 2015: Tristram Hunt on unqualified teachers

Wednesday 22 April

Election 2015: How confidence-and-supply can work

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Wednesday campaign report

Gyimah and Smith on party offers for parents of pre-school children

Is Milifandom real?

Election 2015: Voters views in Sheffield

Election 2015 smaller Parties: We Are The Reality Party

Election 2015: Daily Politics debate on the economy

Election 2015: Leslie and Hosie on Salmond budget claim

Tuesday 21 April

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Tuesday campaign report

Election 2015 smaller Parties: Yorkshire First

Election 2015: Daily Politics debate on foreign affairs

Jamie Reed asked: How would Labour fund NHS plans?

Monday 20 April

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Monday campaign report

Election 2015 smaller parties: North East Party (NEP)

Election debate on environment and climate change

Election 2015: Parties' stances on rural fuel duty

Kezia Dugdale: Not surprised of a Tory-SNP deal

John Swinney: To end austerity, vote SNP

Sunday 19 April

Do manifestos matter?

Nigel Farage blames Cameron 'fanaticism' for Libya migrant crisis

Eagle: Labour will speak to any party to 'build a majority'

Friday 17 April

Election 2015: Reaction to BBC leader debate

Election 2015: Funny moments on the campaign trail

Election 2015: Voting views of hunters in Warwickshire

Election 2015 smaller parties: Socialist Party of GB

Curran: I would not write us off yet

Thursday 16 April

Election 2015: Vine on leader ratings ahead of debate

Election 2015: Andrew Neil previews leaders' debate

Election 2015: Voting views of rafters in Snowdonia

Election 2015: Alan Hope on Monster Raving Loony plans

Election 2015: Devon pigs in race to Downing Street

Scottish Conservatives launch campaign manifesto

Brennan on Labour education policy

Wednesday 15 April

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Wednesday campaign report

Election 2015: Cheshire musicians on how they will vote

Polish prince challenges UKIP's Nigel Farage to duel

Election 2015 smaller parties: Liberal Steve Radford

O'Flynn on UKIP manifesto launch

Tuesday 14 April

Election 2015: Political views of Yorkshire blacksmiths

Election 2015: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

Election 2015 smaller parties: Pirate Party

Election 2015: Housing dominates Tuesday campaign report

Election 2015: Plaid Cymru wants elected head of state

Truss: Vitally important we help more people own their own home

Reynolds: They just simply don't know where this money is going to come from

Alexander on Tory and Lib Dem housing policies

Green plans to hit tax avoiders and introduce 60p tax rate

Monday 13 April

Election 2015 smaller parties: Davie Nellist on TUSC plans

Election 2015: Manifesto launches from history

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Monday campaign report

Greens finally launch election poster campaign

Chuka Umunna on Labour election launch

Sajid Javid on Tory and Labour manifesto launches

Sunday 10 April

Election 2015: Cuts and spending - what the Lib Dems are offering

Election 2015: What are the polls telling us?

Election 2015: Inheritance tax is the wrong priority, says Danny Alexander

Election 2015: Week Ahead - The unveiling of manifestos

Election 2015: Expenditure on the NHS will be a priority, says David Gauke

Friday 10 April

Election 2015: Voting issues for Bristol prop makers

Election 2015 smaller parties: National Health Action (NHA)

Election 2015: Northampton voters offered political mug

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Friday campaign report

Rail fares debate: Eric Pickles v Jack Dromey

Thursday 9 April

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Thursday campaign report

Thatcher's armoured bus from Northern Ireland for sale

Election 2015 smaller parties: Liberty GB

Election 2015: Voting issues for Somerset stonemasons

Wednesday 8 April

Election 2015: Games and online sites about voting

Election 2015: Ed Balls talking about non-dom status

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Wednesday campaign report

Election 2015: Voting issues for Cornwall cheese-makers

Election: Christian People's Alliance and Christian Party

Mahmood on Labour bid to abolish non-dom rules

Tuesday 7 April

Election 2015: Tory and Lib Dems on coalition taxes

Election 2015 smaller parties: Peace Party policies

Election 2015: Voters at National Aquarium in Plymouth

Election 2015: Opinion polls and role of focus groups

Election 2015: Priti Patel and Chris Leslie on Europe

Election 2015: Priti Patel and Chris Leslie on health

Thursday 2 April

Election 2012: Market affected by hung parliament results

Election 2015 smaller parties: Community Party of Britain

Election 2015: TV viewers asked about leaders' debate

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Thursday campaign report

Wednesday 1 April

Election 2015: How union members could affect vote

Election 2015: Labour or Conservative choice on economy

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's Wednesday campaign report

