Londonderry gun attack: 'Nine shots' fired at house

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The shooting happened in the Rossdowney Drive area, police said

Up to nine shots have been fired at a house during a gun attack in Londonderry.

The PSNI said no-one was in the property at the time of the shooting in the Rossdowney Drive area, which was reported at about 23:10 GMT on Tuesday.

Det Sgt Gavin McLaughlin said one of the shots "went through the living room window".

He said the shooting was "completely reckless".

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Up to nine shots were fired at the house, PSNI have said

"It is fortunate we are not dealing with a very different outcome where someone could have been seriously injured or worse," he added.

"The very fact the gunman thought it was acceptable to recklessly shoot in a built-up area shows the contempt they have for people in their community.

"The bullets could have strayed at any moment and hit someone passing by, or struck another property.

"This is utterly appalling and needs to stop."

Police have appealed for information about the shooting.

'Shocking incident'

Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle, Foyle MLA Gary Middleton condemned the shooting and said many local residents had been left "deeply disturbed" by the incident.

"Thankfully no one was injured, but this does not take away from the fact that this is absolutely despicable behaviour in a built-up area.

"Residents of all ages are understandably disturbed by the idea of guns on the street, and it is one to just not bear thinking about."

Mr Middleton encouraged anyone with information to come forward and help police with their investigation.