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Lords Debate: The value of good parenting?

How important is good parenting? Send your questions and views to the BBC for your chance to inform political debate in the House of Lords.

Lord Northbourne, a crossbench peer who speaks regularly in the House of Lords about education and children, will be answering a selection of your questions as part of a joint editorial project between the BBC and the House of Lords. The project will give you the opportunity to share your views on these issues and inform debate in the House of Lords on 3 February.

Lord Northbourne will be discussing the importance of good parenting on the development of children with particular emphasis on how good early parenting affects educational success.

A number of questions submitted by you will be put to Lord Northbourne and available to view on BBC Have Your Say on Tuesday 1 February.

Thank you for submitting your questions. This is now closed for comment, but you can join in our live webchat with Lord Northbourne on BBC Have Your Say on Tuesday 1 February at 1600.