Election 2015: Trader on Labour's zero hours contract policy

Election 2015: Independence from Europe Party

Election 2015: Rat, hedgehog, James Bond and Joey Essex

Zero hours contract debate: Javid, Cable and Leslie

Tuesday 31 March

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's campaign Morning Report

Election 2015: Tax levels in UK and other countries

Election 20105: Voters views on political campaigns

Election 2015: Plaid leader Leanne Wood at party launch

Election 2015: Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol Party

Monday 30 March

Election 2015: Andrew Neil's campaign Morning Report

Election 2015: What the UK and Scottish polls predict

Election 2015 smaller parties: Mebyon Kernow

Election 2015: Issuing 650 writs to get voting started

Sunday 29 March

Lucy Powell: Labour government would ban exploitative zero hour contracts

Peter Kellner: There is a "real Labour bounce" in latest poll

Alan Duncan: Cameron's third term decision 'not unwise'

How will the general election campaigns pan out?

Was it wrong for Tories to try and oust Commons speaker?

Labour's Lucy Powell clashes with presenter Andrew Neil

Friday 27 March

Famous faces: MPs retiring and leaving political stage

BBC News Timeliner hosts election archives

How many archive election broadcasts can you remember?

How does Big Ben cope with the change to summer time?

Burnham: NHS is going backwards on this government's watch

What happened to coalition predictions?

Thursday 26 March

La Reine le veult: What is prorogation in Parliament?

MacKenzie: "White poor thickos" claiming the benefits

Would you want to do these jobs?

When should Prince Charles’ letters be published?

Secret ballots for future Speaker elections?

Hancock and Mahmood: Tax and national insurance pledges

Wednesday 25 March

Election 2015: Artist Adam Dant drawing the campaign

PMQs highlights 2010-2015: Cameron, Miliband and MPs

London Marathon bid in election run-up by Dan Jarvis MP

PMQs: Cameron on British deaths in A320 Alps air crash

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on post-election VAT rises

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on national insurance and taxes

PMQs: Cameron on Connarty 'standing down' at election

PMQS review: Patel and Umunna join Landale and Neil

Tuesday 24 March

Election: Speechwriters Collins and FinkelsteinDaily Politics highlights of 2015

Election 2015: DUP's Donaldson on hung parliament talks

What do UKIP and Green councillors think?

Brian May on Common Decency campaign

Chris Leslie on Labour election VAT pledge

Why did Cameron announce future plans?

Monday 23 March

UKIP plans: NHS, defence, HS2, foreign aid and Scotland

Farage pub protest: Dan Glass and Patrick O'Flynn

Stewart Hosie on post-election SNP Labour deal

Election archive moments of politicians and public

Sunday 22 March

What will be the fate of Afzal Amin?

Jim Murphy MP: Scottish Labour is re-energised and determined

Red box, yellow box: The Lib Dems' 'alternative budget'

Norman Lamb: There's a complete imbalance in the NHS

Week Ahead: What are the polls telling us?

Friday 20 March

Budget 2015: Voters' reaction to Osborne announcements

Political week: Shapps, coalitions, and two Budget boxes

Life in Politics: Speaker and Labour MP Betty Boothroyd

Budget: Don Foster money to deal with aggressive gulls

Any Budget affect on the polls yet?

