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Could you rouse the nation like Churchill?

Image caption Winston Churchill's famous speech "The Few" addresses a turning point in WWII

Could you write a speech for our times that would rally the nation?

During the Battle of Britain, at a turning point for the allied forces in WWII, Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons with these now iconic words:

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

Friday 20 August marks the 70th anniversary of "The Few" speech, which is widely regarded as one of Churchill's most inspiring wartime addresses.

So how do modern politicians fare in comparison? Would we engage more in society's problems in response to a really influential speech? We want to hear and read your speeches summing up the state of the nation and calling on your fellow Britons to tackle the country's challenges.

Here is a selection of some of your speeches so far:

We face the future with great uncertainty, but today's problems are tomorrow's chip papers. Time to make this country great again! "Dazzle", Nottingham, UK

You are the decider. The decision is yours as to what you want society to be like as you grow old. The way you bring up your children will decide the standards and behaviour you will experience in life in twenty years time. No one else can do it, so be you rich, poor, jobless, or a lottery winner, you have the power to decide the future for all of us. Julian Hensey, Gloucestershire

A dark time is upon us. Not by invasion, not by disease or illness, but by the ever tightening grip of financial woes. The voyage into austerity has begun. It will not be an easy journey. We will suffer. We will tire, but be strong. Richard, Knareborough