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Take the parliamentary dog show quiz

Westminster MPs have gathered with their canine companions for the annual parliamentary dog show. Can you match up the MPs' "best friends" with their masters and mistresses?

Political pooches

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1.) Westminster vet

My owner has been a Conservative MP for more than 25 years.

Mystery dog 1
  1. Roger Gale
    Roger Gale MP
  2. Jake Berry
    Jake Berry MP
  3. David Amess
    David Amess MP

2.) Sweet tooth

My owner has a PHD in chemistry and once worked for Mars confectionery.

Mystery dog 2
  1. Grahame Morris
    Grahame Morris
  2. Caroline Nokes
    Caroline Nokes
  3. Therese Coffey
    Therese Coffey

3.) Lancashire lass

My owner, a Lancashire MP, was elected for the first time in 2010

Mystery dog 3
  1. Jake Berry
    Jake Berry
  2. Karl McCartney
    Karl McCartney
  3. Stella Creasey
    Stella Creasey

4.) Old timer

My owner was a pension fund manager before becoming an MP.

Mystery dog 4
  1. Caroline Nokes
    Caroline Nokes
  2. Harriett Baldwin
    Harriet Baldwin
  3. Helen Grant
    Helen Grant

5.) Pedigree champ

My owner was under-16 judo champion for the north of England.

Mystery dog 5
  1. Stella Creasey
    Stella Creasey
  2. Tom Brake
    Tom Brake
  3. Helen Grant
    Helen Grant

6.) Best of British

My owner has been an Essex MP since 2001.

Mystery dog 6
  1. Andrew Rosindell
    Andrew Rosindell
  2. David Amess
    David Amess
  3. Duncan Hames
    Duncan Hames

7.) Young pup

My owner is one of the youngest MPs in the Commons.

Mystery dog 7
  1. Bridget Phillipson
    Bridget Phillipson
  2. Claire Perry
    Claire Perry
  3. Stella Creasey
    Stella Creasey

8.) Council companion

My owner was a local councillor and special adviser before becoming a Conservative MP

Mystery dog 9
  1. Claire Perry
    Claire Perry
  2. Rebecca Harris
    Rebecca Harris
  3. Rory Stewart
    Rory Stewart

9.) In safe hands

My owner is a member of the parliamentary Animal Welfare Group.

Mystery dog 10
  1. Alan Haselhurst
    Alan Haselhurst
  2. Tony Baldry
    Tony Baldry
  3. David Amess
    David Amess


  1. It's Roger Gale's dog Lolly.
  2. It's Therese Coffey's dog Rizzo.
  3. It's Jake Berry's poodle Lola.
  4. It's Harriett Baldwin's dog Poppy.
  5. It's Helen Grant's dog Charlie - who was pronounced Best In Show.
  6. It's Andrew Rosindell's dog Buster.
  7. It's Bridget Phillipson's dog Samson.
  8. It's Rebecca Harris' dog Dido.
  9. It's David Amess' dog Lost.

How did you do?

0 - 3 : Bonio-head

4 - 6 : Win-not-alot

7 - 9 : Pedigree champ

(While most of the dogs featured are owned by the MPs, some are rescue animals which have been adopted to support the work of the event's organisers, The Dogs Trust and The Kennel Club)

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