Thursday 19 March

Hawkins: Oddest morning after a Budget that I can remember

Budget buzzwords and jargon: Debt, deficit, and deeds

Alexander heckled on Lib Dem 'Budget' by Labour MPs

Budget debate: Gauke, Leslie and Flanders

Budget overview from Stephanie Flanders

Wednesday 18 March

Budget 2015 Index (to text and clips)

PMQs: Watson calls for whistleblower protection

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on the NHS and kitchens

Tuesday 17 March

What are UKIP's policies?

Budget debate: TaxPayers' Alliance and TUC

Budget Preview: Hancock and Perkins

UKIP and Nigel Farage clips: damp rag, weather and golf

UKIP history: From Sked to Kilroy Silk and Farage

Election 2015: Farage on Thanet South and UKIP future

Nigel Farage on NHS and paying for private health care

Monday 16 March

Former MP Michael Brown on finances after losing seat

Dawn Primarolo and Hugh Robertson standing down as MPs

Election 2015: SNP's Stewart Hosie on Labour coalition

Sunday 15 March

Caroline Flint: We are in touching distance of winning this election

Ed Davey: I am fighting every day to make sure I'm re-elected

What could be in the Chancellor's Budget?

Week Ahead: Is it time for the BBC to stand up to Jeremy Clarkson?

Pub Landlord Al Murray campaigns in South Thanet

Friday 13 March

European Union army proposal from Jean-Claude Juncker

Estonia: Government services are paperless and online

European week: Waterloo, 2 euro coin and French budget

Budget 2015 mood box: George Osborne or Ed Balls choice

Labour bid to change energy markets and cut fuel bills

Tom Brake on Lib Dem 'right to own' home plan

Thursday 12 March

Election 2015: UK political map based on seat and bets

Historians David Abulafia and Mary Beard on Europe

Election 2015: National Heath Action on NHS policies

Political betting debate: Harry Cole and Tom Mludzinski

Farage race comments reaction: Sunder Katwala and Mark Littlewood

Wednesday 11 March

Budget 2015: Cut spirit tax to help whisky industry

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on TV election debate plans

PMQs: Carswell and Cameron on UK immigration figures

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on general election campaign

PMQS: Sutcliffe asks Cameron about retirement plans

PMQs: Speaker warns 'smirking' chief whip Michael Gove

PMQs: Cameron and Lucas on NHS spending priorities

Tuesday 10 March

Eurosceptic and Europhile sides on EU referendum in UK

United Nations job for Conservative MP Stephen O'Brien

Politicians taking over the airwaves?

Rudd and Elliott on European arguments

What do the polls say for the political parties?

Monday 9 March

Johnston Press wants new BBC and local media relations

59 days until the general election

Should MPs engage on twitter?

Candidate hands back £1,000 donation from Blair

Selling off the Westminster family silver?

Sunday 8 March

Curran: I don’t think we should get into 'back room deals'

What goes on at the Green Party conference?

IS: Making inroads into Libya

Discussion: The battle against Islamic State

Week Ahead: What will become of the TV debates?

Friday 6 March

English Democrat Robin Tilbrook on 'independent state'

Bob Stewart on UK defence spending and Tory policy

Green conference: Scott Cato on welfare and housing

Douglas Hurd: Bosnia, PM bid and advice to Cameron

Plaid conference: Leanne Wood on Wales independence bid

Political week: Cornwall, immigration and TV debates

Thursday 5 March

Adonis: Opinion in Scotland is volatile

Droning on about rules for flying drones

What's in a party political name?

Flynn: Worst ever prime minister's questions?

'Britain now gives away an eye-watering £12bn a year'

Wednesday 4 March

PMQs: Cameron and Fox on Trident, Labour and SNP deal

PMQs: Cameron and Gardiner on missed cancer targets

PMQs: Miliband challenges Cameron on immigration pledge

Cameron and Miliband on TV leader election debates

PMQs: Cameron and Gardiner on missed cancer targets

PMQs review: Claire Perry, Hilary Benn and Nick Watt

Delingpole on obesity and paying for health care

Union jack & 'funded by UK government' plaque for public projects?

Tuesday 3 March

Where should MPs go when Parliament is repaired?

Margaret Beckett on UK national security

Lammy: serial under-reporting of crime in the UK

Can political commentators do comedy?

