Coronavirus: Police 'abused by youths' claiming to have virus


Police in Londonderry have said they were verbally abused by young people who claimed they had coronavirus.

Officers said they received reports of a large number of young people drinking in St Columb's Park at about 20:30 GMT on Sunday.

When approached by officers, some of the group coughed on each other and said they had the virus.

Police said parents needed to speak to their children about "how serious the current situation is".

The chairman of the Police Federation of Northern Ireland, Mark Lindsay, described the group's behaviour as "disgusting".

"For anyone to not take this global pandemic seriously is unbelievable," Mr Lindsay said.

In a Facebook post, the PSNI condemned the group's actions.

"If any of those children were unknowing carriers, they may have just infected their friends, who could well be going home tonight to possibly infect their entire family," the post said.

Officers said intervention from parents "might just save a life".