Former PM Lady Thatcher home from hospital

Media caption, Lady Thatcher waves to the media outside her London home

Baroness Thatcher has arrived home after after a two-week stay in hospital.

The peer, who had been suffering from flu, stood outside her house in central London and waved to photographers, before returning inside.

Lady Thatcher fell ill a few weeks ago and was unable to attend a Downing St reception to mark her 85th birthday.

In the Commons David Cameron said MPs would welcome her "better health and return from hospital".

She is said to be in good spirits but will take things slowly at home.

Lady Thatcher, who was PM from 1979 to 1990, was admitted to hospital after suffering from the flu and a condition affecting her muscles.

Her son, Sir Mark Thatcher, said a few days after she was admitted she was "chirpy" and had been talking about the Spending Review.

In 2005, the former PM was advised by doctors that she should not make public speeches in the wake of some minor strokes.

But she still attends some public functions, including a recent address by the Pope during his state visit to the UK.

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