PM to announce prison sentences for those who do not act on child abuse allegations

Monday 2 March

Generation Rent: Move Parliament, MPs and peers to Hull

Mood box: Personality or policy choice for voters

Mood box reaction: Is the prime minister a marshmallow?

Where do parties stand on housing figures?

Nigel Evans on red and yellow cards for errant MPs

Sunday 1 March

Liam Byrne MP: Labour's tuition fee cut 'fully costed'

Liam Fox: Maintain NATO spending target

Farage on immigration: My predictions have proven to be right

The worst 'car crash' political interviews

Week Ahead: How will the Green Party do in the elections?

Have UKIP peaked too soon?

Friday 27 February

Why has the name of the so-called 'Jihadi John' been revealed?

Political week in 60 seconds

Will UKIP follow Conservative spending plans?

Willetts on university funding and fees

Labour student fees plan 'very distinctive'

Pollster: Don't bring US attack-style ads to UK

Thursday 26 February

Jenrick: ISIS looting, destroying and selling art

What could we ask Conservatives about migration?

Labour and UKIP on immigration figures

Who could be the next mayor of London?

Massow: I'm running ahead, but not nearly enough at the moment

Are gay men secretly Tories?

Wednesday 25 February

Second jobs ban would attract 'obsessive crackpots'

PM 'not ruling out' changes on MPs' second jobs

Bethnal Green MP urges inquiry into radicalisation

David Cameron wishes Ed Balls a Happy Birthday

Robinson and MPs review PMQs

How important is an arts education?

Should MPs' seconds jobs be banned?

Ed Vaizey: Government 'passionately in favour' of supporting arts funding

Mary Creagh: Women are 'turned off' by politics

Tuesday 24 February

Bennett apologises to Green members for 'bad' interview

British economy has 'underlying problems'

Is the House of Lords too old?

Electoral polls: What do they really show??

Bennett 'sorry' to Greens for 'bad' LBC interview

Is the House of Lords out of date?

Monday 23 February

Daily Politics meets Gogglebox's Michaels family

Sir Malcolm Riftkind: I am livid

Harper: Conservative government will 'keep' pensioner benefits

Starmer, Frazer and Smart on NHS funding

Gogglebox's Andrew Michael: UKIP 'struck a chord with me'

Who would want to be an MP?

Malcolm Rifkind: 'I'm not sorry, I'm absolutely livid'

Sunday 15 February

Labour donors 'not dodgy'

Ken Clarke: Row over tax avoidance is "bogus"

Week Ahead: Will Ed Miliband's confrontation with tax avoiders pay off?

Friday 13 February

Tax avoidance and evasion: Toby Young v Owen Jones

The Co-operative group: Schools, shops and politics

European week: traffic offences, Ukraine and Greece

Hungary's future links to Russia and the European Union

Passenger Name Record: Sharing airline passenger details

Thursday 12 February

Were you thinking what he was thinking?

Kevin Brennan on Miliband and Fink

Party election campaigns getting underway

Taking a ride in a driverless car

Wednesday 11 February

Is the Labour bus pink or magenta?

SNP's Stewart Hosie on George Osborne and UK austerity

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on HSBC and Tory donors

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on HSBC and tax claims

PMQs: Cameron announces free train wi-fi from 2017

PMQs: Cameron and Blomfield on NHS pay rises

PMQs review with Robinson, Neil, Gibb and Eagle

Tuesday 10 February

Why could the sun be setting on the Union Jack in Fiji

Lamb: There will be no hiding place for poor care

What are hedge funds, and does anyone understand them?

Mahmood and Garnier on HSBC tax claims

Who did go to Tory Black and White ball?

Monday 9 February

Labour policies on paternity leave and childcare

HSBC 'helped clients dodge tax'

Jewish reaction to increased security

Hazel Blears on anti-Semitism report

Prof Curtice on election lottery

Sunday 8 February

Stewart: We should not be dragged into a ground war

What does business think about Labour's economic policy?

