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Limavady woman reunited with stolen locket 10 years on

By Dean McLaughlin

image captionThe locket was found in Newry 10 years later inside a gardening glove

A locket containing a lock of hair has been returned to its owner, 10 years after it was stolen.

The piece of jewellery was taken during a burglary at a home in Limavady, County Londonderry, in 2009.

The homeowner, who doesn't want to be named, said she had given up hope of getting her jewellery back.

The hair inside the locket belonged to her son Lee who died as a baby more than 30 years ago.


The locket was found by police carrying out a bail check on a man in Newry. He ran off and dropped a gardening glove.

Inside the glove was the jewellery. Baby Lee's hair was still inside the locket.

Her daughter then spotted a picture of the jewellery posted on social media by the PSNI.

media caption'The only thing I had of my son's'

"My house was wrecked," the lady told BBC News NI.

"My heart was broke when I was told the locket had gone. That's my connection to Lee. He was a premature baby.

"It's unbelievable what that tiny lock of hair inside means to me. I cannot believe it's been found."

image copyrightPSNI
image captionThe locket was found along with other jewellery during a bail check in Newry

The woman said she prayed on Lee's birthday for 10 years hoping to get the locket back.

"When you lose someone you try and hold on to everything you have. What would anybody want with that locket?

"It is a miracle that it was found.

"I have those police in Newry to thank. They were so good. People should never give up hope."

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