NI assembly election issues guide: Health

Health is a power devolved from Westminster to Stormont.

Election issues 2011



Sinn Fein






  • Expand cancer services
  • Roll out the Family Nurse Partnership NI-wide, providing intensive home visiting to all vulnerable first time mothers
  • Introduce a Dignity Charter for older people in hospital
  • Increase spending on health in real terms and introduce genuine local commissioning to drive efficiency and productivity
  • Introduce all-Ireland public health system, providing free care for all on the basis of need
  • Update the Investing for Health Strategy, with an emphasis on enhancing public health funding
  • Prioritise the importance of domiciliary care packages, and reverse the perception that these are 'soft services' which can continually be cut
  • Highlight inefficiencies within the health department, while giving support to frontline health workers
  • Work to deliver on the promise of a new satellite and radiotherapy unit in Altnagelvin
  • ensure that the service framework for cancer prevention, treatment and care is published and implemented without delay
  • Continue to ensure healthcare is free at the point of delivery and available to everyone based on need
  • Strive to see proper funding for the health service, despite the cuts placed on the Department of Health within the 2011-2015 budget
  • Commit to implementing the Bamford Report
  • Push for a programme of change for the health service to achieve greater investment in public health to keep people out of hospital for longer
  • Restructure the budget to recognise the greater expansionary nature of health as opposed to other departments
  • Work to reverse the health minister's recent decision not to fund the radiotherapy unit at Altnagelvin though a clear assembly resolution
  • Implement reasonable means of achieving efficiency savings in health service administration and reallocate resources to the frontline to keep jobs at the current level
  • Work towards future delivery of health in an all-Ireland context
  • Promote a cross-party working group to discuss and agree major reforms with the health service
  • Better focus on public health, prevention and early intervention to improve health outcomes, address health inequalities and to save money
  • Greater emphasis upon better home and community services
  • Increase funding for mental health services and deliver a single Mental Health and Mental Capacity Bill
  • Tackle bureaucracy and develop cross border co-operation to save money to protect vital services
  • Oppose proposals to scrap the Health Promotion Agency whose remit is to help improve society's health
  • The current budget continues the underinvestment in health started by the 2007 budget
  • oppose privatisation of the NHS
  • Treat the causes of ill health not just the symptoms
  • Frontline services must be staffed effectively and efficiently
  • Bloated bureaucracy must be pruned in order to prioritise delivery for patients
  • Hospitals must be kept clean and safe for patients
  • Ensure that new treatments are available to patients in Northern Ireland at the same time frame as they are in the rest of the UK
  • No hospital should close until extra beds are available in other hospitals equal to the number closed

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