Leslie v Hancock on business policies

Friday 6 February

Protests stop Nigel Farage Rotherham appearance

Full Nigel Farage interview

CLIP: Sarah Champion on Nigel Farage Rotherham office tweet

Full Sarah Champion interview

Why was Beyonce played in cabinet?

Political week in 60 seconds

North Korea claims and de-selections in Redcar

Thursday 5 February

Chuckle Brothers: From me to you and PMQs!

What's the extent of homelessness in Britain today?

Alexander: No need to increase income tax, national insurance, VAT

Why don't people register to vote?

Robinson: The policies are right, the mood music is wrong

Rotherham Council child abuse report

Wednesday 4 February

Alison Wolf on feminist help for women in low-paid jobs

PMQs: Cameron's swipe at Balls' memory lapse

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on hedge funds and economy

PMQs: Robertson and Miliband on Scottish devolution

PMQs: Rotheram and Cameron on election promises

PMQs: Cameron announces medal for UK Ebola workers

PMQs review: Robinson, Neil, Mordaunt and Coaker

Ex Doncaster mayor Martin Winter on Ed Miliband book

Tuesday 3 February

Houses of Parliament shop: Books by men and women

X Factor style contest to allow Commons documentary

MPs to vote on 'three person' babies: Ridley and Mogg debate

How would English Votes for English Laws affect the UK?

Monday 2 February

Why do parties use negative political adverts?

Where parties stand on education policy in England

Jones: Creating a mood music which vilifies business

Magna Carta copies brought together for first time in London

Magna Carta's place in history

Sunday 1 February

'Voters are not ready for the general election yet'

What to expect when the election campaign really gets underway

Javid: We need to do a better job of getting our message across

Friday 30 January

Why Churchill's grandson missed the statesman's funeral

Political week in 60 seconds

Did you know there's a by-election coming up?

Labour MPs call for personal approach to health services

Will social media get young people interested in politics?

Thursday 29 January

Chilcot Report: Norman Baker on Iraq War report delay

Dry January: Nigel Farage and Iain Wright on no alcohol

Fracking and shale gas plan hold-ups across the UK

EU 'moving very much along UK lines' says ex Sweden PM

Nigel Farage on Greece, Italy, euro and EU economics

Bakewell on Miliband press comments

Wednesday 28 January

What parties do NOT want to talk about in election campaign

Election questions for Flint and Willetts

All women shortlists to select new MPs in Parliament

PMQs review: Landale, Flint and Willetts on NHS clashes

PMQs: Skinner and Cameron on food banks and contacts

PMQS: Cameron and Miliband on NHS in England and Wales

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on 'weaponise' NHS claim

PMQs: MPs calls Cameron and Miliband clowns and jokers

Tuesday 27 January

Lords try again on Communications Data Bill powers

Voice of the Balls offers voiceover tips to Paddy Ashdown

Why Manorial Rights means your home might not be all yours

Mood box: Are Lib Dems going up or down in voters' opinions?

Sarah Wollaston on Conservative housing benefit policy

Full debate: 100 days to go to general election

Monday 26 January

Jagger on fracking: Are we prepared to risk our way of life?

Carswell on Bashir defection and NHS claims

Nick Robinson on online voting

Sunday 25 January

What do the Greens stand for?

CLIP: Natalie Bennett: 'Leader does the election TV debates'

Full interview: Natalie Bennett

'Scottish Labour Party has not been good enough in the recent past'

Shapps: Seven-party TV debate plans 'look more sensible'

Friday 23 January

Shirley Williams: Opera to Labour, SDP and Lib Dems

Political week in 60 seconds

Election 2015: George Galloway on Respect in TV debates

Election 2015: Dodds on DUP and NI role in TV debates

Is there a Green 'surge' in the polls?

