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In quotes: Reaction to the RHI scandal

Senior figures from across Northern Ireland's political spectrum have been reacting to the revelations regarding DUP ministers and a botched heat scheme that could cost taxpayers £400m.

Colum Eastwood, SDLP leader:

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Image caption Colum Eastwood called on Arlene Foster to resign as first minister

"Ms Foster should follow the precedent set by her predecessor and resign to restore confidence in the office of first minister while these questions hang over her".

"She has lost all credibility and anything less will further erode faith in our institutions. If the first minister will not stand aside, then the assembly must act to remove her from office and fully scrutinise this scandal."

Mike Nesbitt, Ulster Unionist leader:

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Image caption The UUP leader rallies MLAs to defend the institutions

"There are 108 MLAs. Our priority must be to come together and protect the reputation of the institutions."

Conor Murphy, Sinn Féin MLA and former executive minister:

Image caption Conor Murphy wants 'full disclosure'

"A matter of serious public concern, and it is actually damaging the institutions and will continue to do that unless there is full disclosure."

Stephen Farry, Alliance Party deputy leader:

Image caption Stephen Farry sees 'massive issues' for the first minister

"Massive issues for Arlene Foster to explain not just as a former minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment, but as the current first minister and leader of the DUP."

"To date, responses and explanations have been utterly inadequate."

Jim Allister, leader of Traditional Unionist Voice:

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Image caption Jim Allister detects 'a rising level of fury'

(That the DUP believe) "they can simply bat all this away and that the public can be treated in this manner is adding to the rising temperature of fury about this".