Runaway lorry driver charges dismissed

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Media captionRunaway lorry captured on CCTV

Charges against a lorry driver whose vehicle caused more than £200,000 worth of damage after a man tampered with its brakes have been dismissed.

David McConnell, from Belfast, was making deliveries at Linenhall Street in Londonderry on 11 September 2016 .

Last year, Ryan Doherty, from Derry, admitted tampering with the braking system when the lorry was being unloaded.

The vehicle crashed into Foyleside Shopping Centre.

Image copyright BBC Radio Foyle

Mr McConnell, 55, was also charged with a number of motoring offences in relation to the incident.

He had been been charged with leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position, failing to set the hand brake and having a vehicle in a dangerous condition on the road.

Mr McConnell was also charged with failing to switch off the lorry engine and driving without due care and attention.

Judge Oonagh Mullan dismissed the charges against Mr McConnell at Londonderry Magistrate's Court on Friday,

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