Thursday 22 January

Powers for Scotland: Redwood, Wishart and Murphy

Carmichael on additional powers for Scotland

Plain packets on cigarettes: Williams and Evans debate

Misprint sends UKIP calls to photographer

MPs on fixed term or 'zombie' Parliament at Westminster

Wednesday 21 January

Labour MPs Johnson and Abbott on mansion tax proposals

PMQs: Tapsell claims Blair falsified Iraq evidence

PMQs: Abbott and Miliband on Chilcot Report delay

PMQs: Reckless and Cameron on TV election debates

PMQs: Jenrick and Cameron on Blunt and Bryant spat

Blogger Sunny Hundal on Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia

Tuesday 20 January

Labour MPs Johnson and Abbott on mansion tax proposals

Trident debate: Williams and Johnson

Chickens leave the coop to go free range on election trail

The falling price of milk

Election 2015: Dulwich and West Norwood seat candidates

Monday 19 January

Greens launch poster in bid to join TV election debates

Parties propose changes to mental health services

Mood box: Have pensioners never had it so good?

Sunday 18 January

Grayling on early automatic release for prisoners,

Harman on Labour plans to ‘cap’ or ‘freeze’ power bills

Labour's bid for the younger and lost voters

Friday 16 January

Oil price effect on economy, jobs, prices and inflation

Scottish Energy minister Fergus Ewing wants oil tax cut

Greek election: Syriza win would scare European leaders

European week: Paris shootings and TTIP protests

EU neighbours: Trade and logistics in the Netherlands

Thursday 15 January

Red meat day: Neil Parish MP and Peta's Mimi Bekhechi

Front National's Le Pen on Charlie Hebdo shootings

Election 2015: Yarmouth's Tory, UKIP and Labour candidates

Hancock and Portes on Osborne's 'surplus fetish'

'People are fed up with everything being a bit too packaged'

Wednesday 14 January

English Spelling Society's chairman on word phonetics

PMQs review with Robinson. Neil, Reeves and Lewis

PMQs: Cameron and Gale on BBC's Tony Hall before MPs

PMQs: Cameron and Perkins on ambulance death claims

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on election leader debates

How broadcasters have used the 'empty chair'

Tuesday 13 January

Church of England role on UK political issues

Islamic terror attacks: France, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq

What is a Charter of Budget Responsibility?

Leslie and Hancock on the Charter of Budget Responsibility

Religion and violence: Dawkins, Ramdani and Fraser

Counter Terrorism Bill debate: Field, Johnson and Hughes

Monday 12 January

General election: Coalition or majority government?

General election 2015: Children on voting and MPs

General election hash tags, tweets and social media role

Harry Cole and Atul Hatwal on tweets in election campaigns

Election campaigning debate: Mitchell, Brinton, Carswell and Denham

Sunday 11 January

Patrick McLoughlin on terror threats to UK transport

General election 2015 options in a hung parliament

Does Miliband want to 'weaponise' the NHS?

Friday 9 January

Clifford Mann on English hospital A&E waiting times

Greens and UKIP on TV leader election debates

Bennett and Nuttall on TV leader election debates (full version)

Eurozone debate: Pryce and Hannan

Political week in 60 seconds

Thursday 8 January

Changing Labour view on British military action aboard

Regulating hairdressers: Nia Griffith and Nicky Clarke

Paris shootings: UK terror threat and security issues

RT's Going Underground broadcast from London

Abbott and Powell on UK military intervention

Reaction to Paris attacks: Murray, Nawaz and Powell

Wednesday 7 January

PMQs: Cameron and Robertson on changing voting age

PMQs: Cameron and Llwyd on Chilcot Report delays

PMQs: Sarwar and Cameron on oil price and Scottish jobs

PMQs: Cameron says Miliband wants to weaponise NHS

PMQs: Miliband calls for Cameron apology on A&E waiting times

UK PM David Cameron condemns French magazine attack

Tuesday 6 January

Gavin Barwell and Croydon Advertiser on MP campaign

MPs, journalists and academics in Political Book Awards

Lamb and Kendall on NHS figures for England

Should Ched Evans be allowed to resume career in football?

Dominic Grieve on Theresa May's terrorism bill

What happened to these 2014 predictions?

Monday 5 January

Key dates in 2015 general election campaign

General election 2015: Voters' views on campaign

Betting odds cut on second general election in 2015

Polls on 2015 general election: Ben Page with panel of MPs

NHS and health policies: Jowell, Campbell, Gillan and Nuttall

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